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Questions About Family Tree Maker??

Questions About Family Tree Maker??

Posted: 1378607150000
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I have been using and I am happy with it, however, I have found items that I would prefer being different. I have a few questions before I take the plunge:

1. Is the tree cross-referencable? For example: I have a lot of family buried in a cemetery, can I cross-reference to see all the family members buried in that cemetery, or do I have to look at each person individually like with
2. Is it easy to save the documents to my computer, so they are "mine"? I don't want to always have to maintain my Ancestry subscription.
3. Does FTM work using records?
4. What happens when FTM comes out with a new edition of the program? Can I upgrade to the new version and keep all the documents? I want to be saving the documents them selves, not just the info as in a GEDCOM file.
What is the best version? Is there a "Professional line" of FTM?

If Family Tree Maker is not the right program for me, can someone tell me that program that would answer my needs listed above. I prefer Mac to PC programs.

Thank You For Your Time!

Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

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FTM and Ancestry are fully integrated and work well with each other. Upgrades to FTM always bring your data into the new format if it changes.
Because you prefer MAC you should address your questions to the MAC specific Message Board. Members there should be able to give you more details.

Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

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Yes to all of the above (except the professional line question). I would suggest preordering FTM2014 (PC) to take advantage of the preorder pricing. Or you can order FTMM2 (Mac version, but I understand it's a little buggier than the PC version). I suspect a new FTMM version is probably on the near horizon.

Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

Posted: 1378639600000
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1. Yes

2. Yes - to the extent that ancestry's database has the original document. There are inherent problems that are common to having the data into your ancestry tree. One problem is only referencing one page of a multi-page document. Examples include passport apps and where a family is on bottom of one page and top of the next. Another problem is where the ancestry database itself is an electronic database with no paper docs behind it - like the SSDI, or many death records.

3 Yes. FTM is integrated with ancestry. It could always be better, but is quite good and can transfer the data into Facts with Sources, often into multiple people in your file with simply "discard" or "keep" decisions. This is one of the main reasons to use FTM with ancestry, because you will not be able to access documents in ancestry trees when you stop paying your subscrtption.

4. FTM has always been forward progressable. There was one change that was not "backwards" regressable - that was when the old FTM program, FTM16 and earlier was completely rewirtten into a new computer code and database structure about 2006 or so.

5. There is only one version of FTM for Windows and one version for the Mac.

6. We'd all like to know the answer to that one. People have reasons for preferring the Master Genealogist, Legacy, Roots Magic and others. In spite of its weaknesses, I believe the overriding reason for using it is its tight integration with the ancestry databases.

Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

Posted: 1378651762000
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One thing that Family Tree Maker (FTM) does with the sync feature to that may not be obvious to new users. FTM will save the source image documents for census records, marriage, death, etc *IF* there is an image file available. You don't have to save the image specifically yourself.
There is an option to turn this off for those who don't want all those images.
Of course, it will save/download/sync those images that you supply yourself.
There are some tutorial videos available to see how it works - these are for the older version so may not be exactly the way the upcoming 2014 version works:


Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

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"FTM will save the source image documents for census records, marriage, death, etc *IF* there is an image file available. You don't have to save the image specifically yourself. "

To be clear, this does not mean FTMt automatically saves the images. You have to do a "merge" of the data into a person's record, with "save images" checkmarked--or do a manual save (download) and import of it (a few more steps).

Re: Questions About Family Tree Maker??

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If you have the option to download citation media checked, citation media is downloaded by default. For those of us who mostly work in the AMT, records are attached in the AMT and upon sync, citation media is downloaded. No additional steps involved.
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