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Winfield or Wingfield history

Winfield or Wingfield history

Amanda Yvonne (Winfield)Croom (View posts)
Posted: 970640251000
I am looking for any pertinent history or information on my father James Albert Lee Wingfield or Winfield, known as "Tom or Tommy." He was born and raised in Dinwiddie Va.Later he married Bessie C. Jones. His parents were James, known as Chappel and Rosa Mae Wingfield of Dinwiddie Va.He last resided in Reading Pa. I am trying to trace his hetitage as far back as I can. If you have any information or pictures that would help me trace my father's heritage, please respond to this e-mail.


Lillian A Atkinson (View posts)
Posted: 980955799000
I have been searching the Wingfields. Go to the Wingfield genealogy and you will find the early Wingfields of England. My line is from Thomas Wingfield who immigrated from England in 1636. Try the census reports for the county your father is from. It would be a start.

Thomas Wingfield-1636 immigrant

Vicki Wingfield (View posts)
Posted: 982527819000
Your info / message indicates your line descends from a Thomas that came over in 1636. In researching the Wingfield Immigration Register issued by the Wingfield Society, your Thomas of 1636 is detailed but shows "no proven descendants". Can you clarify who Thomas' relatives were? The record shown states he arrived with ten others but no details on them.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

Thomas Wingfield

Lillian A. Atkinson (View posts)
Posted: 982582681000
In "A History of THE WINGFDIELDS OF VIRGINIA" Linwood D. Wingfield states that Thos. Wingfield emmigrated to Va.settling in York County in 1636. He was a nephew of Edward Maria Wingfiield. Thomas Married Mary -4-1714. Their son, John Wingfield married Mary(Polly) Hudson and went to Hanover. John and Mary's son, Charles wingfield went from Hanover Co. to Albemarleand was a Lieu. in Revolutionary Army. Charles married Rachael Joyner. Their son Francis Wingfield married Elizabeth Wingfield, his lst. cousin. Francis and Elizabeth's son, John Joyner Wingfield married 1.Harriet Bowwe of Hanover Co. and 2. Susanna Brooke Ellis of Hanover Co. John Joyner Wingfield and Harriet Bowe's son was Chastain Rufus Wingfield who married Mary Elizabeth Davis. Their son was Linwood Davis Wingfield who married l. Eva Blanche Hargroveb.Nov.16,1876,d.Mar10 EST 1943 and 2. Hazel Bright Floyd b. Dec 15, 1885 m. June 16,1951. The son of Linwood and Eva was Herbert Linwood Wingfield, b. Auf 20, 1897 d. June 19, 1899. This is a synopsis. If you would give me you e-mail I can send you the brothers and sisters of the different generations and the wives and husbands of nearly all if not all.


Vicki Wingfield (View posts)
Posted: 982695948000
Your data is fabulous! You can reach me directly by e-mail:

Did Thomas arrive with any other family members? My direct ancestor was a William that died in Nov. 1677 but for whom we have no record of immigration or birth. He is supposed to have arrive around 1640. Maybe there is a relation. Please send what you have on siblings and other generations as I bet we can connect the two families!!
It is really exciting to hear from you. I look forward to your e-mail. I will share my data with you as soon as I get a message with your direct e-mail address.

Thanks. Talk to you soon- hopefully.


Thomas Wingfield

Lillian A. Atkinson (View posts)
Posted: 982772427000
Dear Vicki, I'm delighted to be of help. Its going to take a while unless I'm not interrupted. A great grandson of Thomas was William. His wife was Elizabeth Morris. His father, John, was born in 1690 if that is of any help. In checking the chart I don't have a William of that date. Lets go back to Sir Richard Wingfield who died in 1525. Wife No. l was Katherine, Duchess of Bedford. Wife No. 2 was Dame Bridget Harvey. Sir Richard had four sons-Sir Charles d.1540, Thomas Maria, Jaques or James and Lawrence. Thomas Maria had two sons - Thomas Maria and Edward Maria. This Thomas Maria was married to Arlinda Van Bede. Their son, Thomas was the one who emigrated to Va. in 1636. He was a nephew of Edward Maria Wingfield who came to Va in 1607 (Capt. John Smith was on board) and on opening the box with instructions found he was the governor ( I suppose you would say). All of this is a lead in to the names I'll try to send tomorrow. This family goes back to Robert De Wingfield, Lord of Wingfield in Suffolk who died in 1087. This is a very inportant family in English History-castles etc. and a lot of fun to read about. /Thank you for the information you sent me. I didn't know he had come over with ten others. Lillian Atkinson

Edward-Maria Wingfield

Posted: 982926334000
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Do you know the connection between Edward-Maria to Elizabeth Wingfield Morrison Downing and Rev. Dr. Calybute Downing?


vicki (View posts)
Posted: 983568263000
I know there is a connection of these two names. Look for info at the Wingfield Family Society website via
They have a vast database and the $25 annual membership fee is well worth the investment.

Re: Winfield or Wingfield history

Karen Dozier Edwards (View posts)
Posted: 996509693000
Was reading your e-mail and saw some names of some people I've heard of before. I've heard my mother speak of Chappel and Rosa Wingfield. My grandfather was Waverly Washington Wingfield, known as Dick Wingfield. So, Chappel was his brother. My grandfather was also born in Dinwiddie Va. and later moved to Southampton L.I.New York. Sorry I don't have any other pertinent info, but I too am interested in tracing my family's hertage. Please respond as your information may help me. Be Blessed!!!!!!

Re: Thomas Wingfield

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I am in a direct line from Thomas Wingfield, b.1670, d. 19 Dec. 1720, m. Mary..... His son, Robert, b. 1697, d.1769, married Anne (Bailey?). From here, things get a little muddled. In my records, they had a son, Robert, d. 1791, who married Frances Jordan. They had a daughter, Sarah, who married (Rev.) Leonard Ballew. I have just read an entry on the World Tree that omits Robert Jr., and Frances Jordan. Do your records show this line? If so, I'd love to get the history behind the family. Why and when did they leave England?
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