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Ever wonder about the O' before Hehir

Ever wonder about the O' before Hehir

Sharon Collins (View posts)
Posted: 975833688000
I have looked up a lot of sites and didnt see this mentioned anywhere so I thought I would let you all know .....

My boyfriend is Timothy Hehir (28) Galway, Ireland. His father Pat Hehir from Clare.

The O'Hehir Surname belonged to their family up until the Potato Famine when while millions of Irish starved to death, the English set up poor houses and gave out food to the sick, poor etc and the condition was that if you had an "O'" in front of your surname when you went to beg for food, you had to forfeit the "O'" which strongly signified an Irish name and subsequently most of the "O'Hehir" families became "Hehir".

Comment on "theO' before Hehir

Joan Floegel (View posts)
Posted: 975845877000
Sharon I have heard this before, my grandparents were from Clare, they dropped the "O" when they came to the states. You mentioned your boyfriend is from Galway, does that mean you are living In Ireland now, that this board can be accessed in Ireland?




Sharon (View posts)
Posted: 975846079000
Yes I am in Ireland now, Going to Galway next weekend to tell his parents we are going to get engaged so then I'll be a Hehir too :)

Hehirs from Galway/Clare

Sharon (View posts)
Posted: 975846167000
Joan in response to your msg, one more thing, his father is from Clare and his Grandparents still live there.

Hehir and O'Hehir

Posted: 976983157000
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My gggfather Martin Heheir was born in Limerick, but had moved to London by the time of the 1841 Census. This seems too early for the Potato Famine to have played a part in his emigration. (There was another family called Heheir in London by 1844). This indicates that the O' might be lost at an earlier date. The story might, of course, be legend, but no less interesting for it. Surely it can be verified? Incidentally, none of my relations (Sullivans, Hennessys, Cronins) have an initial O, so can someone tell me how people with O' names spell them out loud: do they say O apostrophe etc.?
Lastly, I imagine this board can be accessed anywhere in the world. Am I right?

more than legend

Sharon (View posts)
Posted: 977189658000
The Potato famine was the main reason people went to Poor Houses to beg for food but I am sure they were around long before that ... If anyone went to a poor house destitute and looking for help that was the condition apparently, that they dropped the "Irishness" of their surname hence ... O'Sullivan became Sullivan ...

The word "O" in Irish (with a fada on it) means "from" or "of" so for example O'Hehir meant of the Hehir clan ....

O'Sullivan is correct but there was never an O' before the other names as far as I know.

When spelt out loud we generally say "O apostrophe ....."

Well I can access it from Ireland perfectly fine, so I'm sure the rest of the world can also.

Hehirs and Cronin relatives

Posted: 977256889000
Edited: 993188365000
Philip, I can't comment much on the lackof an "O" as my Cronin family never had one since the original spelling of O'Croinin. What branch of the Cronin family are you connected to. My line comes from Co.Cork near Kinsale and I have Hehir relatives in Bruff, Co. Limerick.

Hehir + Cronin

Posted: 977280787000
Edited: 993418798000
I am bit in the dark about the precise origins of these two strains in my family, tho' I know at least that the Heheirs (they always used that spelling)came from Limerick and the Cronins from Cork. Martin Heheir (my gggf, son of Timothy) married Honorah Cronin (my gggm, daughter of John)in London in 1854, so I doubt whether I'll ever know.
Martin's first wife was a Connell (as, I suspect, was his brother's), and there are other connections with Connells, but they are not related to me.

Let me know if you ever come across a Timothy Hehe(i)r with a son Martin in Limerick in the first qtr of the 19th c.!


Philip Heath

Re: more than legend

Joseph Hehir (View posts)
Posted: 1020358389000
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The O' can be translated as grandson and Mac as son!

Re: Ever wonder about the O' before Hehir

Rhonda Coppin (View posts)
Posted: 1041390556000
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My ggggrandfather Timothy Hehir (also Hehir/O'Hehir and O'Haire) arrived in Australia from County Clare in 1961 with his sister Anne, and brother Patrick. Three of the other brothers and sisters also left and went to the US settling in Lowell.

Their father was Patrick O'Hehir and mother Bridget O'Neill and they had a farm at Killow, County Clare on land owned by a Lord Inchiquin.

I would be most interested to hear if your family is connected with ours. Obviuously Patrick and Timothy are fairly common names in the Hehir family.

We have tracked the family down this far, but then have no further connection to the fanily that stayed on in Ireland.

Our strain of the family in Australia is now known as Haire.

Please let me know if this is any relation to you.

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