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Robert Tate of Rowan County in 1753

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Re: Robert Tate of Rowan County in 1753

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Surnames: Tate
30 Aug 1753: Robert Tate of Rowan County buys 300 acres via Granville Grant #341, Rowan County Deed Book No. 2, Page 68. S side of Broad River on W fork of Golden Grove River.
1754: Rowan County NC Court Minutes, Book 1, page 15 -- Robert Tate fined 20 shillings "for condemning the authority of the court and for two oathes also." At the same time he was forced to pay 30 shillings "for being drunk and incapable of attending as grand juror."
25 Oct 1755: Robert Tate sold 300 acres on N side of Fourth Creek to Wm. Eslaven (Rowan County Deed Book 3, page 40) That land was included in eastern Iredell County when that county was formed from Rowan.
1758: Two early Rowan County NC deeds mention Joseph Tate:
15 Sep 1758. Robert Jones Jr. of Northumberland Co., NC to Joseph Tate of Rowan Co., NC, 490 acres on N side of Dan River.
15 Sep 1758: Robert Jones Jr. of Northumberland Co NC to Joseph Tate of Rowan Co., NC, 1200 acres on both sides Beaver Island Creek.
1759: Rowan County Petition to the King of England lists Robert Teat and George Teat on Earl of Granville's land in Rowan County. 1759 Rowan County NC tax lists shows Robert Tate with 1 poll and Joseph Tate with 4 polls ( 1759 Militia List shows Samuel Tate and John and Daniel Boone (
April 1759: Rowan County NC assembles a militia and a scouting team, which included Samuel Tate, sent out by order of Col. Alexander Osborn. (Rowan County NC Tax Lists 1757-1800, Jo White Linn, 1995, p 14).
23 July 1759: Deed from Johnston [Johnson] King to Joseph Tate, 350 acres on N side of Dan River, Rowan County, NC. Johnson King and some other Kings were listed on the 1759 Rowan County NC Tax List.
1760: Rowan County militia lists for scouting & ranging: Robert Tate receives 2 pounds for 30 days; rate of pay appears to be 1 shilling 4 pence per day. John Tate born about 1760 to Samuel Tate and wife Dorcas.
27 Aug 1762: Granville grant for 577 acres to Samuel Tate, Rowan County, NC (Deed Book 5, p. 134).
11 July 1765: "On the clerk's office in Rowan County, NC, hangs the framed marriage bond of Squire Boone [Jr] and Jane VanCleve, dated 11 July 1765, witnessed by Squire Boone [Sr], John Johnson, and Sam Tate." [Page 73, The Boone Family, A Genealogical History of the Descendants of George and Mary Boone Who Came to America in 1717, by Hazel Atterbury Spraker, 1922]
30 Mar 1767: Samuel Tate sells land in Rowan County NC. Deed from Samuel Tate and wife Darcus to Hugh Montgomery (Deed Book 6, p. 385). The 1762 and 1767 deeds transfer the same tract of land containing 577 acres on the banks of the Yadkin River on a branch of Dutchman's Creek. Because Samuel Tate did not purchase any more property in Rowan County after 1767, it is likely that he then left Rowan County.
11 Aug 1767: A Rowan County marriage lists Robert Tate as bondsman.
1768: Rowan County Tax List of Matthew Locke lists "Robart Tate" with 4 polls which includes Richard Johnson and male negroes Harry and Diria.
1770: Surry County NC formed from part of Rowan County.
1772: Watauga Association or Settlement established in what later becomes Washington District NC (1776), Washington County NC (1777), State of Franklin (1784), Territory South of the Ohio (1790), and Washington County TN (1796).
25 Sep 1773: Daniel Boone moves from Rowan County NC to Kentucky with his and other families.
1774: Samuel Tate & son Robert Tate, 2 polls, (and James Burk, 1 poll) are listed in Martin Armstrong's List in the 1774 Surry County NC Tax Lists. This indicates Robt was 21 or over & Samuel was one generation older but less than 49. [Note: Martin Armstrong's wife was Mary Anne Elizabeth Tate. Armstrong later becomes a colonel on American side of Rev War; see]
10 March 1775: Daniel Boone, Samuel Tate and an unnamed son (thought to be Robert), and 18 other men meet Capt. Twitty's party of 8 men at Long Island in the Holston River (near present day Kingsport TN) and begin building the Wilderness Road.
1 Apr 1775: Boone's letter to Col. Henderson. [extracts] "On March the 25 a party of Indians fired on my Company about half an hour before day and killed Mr. Twetty and his negro and wounded Mr. Walker very deeply, but I hope he will recover. On March the 28 as we were hunting for provisions we found Samuel Tate's son, who gave us an account that the Indians fired on their camp on the 27 day. My brother and I went down and found two men killed and sculped, Thomas McDowell and Jeremiah McPeters."
14 Apr 1775: Massachusetts Governor Gage is secretly ordered by the British to enforce the Coercive Acts and suppress "open rebellion" among colonists by using all necessary force.
18 Apr 1775: General Gage orders 700 British soldiers to Concord to destroy the colonists' weapons depot.
19 Apr 1775: American Revolution begins with "the shot heard around the world" when about 70 armed Massachusetts militiamen stand face to face on Lexington Green with the British advance guard. A volley of British muskets followed by a charge with bayonets leaves eight Americans dead and ten wounded. The British regroup and head for the depot in Concord, destroying the colonists' weapons and supplies. At the North Bridge in Concord, a British platoon is attacked by militiamen, with 14 casualties. British forces then begin a long retreat from Lexington back to Boston and are harassed and shot at all along the way by farmers and rebels and suffer over 250 casualties. News of the events at Lexington and Concord spreads like wildfire throughout the Colonies.
20 Apr 1775: Upon completion of the Wilderness Road, the group begins building Fort Boonesborough in Kentucky.
29 April 1775: Account opened for Samuel Tate in Ledger A of the Henderson Company. Draper Manuscript states he was from Carolina, gave name to Tate's Creek after escaping from the Indians and running down it (see Daniel Boone's letter of 1 Apr 1775 to Col. Richard Henderson).
13 June 1775: Boone and his family return to Rowan County NC. His wife gives birth there, but the baby dies a few days later. They returned to Boonesborough by 8 Sept 1775.
8 Aug 1775: Credit given to Samuel Tate in Ledger A of the Henderson Company for a "canoe brought up for Rd Henderson & c." (Col. Richard Henderson & company) and for supplying "meat and hunting for Jno. Luttrell" (Col. John Luttrell).
3 Apr 1776: Robert Tate, planter, dies in Rowan County NC leaving, according to his will which was probated in 1779, widow Rebecca, son John, and daughter Rebecca. "Rebacka Tate" is still there in 1785 in Capt Abel Armstrong's district with 806 acres on Fourth Creek and (apparently) one slave (listed as 1 SL). Robert, who some show to have been born about 1726, may be a brother or cousin of Samuel Tate, who was born about 1735.
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