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John Miles

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Re: John Miles of South Carolina

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Surnames: Miles, Poteet, Burt, Landrum, Palmer, Tolbert, Talbert
I have very little information on Susannah (Susan) Burt, and most of that was obtained from the Robert Mathis book on the Matthew Burt descendents. It states"
"84 year old Susan Miles is in the household of Alfred Wight on the 1860 Calhoun Co., AL census. She is his aunt, Susan Burt Miles, the sister of his mother, Martha Hewitt "Patsey" Burt Wight. Susan had lived with Martha probably since 1830, maybe before. She is also the aunt of Permelia Burt Wight. She died between 1860 & 1866. She is not on the Alabama State Census of 1866. Not in the household of Alfred Wight. She married John Miles probably in the 1790s and he died young. Susan sold her share of the Miles inheiritance back to the Miles family. Several Burt children married Miles children. Susan lived with family (probably Martha) after his death. Susan's sister, Nancy Burt Hall, named one of her daughters Susannah Hall, after Susan. Martha Burt Wightt also named her only daughter Susan."
Note that passage assumes a death date based on presence & absence in a census, which is always questionable.
___Regarding her husband John Miles, I have even less information, but can supply some geography. Circa 1790 the patriarch Aquilla Miles lived on Horn's creek where Lick Fork joined it, which is about 4 miles SSW of the town of Edgefield. On a 1870 county map there was a Burt property about 1.5 miles farther SW from the old Miles property, part of which is possibly the 60 acres sold by Richard Johnson to Moody Burt on 12 Mar 1798 and recorded. Unfortunately, much of this area is now a state park and some is under water of a small lake. The last time I looked the Edgefield website had no list of a Miles or Burt family graveyard, but one undoubtedly existed.
___As for the story of John Miles father being killed in North Carolina, I would be somewhat skeptical, but it could be checked. Aquilla Miles Esq's father, the patriarch Thomas Miles, very late in life around 1766 moved to Orange (now Caswell) county North Carolina on the northern border of the state and several of his sons and daughter's families moved with him (but not Aquilla nor his brother Abraham who moved to Hancock co., GA). It is more likely that this story got mixed up with the death of a later Aquilla Miles, a grandson of Abraham Miles & Elizabeth Tolbert via his son John Miles (1758-1825) and Peggy Warren. This Aquilla Miles died in Ashville, NC died in Asheville, NC on a business trip in 1871 and his body was returned to Lowndes county, AL for burial. He was the spouse of Elizabeth P. Davis.
___Since I get a large number of inquiries regarding the various Georgia and South Carolina branches of the Miles family of Maryland I am going to attempt to post below for other Miles researchers a descendancy list of the two sons of Thomas Miles and Catherine Poteet of Baltimore who settled in South Carolina (Aquilla) and Georgia (Abraham), respectively. The general migration patters for these families were:
__[1] descendents of Aquilla Miles usually went from South Carolina to Texas and Louisiana
__[2] descendents of Abraham Miles usually went to Alabama and Mississipi, particularily Lowndes county, Alabama.
___Some day I will get the entire Miles of Maryland list converted to HTML and posted somewhere. If not had every geneology website around have fine print boilerplate insisting they own anything posted to their site so they can re-sell it to you as an overpriced Cd I would have done it by now. I hope the indentation formatting holds, but suspect it will not.
Descendents of Thomas Miles & Catherine Poteet
Generation Number
1 2 3 4 5
1-Thomas Miles (1690-13May1766) (m) 18Aug1719
Catherine Poteet (>1683-1760)
2-John Miles (09Feb1717)
2-Thomas Miles (18Aug1719-11Apr1769) (m) 11Oct1744
Margarett Burke Taylor (10Nov1719-14Dec1790)
2-Peter Miles (28Feb1721) (m) 19Oct1750
Elinor (Eleanor?) Mccomas (02Apr1725)
2-Isaac Miles (14Feb1723-Nov1754) (m) 28Oct1742
Ann Preston
2-Hannah Miles (1728-1813) (m) 29Sep1748
Thomas Slade (1717-10Apr1798)
2-Jacob Miles (1725-1804) (m) 10Nov1748
Hannah McComas (25Mar1730-1804)
2-Anne Miles (1727-Jan 1786) (m) 10Oct1758
Daniel Mccomas
2-Anne Miles (1727-Jan 1786) (m) 20Apr1762
John Poteet
2-Aquilla Miles Esq. (1732-Oct 1801) (m) 27Aug1771
Henrietta Giroud Dunn (1748/1752 AD-1839)
3-Parmelia Miles (1767) (m) Daniel Holland
3-Parmelia Miles (1767) (m) ? Goode
3-Parmelia Miles (1767) (m) Williams
3-Amelia Miles (-1862) (m) 1811
Martin Palmer (22Apr1787-02Dec1857)
4-John Miles Palmer (1812) (m) 23Jun1836
Margaret Fletcher Leonard
4-Charlotte Ann Palmer (1814-~1860) (m) 23Jun1831
James Lawrence Parish
4-Permelia Goode Palmer (Aug 1816)
4-Rebecca Palmer (1818) (m) 1865
James H. Taylor
4-Thomas Martin Palmer (06Jan1821-Jun1895) (m)
Jane Denham
4-Thomas Martin Palmer (06Jan1821-Jun1895) (m)
Jessie Denham
4-Stephen Palmer (1823)
4-Joseph Palmer (1825) (m) Julia Womack
4-Joseph Palmer (1825) (m)
Julia Hahn
4-Samuel Agustus Palmer (20Jun1827-13Feb1918) (m)
Mary Rebecca Gassaway
4-William Lewis Palmer (1829)
4-James Lawrence Palmer (1831) (m) 15Dec1859
Calidonia Rhodes
4-Mary Florida Palmer (1833-07Aug1854) (m)
Joel A. Weston
4-Harriet Giroude Palmer
3-Rebecca Miles (~1770-<1802) (m) <1797
Phillip Burt (03Jan1765-13Feb1829)
4-Susan Miles Burt (1802) (m) 1829 ? Miles
3-Thomas Miles (1771-<1830)
3-William Miles (1772)
3-Catherine Miles (~1774->1850) (m) <1797
Francis Burt Sr. (~1759-09Jun1837)
4-Matthew Burt M.D. (~1798-05Nov1839) (m)
Mary Ann Burt (1802->1860)
4-Oswell E. Burt M.D. (CSA) (~1800) (m) 15Jun1823
Nancy Raiford (1804)
5-Harriett Burt (~1825) (m) Wiley Roberts
4-Armistead Burt Maj.(CSA) (16Nov1802-30Oct1883) (m)
Martha Catherine Calhoun (~1802-26Feb1870)
4-Louis Burt (~1805)
4-Francis Burt Jr. (13Jul1807-18Oct1854) (m)
George Ann Hall (~1810->1854)
5-Francis St. Julien Burt (17Sep1832-29Oct1850)
5-Georgianna Catherine Burt (02Oct1833-10Mar1882) (m)
William Henry Dawson
5-Harriet Giroud Burt (13Jan1835) (m) 12Jul1868
D. M. Young
5-Armistead Burt (30Sep1837)
5-Joanna Louis Burt (14Sep1839)
5-Katherine Burt (18Jul1842-27Feb1905)
5-Mary Eliza Burt (28Sep1846-07Sep1878) (m) 27Jun1871
William Andrew Johnstone
5-George Abbot [Francis] Burt (17May1849-15Dec1906) (m)
Minnie Nutting (-1891)
5-George Abbot [Francis] Burt (17May1849-15Dec1906) (m)
Jennie Russon Gray
4-Eliza Burt (~1810) (m)
Campbell Miller (1806)
4-Catherine Burt (~1812) (m) 19Jan1834
George Roberts
4-Permelia Burt (~1817-04Jan1851) (m)
Alfred Alford Wight (08Dec1804-26Mar1878)
5-M. Catherine Wight (10Nov1842-04Jun1883)
5-John Truman Wight M.D. (CSA) (27Nov1846-27Feb1908)
5-Tallulah Permelia Wight (Apr 1849->1880)
4-Harriet Burt (~1818)
4-Erasmus R. Burt M.D. (Col.,CSA) (~1820-21Oct1861) (m)
Lucy Morgan (1822)
5-Louis Burt (1842)
5-Frances Burt (1844)
5-Francis Burt (1846)
5-Eliza Burt (1847)
5-Cornelia Burt (1850)
3-John Miles (~1775) (m)
Susannah Burt (~1776->1860)
4-John Miles (06Aug1811-12Dec1881) (m) 02Jun1831
Harriet Kemp (28Oct1814-05Dec1905)
5-James Miles (30Dec1831)
5-Daniel Miles (14Jun1833) (m)
Elizabeth Mcgauley (1838)
5-John Wesley Miles (12Jan1835)
5-Middleton Miles (26Apr1837)
5-Willis Miles (01Feb1839)
5-Mary Ann Miles (02Jul1841)
5-Flora E. Miles (21May1842)
5-Nancy Miles (11Jan1845)
5-Martha Elmira Miles (28Jan1848)
5-Harriet Jane Miles (08Apr1849)
5-Leonard Miles (25Jul1851)
5-William Kemp Miles (22Jun1854)
5-Joseph Franklin Miles (13Nov1856)
5-Jane Miles (1861)
3-Aquilla Miles Jr. (1777)
3-Lewis Miles (1779-1823) (m) ~1810
Sarah Blakely (08Jul1779-10Sep1851)
4-Lewis J. Miles (~1809->1860) (m) 1843
Mary S. Landrum (~1810->1872)
5-Milton Miles (~1834)
5-Isaac Newton Miles (~1836)
5-America H. Miles (1838-1907) (m)
Lafayette Brenan Wever (1826-1890)
5-John Lewis Miles (23Jun1842-18Sep1903) (m)
Mary J. (Mamie) Cahill (~1853-betw 1872)
5-John Lewis Miles (23Jun1842-18Sep1903)
Emma ? Ouzts (25Dec1849-21Oct1913)
5-Frances Miles (~1844)
5-Sarah Miles (~1845)
5-Mary Miles (~1845)
5-Susan Miles (~1849)
5-Ella Miles (~1851)
5-Langdon Miles (~1853)
4-Mary Miles (m) 1839
B. F. Hammond
4-Martha Rebecca Miles (~1812) (m) 1839
Benjamin Franklin Landrum (~1811-~1900)
5-Juliet Maria Landrum (m)
John Murff Bell (1839-1912)
5-Mary Frances Landrum (m)
Rev. James H. Harris
4-Aquilla Miles (22 Oct1816-20 Nov1889) (m) 08Dec1836
Harriet B. Landrum (1813-15Jan1842)
5-Charles Miles (~1838)
5-Albert Miles (~1840)
5-Harriet Miles (~1843)
4-Aquilla Miles (22Oct1816-20Nov1889) (m) 06Sep1842
Mary Ann Burt (~1824-18Nov1891)
4-Sarah Miles
4-Harriet Miles
3-Susanna Miles (~1779-~1849) (m) 1797
Harwood Burt ,M.D. (1762-1815)
4-Eugene Burt , Capt. (~1801)
5-Mary Ann Burt (~1824-18Nov1891) (m) 06Sep1842
Aquilla Miles (22Oct1816-20Nov1889)
5-Leila Burt (m) ? Griffin (prob Col. Griffin CSA)
4-Mary Ann Burt (1802->1860) (m)
Matthew Burt M.D. (~1798-05Nov1839)
4-Harwood Burt M.D. (~1803)
4-Caroline Burt (1807)
4-Augustus W. Burt M.D. (1809-1847)
4-Moody Burt (1811)
4-Amelia Burt (1813)
4-William Miles Burt M.D. (1815)
2-Moses Miles (1735)
2-Abraham Miles (1736-21Jul1794) (m)
Elizabeth Tolbert (~1735)
3-John Miles (~1758-25Sep1825)
Margaret (Peggy) Warren (1759)
4-Thomas Miles (~1786) (m)
Rachel McKenzie
5-7 Children Miles all b:Georgia
4-Abraham Miles (17Sep1788) (m)
Lucinda Simmons (21Jun1799)
5-11 children Miles all b:Georgia
4-Aquilla Miles (27May1797-09May1871) (m) 1823
Elizabeth P. Davis (12Jul1808-06Jul1859)
5-William A. Miles (-28Sep1863)
5-Sarah Deborah Miles (-29Mar1862) (m)
William Wallace Jackson
5-Asenath D. Miles (m)
M. J. Fagg
5-James Degraffenreid Miles
5-Mary Frances Miles (m)
? Crawford
5-Albert Thomas Miles (1847-17May1915) (m)
Ida Katherine Day
5-Elizabeth Leila Miles (m)
William J. Moncrief
Mary Lizzie Holcomb (-28Sep1865)
5-John L. Miles (1829) (m)
Selina D. Middleton
5-Margaret Josephine Miles (29Dec1839-21Nov1868)
-Robert P. Miles
4-John P. Miles
4-Sally Miles (m)? Jourdan
4-Caty Miles (m) ? Cavirrah
4-Lucy Miles
4-Polly Miles (m) ? Rogers
3-John Miles (~1758-25Sep1825) (m)
Polly Deane
4-John Miles
4-Quilla Miles
4-Polly Miles (m) Timothy Rogers
3-Thomas Miles (1760) (m) 1784
Elizabeth Tolbert
3-Abraham Miles (1773)
3-James Miles (01Jan1778-15Aug1821) (m) 12Oct1803
Elizabeth Buckholtz (19Jan1788-26Aug1822)
4-Alfred Mansfield Miles (13Sep1811) (m) 11Jul1848
Martha Emily Longmire (-11Jul1848)
5-Thomas Monroe Miles (28Sep1856-26Aug1945) (m) 30Nov1882
Mary Jane White (13Feb1862-19Nov1923)
3-Jeremiah Miles (~1780-20Feb1813) (m)
Lucy J. Atkins (~1780-1837)
4-Tillman Lee Miles (1809-06Jun1887) (m) CA. 1830
Martha ? (~1814-1851)
5-John M Miles (1831) (m) 06Jan1859
Elizabeth Leath
5-Harriet Priscilla Miles (06Mar1833-12Aug1887) (m) 11Jan1855
William Jasper Hodgens Rev. (28Sep1829-15Oct1889)
5-William H Miles (1836)
5-Lucy J Miles (06May1838-12Oct1891) (m) 24Jul1870
William Acker (14Sep1814-12Mar1899)
5-Mary Florence Miles (05Aug1840-29Dec1902) (m) 05Sep1859
Rev. David Newton Hodgens (02Apr1834-30May1899)
5-Martha Caroline Miles (24Nov1843-02Mar1879) (m) 07Dec1865
Swipson Carleton
5-Nancy E Miles (1845) (m) 17Dec1867
Henry F. Rotenberry
5-Samuel James Miles (16Feb1848-03May1913) (m) 08Dec1871
Nanny C. Harper (09Mar1851-10Sep1919)
5-Alvin L (Pleasant) Miles (08Dec1851-12Jan1881) (m) 02Mar1871
Evaline MILES or Mills
4-Tillman Lee Miles (1809-06Jun1887) (m) 07Feb1855
Rhoda Rebecca Butler (13Aug1834)
5-Margaret E Miles (1859)
_____ Harper
5-Sallie Miles
4-Tillman Lee Miles (1809-06Jun1887) (m) >1859
Everline A. ?
4-Mary Miles (~1811) (m)
? Bass
4-Harriet Miles (1813) (m) 15Sep1831
Milton P. Butler (22Dec1809)
5-James Lacy Butler
5-Jasper Butler (1836)
5-Nancy Butler (1839)
5-Thomas Butler (1841)
5-Caroline Butler (1843)
5-Malissa Butler (1849)
3-William Miles
3-Polly Miles (m)
George Simpson
3-Moses Miles
2-Lewis Miles (-May 1796) (m)
Ann Simmons
Thomas Miles (1690-13May1766) (m) 13Aug1761
Hannah Whitaker (1705-1792)

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