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Does anybody know me?

Does anybody know me?

Michael Rouse (View posts)
Posted: 944106298000
My father's name is Michael Alfred Rouse, my mother's name is Maxine Karen Shaw (maiden name:Bailes) My granfather's name is Alfred Rouse - Anybody know them??

I am in Coventry, England.
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This probably won't help you in your search, but did you know that a certain Richard Rouse went down with the Titanic? I don't know where he boarded. I have a book that was published shortly after the disaster and all of the survivors as well as those who went down with the ship are listed in the back.

Rouse on Titanic

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What was the name of the book you refer to in this message? I'm interested in which Rouse was on on the ship.

On the Titanic

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Cindy: I don't recall the title of the book concerning the Titanic tragedy. It is packed away. It is a very old book, published soon after the event---1912. In the back of the book is a list of all of the survivors and also the ones who went down with the ship. A certain Richard Rouse was one of those. It does not list the port where the passengers boarded the ship. But it does describe the events leading up to the sinking and rescue of survivors as seen from the perspective of that day and time. If you are truly interested in the title of the book, please let me know and I will make an effort to locate it for you. My e-mail is:

Re: Titanic

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Please give me a reference for your book.

Any mention of the Goodwin/Godwin family?

Re: Titanic

David Rouse (View posts)
Posted: 1101239493000
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Yes, there was a Goodwin mentioned in the death list.
"Goodwin, F and family" were among those who went down on the Titanic with the third class or steerage passengers.

The title of my book is "Story of the Wreck of the Titanic."
published in May of 1912. It was edited by the great
descriptive writer, Marshall Everett. With the Rev. Henry
Van Dyke writing the special introduction.

Re: Titanic (View posts)
Posted: 1101997170000
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Surnames: Kieffer spurlock rouse collins ROUSE
my daughter will try to find a copy of this book for me.If anyone has a copy please contact me.

Re: Titanic

Carol Goroff (View posts)
Posted: 1102707803000
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Thanks for searching!

Re: On the Titanic

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I found him on a website:

It says Mr Richard henry Rouse was a farm labourer, he boarded at southampton and travelled 3rd class. He was 53 years old. His ticket number was 3594 and he paid £8 1s

his body was never found

Re: On the Titanic

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I do have a Richard Rouse in my tree, but not this one. Interesting, though.

(incidentally, I posted the original message to this thread in 1999 and surprised myself when it popped up on a search - completely forgot about it. funny how time flies)
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