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Poor image quality using Web Clipping Tool

Poor image quality using Web Clipping Tool

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FTM for Mac 2. Often when using the web clipping tool for capturing an image, the quality is very poor when resizing or enlarging photos etc. in other words once the image has already been merged to FTM
However, if I take the same image off a website, copy it and download it to my computer then upload it to FTM, the quality is fine. How can the multiple steps be avoided and I just get a high resolution using the web capture?

Re: Poor image quality using Web Clipping Tool

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Classification: Query
Firstly I suggest that you post messages about FTM Mac on the FTM Mac board not the FTM Windows board. Reason being if it is really an FTM Mac problem you are likely to get a better response.

But your question really is about images.

Effectively you should only resize the image once if you want to preserve its clarity especially if you are using a lossy format e.g. JPG. Often the images that you are capturing ar essentially very low resolution JPG images optimised for the web i.e. small file size and low quality. If you then start you resize them, you rapidly lose clarity and get a pixelated and fuzzy mess. A bit like making a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy etc.

I would suggest that where you can adjust the screen size before capturing the image so that you don't have to resize it.

If you really need to resize it, I suggest that you save the file outside FTM in a non lossy format, e.g. TIF or PNG and manipulate it in your photo edit software in these formats before linking it to FTM. It won't be ideal but it gives you a bit more to play with.

Have a look at some articles about this subject of resizing in Google and perhaps adjust how you deal with these matters.
John D

Re: Poor image quality using Web Clipping Tool

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Classification: Query
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