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A Dalgleish mystery-can you help?

A Dalgleish mystery-can you help?

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Surnames: Dalgliesh, Dalgleish, Fletcher, Willson, Aitkin
wondered if you knew anything about the Dalgleish parents of Elizabeth Dalgleish, born about 1781 possibly in Selkirkshire, Scotland. Elizabeth married Andrew Aitken in 1804 in Yarrow, Selkirk, Scotland. Any information would be very appreciated.

It is quite a mystery that was handed me by my ancestors. Here is the account in their own words:

iT MAY BE NOTED that this letter differs from the one written by Mrs. Born as to the lady who eloped. Mrs. Born has in that the Wilson girl eloped with Fletcher, while Matilda [Cummings] understands that it was the Fletecher girl that eloped with Dalgleish. It would not matter particularly to the present generation, however, since the line of descent is the same in both statements, and therefore the correctness of the story is proven more sure.

The other ancestor writes: The earliest ancestor we can trace from, was born as near as I can find, by approx reckoning, about 1650, and it is from her that we have received the little spoons with E.W. [Elizabeth Wilson?] on them. Her name, or more likely, her mother's, was Elizabeth Wilson. She was born of a high family in the lowlands of Scotland. In Selkirkshire, as near as we can ascertain. The family was wealthy and owned a large estate there, and in this place the girl grew to womanhood, and married a Mr. Fletcher, also wealthy, and they lived in Selkirkshire also. From this marriage there were two or three boys and only one daughter, and around her centers our attention.

All the advantages of a loving family and everything wealth could bestow, was lavished on this daughter. When old enough, she was sent to a young ladies' seminary, and when she graduated, came home to be Brought Out in society. At this time, she fell in love with the young steward of her father's estate. He was a fine looking, prepossessing young man, but at all her equal in birth, and of course her parents would never for a moment have listened to such a union, for they were expecting greater things for their daughter, and it was a great disgrace to marry beneath one's station in Scotland.

This young man was Dalgleish, and a short time after the daughter's return from school, they went quietly to Gretna Green and were married.

From that day she was disowned, and never again did she see her parents or brothers, for she had so disgraced her family by marrying below her station, no matter what character the young man might be. Later they came back and settled in Selkirkshire also, not a great way from her home and near to Melrose Abbey.

Three children were born to them, Elizabeth, (our great grandmother), Margaret, and John, the youngest. He was killed when young, by a deer on the estate where his father lived. This left only Elizabeth and Margaret.

Soon after this, Mr. Dalgleish died. But his wife lived many years after him, but never during all these years did she see any of her people, only after she died, a strange man came to the family and appeared strangely moved, and went away as quietly as he came.

He was her youngest brother, but that is the only time the children saw their uncle. Her family never relented.

Have you ever heard about this, or do you have any ideas on the name and birthplace of this Dalgleish young man?

Re: A Dalgleish mystery-can you help?

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Surnames: Dalgliesh
I don't know of this Elizabeth Dalgleish (ne Livingstone) but I do have a great-grandmother (dec) of this name with different spelling. She married my great grandfather Archibald Dalgliesh and lived in Trafalgar, Victoria, Australia. She died 26/6/1903. I hope you find the links you are seeking to complete your research.

Re: A Dalgleish mystery-can you help?

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Thank you so much for your reply, and the encouragement you sent! Good luck on your research, also.

Re: A Dalgleish mystery-can you help?

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There weren`t many Dalgleish left at this time.They lost the last of their significant lands around 1640.The Dalgleish family held Dalgleish Tower (Nt 260083 os79 around until
1547 when it was raised to the ground through the Rough Wooing. The land passed to the Scotts of Buccleuch around 1670 ish . there will be records about the family in Edinburgh due to the land. They also had Deuchar Tower NT 360280 OS73 which they lost 1643 , Lempitlaw NT 787327 os74 destroyed by the English in 1547, Linton Tower NT 774262 os74 ,tower lost 1523, destroyed by the Earl of Hertford again in 1547.Wideopen Tower NT 767160 os 80 destroyed in 1547 by the English again and John Dalgleish was slaughtered by Sir jOhn Carey in 1596 .The population in Scotland at that time was small, therefore, one would presume they are all related and educated . Charles second`s solicitor Robert Dalgleish bought and stayed in Laurieston castle outside Edinburgh,around 1660 ish he had two daughters.

Later Lawrence Dalgleish had Pitfirrane Castle , Scotscraig NO 445283 os59 was bought around 1680.Therefore, there is just a short generation jump to your 1790`s. i have been looking at Mary Dalgleish Donaldson`s (Cp of Denmark) geneology as her geneologists manage to take her further and further back . This is in the hope I can find a link and travel further back .
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