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Moses T. Whitehead

Moses T. Whitehead

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Surnames: Whitehead, Bryant, Sellers
I believe Moses T. Whitehead is my husbands great great grandfather. On the Burnet county census of 1870, I found
Moses, Margaret, and 9 children listed. I believe he is decended through thier son Worford(age 7 in 1870).

W.A. or W.F. Whitehead married a Nancy Ellen Bryant
in Lampasas in 1908. I have found a Worfird (Worford) Whitehead, Nancy, and son Whittenburg on the 1910
Lampasas census. It shows his age as 46, which makes
it possible for him to be the son of Moses. Nancy passed
away on 12-31-11, possibly in childbirth. I think they also
had a daughter Ruby.

Whittenburg was my husbands grandfather. Born 02-26-09 in Lampasas(Lometa). Parents listed as Buck and Nannie Whitehead. He passed away in Brady in 1950 and is buried in Carroll Colony Cemetery. Whittenburg married Eula Sellers and had two children, Willis Franklin Whitehead(1940 - 1982)and a daughter Nancy.

Willis Franklin is my husbands father.
Does anyone have any info on Worford?

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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Surnames: West, Smith, Whitehead, King, Williams
My husbands great great grandfather was Moses T. Whitehead b. 1825 SC. Married Margaret S. Bryant b. 1829 NC. Their children were Sarah(Sallie), James Bradford, Henry Stephen, John Bennett, Thomas Austin, Worford Franklyn, Andrew Johnson, George Jefferson, Thomas Bryant, Joseph Young and William Jackson.
I don't have a lot of info but am willing to share what I do have. I can send you a family group sheet abd put you in touch with another lady that can give you more extensive info on your line. Most of them lived and died in Texas around the Williamson County area.
Hope this has helped you. If you need anything else please feel free to email me.

Lena West

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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I have information on this family if you're still interested.

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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My Husband is a descendant of Moses T. Whitehead by way of his daughter Sarah(Sallie) who married James Wiley Smith.
I don't have a lot of info but am willing to share what I have and would appreciate anything you might be able to share.


Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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Surnames: Whitehead
My grandma is Nancy via Whittenburg and Eula. Any info would be great! Thanks! Is there any other info on Moses? I also have some stories from her childhood with Willis Franklin if you would like.

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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Surnames: Whitehead, Johnson
Interesting that the name is Worford... (wofford?)
I have a small mention of a whitehead family who lived in Burnet County Texas, but dont know who they are as no first names are mentioned.
I haven't looked into the whiteheads of burnet... but my gg grandmothers uncle & family had been "making molasses" (sorgum molasses, I think) and after they left, were killed during a ambush by indians, with 2 survivors (children).
I find the name worford interesting as the name of the uncle who was killed was James Wofford Johnson..

You can contact me if you like... I have the story, but it might not be of much use since the first names are mentioned. I'll see if I have any other Whitehead mentions in anything I have...

Kim Proctor-Fairchild

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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I had a copy of that story at one time. Could you post it again, please? I think that is where they came up with the name, Moses and wife were expecting Worford(sic) at the time.

Thanks you

Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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Hello James,

I have a scan of the original from the newspaper and there is also a transcription of it at the /Texas/Burnet County website under the name Mrs. C C Proctor.
I can send you the newspaper one if you like that better..
I wasnt sure about the family, but it was the Woford name that caught my eye.


Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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That is the story I read. It was changed around a little, I think it was on one of the genealogy boards. I had it book marked, but I think that was a computer or two ago.

Wofford (Worford), I have seen it spelled many ways, was
born in 1864. I heard from some distant Whitehead family
years ago, and was told that Wofford had something to do with indians. When I found that story I felt that had to
be where his name came from. The time is right, the location is right, Whitehead is the family they were
visiting before the attack, and Wofford is a very unusual

I would love a copy of your scan if you get a chance.


Re: Moses T. Whitehead

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Surnames: whitehead, johnson
Oh yes, the story of what happened varies from version to version.. so as to which one is correct, who knows.
I think the whitehead family was living close to some Bartons, who were also from SC, but I am not sure.
Alot of these families relate in one way or another.

It would seem to me too that the time was right, the name etc. It is also spelled various ways...waford,wofford etc.
I'm still looking at some of my other documents,books to see what else is mentioned if anything on your family..
sorry I put james in there!

can you contact me on ancestry? I'll send it to your email if you want to post it on that instead of here, but if you want to post it here that is fine too.
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