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Hello Cousin

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Well, well, Cousin Clare.
Francis A. Beamish was my great, great grandfather. You have provided the missing link and I thank you. The Mormon database has him married to a Mary Loftus with no more information as to their progenitors. Their son, Richard Joseph Beamish, was born in 1869 (I had said 1879 in an earlier posting and that was an error) in Scranton. I have been very confused as to how this Richard managed to become a journalist, author and secretary of state of Pennsylvania if he was the son of immigrants who had just come over. I thought the family might have been here longer and had some money to educate Richard, but my father, Richard J. Beamish III, says that he was a "self-made man." I guess he was!
I checked the Mormon database at for the name Ellen Callinan and its variants but did not come up with a hit with the right birthdate and location. Nor did I find a hit on Lawrence Callinan.
I would be interested in learning more about your Beamish branch and would be happy to join forces in Search of Beamish.
My research shows that the name is Norman in origin. Beamish may be a variant of "Beaumont," which means "beautiful view from the mountain" or "beautiful view." The Irish Beamishes came out of England, but when, I don't know. I am confused about the religious origins and suspect that they were originally Protestants (shhh!). Anyway, our Beamishes were Catholics when they arrived. I was raised a Catholic. Although I am not currently in practice.
My full name is John Phelps Beamish. I am the second son of Richard J. Beamish and Josephine Phelps Beamish. I have four brothers, Richard IV (he has a son whom we call Prince Richard the Fifth), Christopher, Kevin and Michael. My sisters are Cameron and Patricia.
My father's parents were Richard J. Beamish, Jr. and Mary Cameron Beamish, both of Philadelphia. Richard Jr.'s father was Richard (whom we call the Great) and I understand he was married three times and none of them were divorces. (He must have been tough to live with). And of course, his father was Francis Allen Beamish, brother to your great grandfather Thomas.
Here is an interesting side note: I married Carlyle Elizabeth Allen; our son's name is John Allen Beamish. There is no relation to the Thomas Allen tree but it is an interesting coincidence. (This could be very confusing to future Beamish geneologists.)
I would appreciate ANY information you can give me on the family and I will ask my da what he knows about Francis and his brothers. By the way, I am 45 and my dad is 72.
Thanks so much for the information. 'Tis the missing link it is.
And oh yes, I have information but not the software to read it. I think I have much of the Beamish Book in a zip file but need Family Tree Maker or some such thing to read it. I could send the file to you as an attachment and you can see if it's the real Beamish. I also have some downloaded material from the Mormons regarding Richard J. Beamish and Mary Loftus but do not have a GEDCOM thang/application whatever to read it. It's as if I have the books but no reading glasses.
Thanks again, Cousin Jack
PS Are you located in South Carolina? I'm in Tallahassee.
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