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FTM 2012 at End of Life???

FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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Is FTM 2012 at End of Life??? In other words, is there no more support for it? There are plenty of software errors that need fixing still, yet there hasn't been an update to it in quite awhile.

These problems with memory leakage & crashing should really be addressed in this version, else they will be propagated to the next release.

I even emailed the Product Support Manager, Duff Wilson, about this at & got no response.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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FTM 2014 is currently in Beta, so I would suspect that many/most resources are being devoted to the new product. "New Family Tree Maker coming soon."

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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It depends on what you mean by support. If you mean will the development and revision to 2012 continue, I suspect that ended several months ago when they started working on 2014. If a fatal error is found I would suspect that even thought they are working on 2014, they would fix that. However after nearly two years of use, I doubt any fatal errors will be found.

If you mean will they continue to provide assistance with those using the program, it will probably continue for some time. I believe you can still get assistance for Version 16

I am sure it will not be like Microsoft is doing with Windows XP and basically removing it from the system.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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As far as memory usage and efficiance or the like, these complaints have been around for many releases, so don't expect fixes in v2012. It would probably required a rewrite, and that is not going to happen with v2012 or maybe even v2014.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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No I don't consider the problems to be fatal errors, in that it screws up your data, but to be very irritating.

I have to restart it after a few data updates because it starts to not work correctly. The first sign I see is when new image thumbnails are blank. Or when the merge box doesn't update when you click on a new person in a record.

Please don't tell me that Ancestry is providing support for these problems. They are NOT!!! No amount of have you tried this or do this will fix program software errors.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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We differ on the the definition of a fatal error. If the program is screwing up my database I consider that a fatal error.

However there are many people including me who are successfully using FTM 2012 for the two years since it came out.

If you were willing to share SPECIFICS on when, where, and what you are doing when the problems occur; I know there are people here who would be more than willing to assist in resolving you issues.

The first thing that comes to my mine, if your problems are syncing issues; is the reliability and speed of your internet service. If you are usinng a dialup, or have slow internet connection and a large FTM database, you have the prime set of conditions for sync problems. If the connection is is slow and times out frequently, you will have issues.

If the internet is not an issue, the next thing would be, do you routinely compact your database. If so after compacting is the decrease low <1%.

If you have attached media where is it located, and is the directory always available to FTM.

Have you downloaded all of the available updates for FTM 2012. My copy has been fully updated and shows Version (PC) when you click About Family Tree Maker from the Help menu.

Have you resolved the errors that are shown in an error report. Publish, Person Report, Data Error Report, (Note you must fix them individually.) I unchecked the obvious errors like missing dates, etc.

Your problem can be solved with patience and communication.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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You are obviously a shill for the company. I did not say these were fatal errors!!!!

I already supplied specifics on how these problems are occurring - push your pap somewhere else

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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I am not a shill for the company, just a satisfied user who has been using FTM for over 10 years, 2012 since it was introduced about 2 years ago.

When I have had problems 95% of the time it was caused by something I did or did not do. In these years I have never lost any data.

I was just making an offer to help, you can accept that offer or reject it, that is up to you.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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Alan is showing the symptoms of having allowed his database to grow too large. He does need to do what I am about to say as well, just in case his problem is elsewhere. If it isn't he can either put up with FTM or move to another program.
If you have not had problems, great, but you need to put your usage in context, how many individuals you have, how large your database is, how much usage you make of the program each day, in particular how much data you enter each day.
For instance I have 135,347 individuals in my database. I have enough work to keep me going 24/7 for an indefinite period and have been researching in excess of 15 years. I am unable to use any of the several variants of FTM I have on my various computers because of the memory problems and crashing.
I estimate I am about one third of my way through processing the entries from the 1940 census, but if I only had 10,000 individuals I expect I could use FTMM (I now work on Macs principally) or FTM without any major problems as I would not need to use the program much at all.
As an example of the different memory requirements Reunion has been running continuously for 12 hours, substantial amounts of data has been entered and 112.4MB of memory is being used.

Re: FTM 2012 at End of Life???

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If I recall correctly, the merge box not updating was an ancestry site issue, not a FTM software issue. It has since been resolved. The blank thumbnails is often related to connectivity or site issues, if it's not due to failing to wait until media processing is complete.
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