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1892 Year Book/Members of CT Sons of American Revolution/Surnames "A"

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1892 Year Book/Members of CT Sons of American Revolution/Surnames "I, J, K"

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The following is a list of Members taken from the 1892 YEAR-BOOK OF THE CONNECTICUT SOCIETY OF THE SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION
Joseph Gurley WOODWARD, Chairman; Lucius Franklin ROBINSON, Jonathan Flynt MORRIS, Publication Committee
Printed by the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company
Copyright, 1893 by the Connecticut Society of the Sons of the American Revolution

INGALLS, Phineas Henry, of Hartford, Connecticut; physician; born at Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine. Grandson of Phineas INGALLS of Massachusetts (1757-1843), who turned out April 19, 1775, and marched through Lexington to Cambridge. On the re-organization of the army for the siege of Boston, he enlisted for eight months in the company commanded by Captain Benjamin VARNUM, in the regiment of Colonel FRYE, stationed at Cambridge. From July, 1776, he served four months in the company of Captain Samuel JOHNSON under Colonel Edward WIGGLESWORTH on Lake Champlain. In March, 1777, he volunteered for three years as an artificer in a regiment commanded by Colonel Jeduthan BALDWIN. He was with the army at the battle of Brandywine, and at the battle of Germantown.

JACKSON, Edward Thorne, of Middletown, Connecticut; banker; born at Middletown. Great-great-grandson of Michael JACKSON, of Newton, Massachusetts (1734-1801), who served at Lexington as Captain of minute-men, and in Major GARDENER's regiment at Bunker Hill. He was afterwards Colonel of the 8th Massachusetts regiment and brevet Brigadier-general, in service in New York and in Canada. He was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati. Also, great-grandson of Ebenezer JACKSON, a Lieutenant in CRANE's artillery, who enlisted in 1777, and served through the war. He was a member of the Society of the Cincinnati.

JENNINGS, John Joseph, of Bristol, Connecticut; lawyer; born at Bridgeport, Connecticut. Great-grandson of Aaron JENNINGS (1762-1839), who, in the spring of 1779 enlisted from GREEN's Farms for nine months, under Captain Joseph BENNETT, and was stationed as a coast-guard in Fairfield. He was on duty when the British landed and burnt the town. He was also on duty in 1780-81-82, in Colonel DIMON's regiment.

JEWELL, Charles Alexander, of Hartford, Connecticut; manufacturer; born at Winchester, New Hampshire. Great-grandson of Moses CHAMBERLAIN, of Winchester, New Hampshire, 1st Lieutenant in the New Hampshire regiment commanded by Colonel Timothy BEDEL, raised for the defense of the frontier on the Connecticut river, from April 1, 1778, to April 1, 1779.

JEWELL, Lyman Beecher, of Hartford, Connecticut. Great-grandson of Moses CHAMBERLAIN. [See JEWELL, Charles Alexander.]

JEWELL, Pliny, of Hartford, Connecticut. Great-grandson of Moses CHAMBERLAIN. [See JEWELL, Charles Alexander.]

JEWETT, William H., of New Haven, Connecticut; architect; born at New Haven. Great-grandson of William MITCHELL, of Farmington, Connecticut (1748-1806), a member of Captain Noadiah HOOKER's company in the regiment commanded by Colonel Joseph SPENCER in 1775. Detachments from this regiment were engaged in the battle of Bunker Hill and ARNOLD's Quebec expedition.

JOHNSON, Aholiab, of Enfield, Connecticut; born at Stafford, Connecticut. Son of Aholiab JOHNSON, Senior (1762-1829), member of a company of cavalry in active service at New London after the invasion under ARNOLD. Also, grandson of John JOHNSON, who served a three-months tour of duty at Fort Griswold during the revolutionary war.

JOHNSON, Charles Coit, of Norwich, Connecticut; president of the Norwich Gas Company; born at Jewett City, Connecticut. Great-grandson of Obadiah JOHNSON of Canterbury, Connecticut, in 1775, Major in the 3d Connecticut regiment, Israel PUTNAM, Colonel. This regiment was stationed during the siege of Boston at Cambridge, and a detachment of the officers and men was engaged at Bunker Hill. In 1776 he was Lieutenant-colonel of the regiment commanded by Colonel Andrew WARD, which joined WASHINGTON's army at New York in August, and was stationed at first near Fort Lee, marched with the troops to White Plains, and subsequently into New Jersey. It took part in the battles of Trenton and Princeton, and encamped with WASHINGTON at Morristown. In 1777 he was appointed Colonel of the 21st regiment of Connecticut militia, and, in 1778, commanded a Connecticut regiment in service in the State of Rhode Island.

JOHNSON, Charles Frederick, of Hartford, Connecticut; professor of English literature in Trinity College; born in New York. Great-grandson of William Samuel JOHNSON of Stratford (1727-1819), appointed by the Committee of Correspondence, member of the Continental Congress in 1774. Being at the time too old for personal service, he maintained at his own expense a soldier in a Connecticut regiment, during the revolutionary war. He was a member of the convention which formed the Constitution of the United States, of the convention which ratified it, and he was one of the first two senators from Connecticut after its adoption.

JOHNSON, John Mackie, of Norwich, Connecticut; born at Norwich. Great-grandson of Obadiah JOHNSON. [See JOHNSON, Charles Coit.]

JOHNSON, Joseph Warren, of Enfield, Connecticut; lawyer; born at Somers, Connecticut. Grandson of Aholiab JOHNSON, Senior. [See JOHNSON, Aholiab.] Also, great-grandson of John JOHNSON. [See JOHNSON, Aholiab.]

JOHNSON, Marcus Morton, of Hartford, Connecticut; physician and surgeon; born at Malone, New York. Great-grandson of Joshua CHAPMAN (1755-1837), who, in the month of April, 1775, entered the service from West Springfield, Massachusetts, in Captain Enoch CHAPIN's company, of the Massachusetts regiment commanded by Colonel William DANIELSON. The family tradition runs that he participated in many engagements with the enemy, and was present at the surrender of BURGOYNE.

JONES, Clarence Edward, of New Hartford, Connecticut; born at New Hartford. Great-grandson of Benoni JONES, a private in the company commanded by Ensign John NORTON, in the 18th regiment of Connecticut militia, at New York in 1776. Also, great-grandson of Joseph SHEPARD, Jr., who marched with the New Hartford company for the relief of Boston in the Lexington alarm.

JONES, Henry Roger, of New Hartford, Connecticut; of the United States army, retired; born at New Hartford. Grandson of Israel JONES of Barkhamsted, Connecticut (1753-1812), Sergeant of Captain John WATSON's company, of Colonel Benjamin HINMAN's regiment in 1775; Ensign in the 7th regiment, Connecticut line, in 1777; 2d Lieutenant in 1778, and in the same year Captain in the 18th regiment, Connecticut militia. He fought at Germantown, October 4, 1777; wintered at Valley Forge, 1777-78, and was in the battle of Monmouth Court House, June, 1778. Also, great-grandson of Phineas MERRILL of New Hartford, Connecticut (1755- ), who served in the 8th company of Colonel Charles WEBB's regiment from July to December, 1775, and on the staff of Commissary-general WADSWORTH as conductor of trains, with the rank of Captain, 1777-79.

JONES, Walter Clinton, of Middletown, Connecticut; born at Summit, New Jersey. Great-great-grandson of James CLINTON (1736-1812), who was appointed Colonel of the 3d New York regiment, June 30, 1775, and accompanied MONTGOMERY to Quebec. August 9, 1776, he was made Brigadier-general, and he was in command at Fort Clinton when it was attacked, October, 1777, by the British under Sir Henry CLINTON. Although the attacking force was many times larger than his own, he made a gallant defense and refused to surrender. The fort was carried by storm at the point of the bayonet. He was the last to leave the works, and severely wounded, but he succeeded in escaping to the mountains. He co-operated with General SULLIVAN in a successful expedition against the Indians in 1779. He was in command at Albany during a great part of the war, and was present at the siege of Yorktown and at the evacuation of New York by the British. He was a member of the New York convention that ratified the Constitution of the United States.
Also, great-great-great-grandson of Philip SCHUYLER (1733-1804), who was in active service, and had attained the rank of Major during the French and Indian war, and after the peace of 1763 had been Colonel of militia. New York sent him to the Continental Congress in 1775, and in June of that year that body appointed him Major-general, and assigned him to the command of the Northern department. He at once engaged in organizing an army for the invasion of Canada. The advance of the American forces was made in September, but ill health compelled him to tun over the immediate command of operations in the field to General MONTGOMERY. In January, 1776, he personally commanded the troops which suppressed the tory rising in Tryon county, New York, under Sir John JOHNSON. He was also chairman of the board of commissioners for Indian affairs, and in this capacity his influence with the Indian tribes was of great service to the American cause. After the evacuation of Canada by the American forces in 1776, he was employed in raising men and gathering supplies to resist the further advance of the British. In 1777 he was again in Congress, and appointed Commander-in-chief of the military of the state of Pennsylvania, but in June of that year he returned to the command of the Northern department. His health was better than it had been for two years, and he performed a prodigious amount of labor in preparation for the defense of his department against the powerful army coming down from the north under BURGOYNE. Overwhelming force compelled the evacuation of Ticonderoga, and the Americans, inferior in numbers and inferior in discipline, were compelled to retreat toward Albany. General SCHUYLER promptly and thoroughly stripped the country of food and forage. He sent a force to resist and defeat ST. LEGER advancing through the valley of the Mohawk, and his strategy rendered the victory of Bennington possible. But the loss of Ticonderoga and the disheartening effect of the retreat of the army, raised a public clamor for his removal. On the 19th of August, 1777, when BURGOYNE's army was ready to drop into his hands, he was relieved of command by General GATES. "His plans were well laid and the crown of victory was clearly within his reach, when another stepped into his place, who, to secure the prize had only to stand still and wait the onward tide of events." - [Jared SPARKS.] His resignation from the army was accepted by Congress April 19, 1779, and in that year he was again a member of that body. From the beginning of the war he was the friend and trusted counsellor of WASHINGTON. He steadily advocated the consolidation of the Union “as the first of political blessings, and labored in the very front of the enlightened men of that day in appeasing local jealousies and state pride, then the greatest obstacles to political reform.” He represented the State of New York in the senate in 1789-1791, and was again chosen to that body in 1797.

JOSLYN, (Mrs.) Minnie Brown, wife of Charles M. JOSLYN of Hartford, Connecticut; born at Stafford, Connecticut. Great-granddaughter of Othniel BROWN. [See BROWN, Freeman Monroe.]

JUDSON, Stiles, of Stratford, Connecticut, born in Stratford. Grandson of Stiles JUDSON of Stratford, Connecticut (1752- ). He was in the revolutionary army at New York when the city was taken by the British forces; and, in 1779, commanded a company of militia which turned out to repel the invasion under TRYON.

JUDSON, Stiles, Jr., of Stratford, Connecticut; lawyer; born at Stratford. Great-grandson of Stiles JUDSON. [See JUDSON, Stiles.]

KEEP, Robert Porter, of Norwich, Connecticut; principal of the Norwich Free Academy; born at Farmington, Connecticut. Great-grandson of Samuel KEEP (1739-1823), a Sergeant in the company of Longmeadow minutemen, which marched at the Lexington alarm, April, 1775.

KELLOGG, Allyn Stanley, of Newtonville, Massachusetts; born at Vernon, Connecticut. Great-great-grandson of Jonathan HALE. [See BELDEN, Joshua.]

KELLOGG, Edward Wilberforce, of Hartford, Connecticut; physician; born at Avon, Connecticut. Great-grandson of John BARTLETT (1754-1831), a participant in the battle of Bunker Hill, and subsequently a private soldier in the 2d company of the 8th Connecticut regiment.

KELLOGG, John P., of Waterbury, Connecticut. Great-great-grandson of Samuel Holden PARSONS of New London, Connecticut (1737-1789), who responded to the Lexington alarm, and was commissioned May 1, 1775, Colonel of the 6th regiment. He was one of the gentlemen who, on their individual notes, procured money from the treasury to support the expedition under Captains MOTT and PHELPS, for the taking of Ticonderoga, 1775. In 1776 he was appointed Colonel of the 10th Continental regiment, and marched with the army from Boston to New York in April, 1776. August 9th he was made Brigadier-general in the Continental army. Ordered to the Brooklyn front August 24th, he engaged in the battle of the 27th, and narrowly escaped capture, being field-officer for the day. On the retreat from New York, September 15th, his brigade was swept along in the panic to Harlem Heights. After White Plains, he remained with the troops east of the Hudson. In the movements of 1779 he served in the lest wing of the army east of the Hudson under General HEATH. His brigade assisted in repelling the enemy on the Connecticut coast in July. In command of a Connecticut division in November, 1779, he conducted it to winter quarters in Morristown, New Jersey. In 1780, he served both as brigade and division commander in the main army, and was a member of the court that tried ANDRE in September. He was made Major-general in the Continental army, October 23, 1780, and retired from the field on account of ill health, April, 1782.

KELLOGG, Stephen W., of Waterbury, Connecticut; lawyer. Grandson of Stephen WRIGHT of Ludlow, Vermont (1758- ), a soldier in the revolution, and subsequently a pensioner. Also, great-grandson of _____ POOLE, a Lieutenant in the war of the revolution.

KENNEY, John W., of New Haven, Connecticut; contractor and builder; born at Seymour, Connecticut. Grandson of William KEENEY (1757-1845), a private soldier in State and Continental service. He was present at the fight at Horse Neck.

KENNEY, William Sheldon, of New Haven, Connecticut; merchant; born at New Haven. Great-grandson of William KEENEY. [See KENNEY, John W.]

KIMBERLY, Enos S., of New Haven, Connecticut; coal merchant; born at Westville, Connecticut. Grandson of Ezra KIMBERLY (1764-1844), who enlisted when he was eighteen years old.

KIRKHAM, John Stoddard, of Newington, Connecticut; born at Newington. Grandson of John KIRKHAM, of Wethersfield, Connecticut (1760- ), a fifer in the regiment commanded by Colonel Samuel B. WEBB, 1777-81. He remained with the regiment when re-formed in ’81 as the 3d regiment of the Connecticut line, and became fife-major, November 14, 1781.

KISSAM, Daniel Whitehead, of Bridgeport, Connecticut; manufacturer; born in New York city. Grandson of Jonas ADDOMS, of New York (1753- ). He became an associator for independence in 1775, and when Lord HOWE’s fleet landed the British army at New Utrecht, he was attached to the corps of five-months men serving at the Narrows upon Long Island. He was acting Quartermaster of a company of New Jersey militia which joined General WASHINGTON at the battle of Germantown. He was also at White Plains. October 1, 1780, he was detailed as assistant to Colonel Timothy PICKERING, Quartermaster-general. January 29, 1782, he was commissioned by Congress as 2d Lieutenant in the 2d regiment of Continental artillery.

KNIGHT, William Ward, of Hartford, Connecticut; physician; born in Chaplin, Connecticut. Great-great-grandson of Joseph WOODWARD, of Ashford, Connecticut (1726-1814), serving with the army before Boston, probably as Captain, when that city was evacuated by the British forces, March, 1776.
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