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Glovers in Mississippi?

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Re: Glovers in Mississippi?

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Surnames: Glover
We are likely related somewhere along the line. And I am glad to see you seeking information of the Glover Family. My mother was a Glover. So I will offer you all that I know about it. This is important work that needs to be done.

My maternal grandfather was named Ed Glover. I never knew him because he died before I was born. And this is where the story starts to get interesting indicating that it is worthwhile to look deeper.
Apparently, he was much older than my grandmother. She was his second wife. They met in Arkansas. But, he was originally from Mississippi as far as I know.
It seems that he was an important government official during the Reconstruction Period. At the end of Reconstruction, he was forced to leave Mississippi and escape to Arkansas. He swam across the Mississippi River. I suppose the white racist terrorists were in hot pursuit of him. He obviously left everything he owned behind in Mississippi, including his wife and children.
He is described as being Native American, at least mostly full-blooded. People in that area very frequently intermarried between Africans and Native Americans. If it would be of any help to you, my grandmother claimed descent from the Crook Nations, also of that area. They are all part of the mound builders culture whom recent research indicate may have migrated from Africa (especially the Islamic and Northern parts) prior to the coming of Columbus. Indeed Columbus seems to have learned navigation from the Muslims of Spain and Portugal.
The name Glover appears among the Melungeon Surnames that are recently being compiled by various researchers such as this one: I think you could benefit by studying an researching the Melungeon people of America. You might want to start simply by doing a googlesearch on the keyword “Melungeon.”
As I said, my grandfather left family behind in Mississippi. About ten years ago, shortly before my mother passed away, she found her long lost half-brother. His name was William Glover. He lived in Oklahoma in the Tulsa area. Look around there. Also, my brother helped with the research project. I am sure that he can give you more information than I can. Note that the Indians were forced from the Mississippi area into Oklahoma. That would have included a large number Africans and people related to Africans by blood and by marriage. Stay in contact with me.
There was a community called Glover, Mississippi. Although I have never found the time to check the official records, the best information available to me at this time is that Glover, Mississippi is a very small village located near Mound Bayou, Mississippi. That would place it Bolivar County. Search Bolivar County Records and I am very hopeful that you will find some leads there.
In my family, I am link to the Melungeon people through every name that I have, including Cook and Nelson. So, it is extremely hard for me to keep track of all the details because as a historian myself my own mind is always clogged with a great deal of data relating to other people and events, etc. And, there appears to be a reluctance to link the name Glover to the Melungeons. But, I am certain that the Glovers are Melungeons. Also, the names Robert and Coleman appear among Melungeons very freqnantly. You should that we as Africans tend tp pass family names from grandfather/mother to grandson/daughter.

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