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Surnames: Skyberg
I live on the Skyberg farm in Brandval, Hedmark, Norway, - and I'm a genealogist. My great grandfather was Johannes Olsen Skyberg. There were 6 sieblings who left from Skyberg to America.

I'm interested in konowing what happened to the Skyberg's in the US, and I can provide you with information from Norway.

Ole Johannes Østberg

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Kristine (View posts)
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Hi there! I am a Skyberg residing in St. Paul, Minnesota. My aunt has the geneology information and I will get it from her. I do remember her saying that our ancestors live on the Skyberg Farm, although I don't recall where in Norway. Is there more than one Skyberg Farm?

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S. Botterud (View posts)
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There are three Skyberg farms in Norway.

- Skyberg in Brandval in Hedemark
- Skyberg in Vardal in Oppland
- Skyberg at Tretten in Øyer commune in Oppland

My family relates to the one at Tretten.

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This email address may no longer be valid, but I hope it gets to you anyway. My mother's maiden name was Skyberg and her father, Phillip Skyberg, was the son of (I think) Peter Skyberg, but I don't have the exact information at the moment. My great grandfather moved from Norway to Luverne, Minnesota where he ran a small bank. When his sons were older, he moved the family to eastern Montana (Terry, Montana) where they lived on a cattle ranch. My grandfather married Edith Albert (from western Wyoming) and moved to Los Angeles, where they raised four children, one of whom is my mother, Marion. Just today I discovered an aerial photo of the Skyberg farm. Several years ago I found a photo of just the house alone. I've been to Norway (Oslo and Bergen), but never to the home in Skyberg. Any information about the family would be welcomed. Ron Lane, Mill Creek, Washington

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Hei Ron

I believe we are third cousins.

Go to , Skyberg slekt , etterkommere .

You will find the Skyberg family . 3 sisters and 3 brothers
emigrated to USA.

Ole J.

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Thank you Ole. I forwarded that chart to my mother. I'm just curious to know who currently lives on the Skyberg farm and what type of farming is done there. Also, were the folks who left Skyberg for the New World in the late 19th century just setting out for new opportunities, or was there some kind of impovrishment or other reason they left or had to leave? The photo of the farm is great, by the way. I see the farm is fairly close to the border with Sweden. Have you ever had any Skyberg visitors from the States? I have one relative who visited there several years ago. He's my mother's nephew (Bob Albert) and he lives in Bakersfield, California. Did some children leave the homestead to seek opportunities in the big cities? I'm just curious to know. I've been to Norway, but only Oslo and Bergen. Any information you could give me would be much appreciated. Sorry for all the questions, but I'm interesting in knowing more about my family. It's unfortunate that families don't keep in touch with their ancestral homes. All the best, Ron Lane

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Hi Ron

If you have a e-mail address , I will send you more information .

Ole J.

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Hi Ole, the best email address for me is my work email:

Thanks in advance for anything you can give me.

Best regards,

Ron Lane

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Hello Ole,

My wife's maiden name is Joan Skyberg and we live in Plumas Lake California approx. 30 miles north of Sacramento. Her Great Grandfather was Julius O. Skyberg born 1855 in Brandval No. Joan's fathers name was Martin Skyberg born in 1915, died 1997 in Woodland Ca.
Joan has relatives that have visited the farm in 1985 and we have seen the aerial photograph of the farm and a photo of you.
We are going to visit Norway leaving here May 8, 2014 and will arrive in Oslo on the 9th, to join a Southern Norway tour that ends on May 18 back in Oslo. It would be our pleasure and only day available to visit you and the Skyberg farm if possible.
Please reply to Thank you, Jim & Joan Skyberg Loe
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Hi there! Im new to this!
Im try to find my great grandpa Peter Skyberg and his wife plus more. Also look for skyberg Family.
My grandpa Clarence Skyberg married to my grandma Mytrle Bakken Skyberg.
I would like to get more information. Thanks
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