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Family of Severin Olsen

Family of Severin Olsen

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Surnames: Olsen/Larsen
I am looking for any family of Severin Olsen. He left Norway around 1897 or so and lived in Boston, MA. He was a piano maker for Chickering and Sons. His brother's name was Theodore. He had a nephew who also left Norway and lived in Boston. His name was Roy Larsen. Roy died in 1921 and Severin paid for his burial. Any one who knows of this Olsen/Larsen line please respond. Roy Larsen is my great great uncle.

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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You are looking for what family? Those earlier in the ancestral line(s) or those who are descendants?

Searching for ANY information will be pointless without knowing WHEN Severin was born and when "Roy Larsen" was born. See the link at the bottom of this posting.

The 1900 US census shows a Severin Olsen in Boston, MA married to a woman named Lena. He is listed as born in July 1871 in Norway and immigrated to the US in 1892. Study that census to find if that is the man you are seeking.

IF you find that is the right man - then also has a record of his marriage to Lena in Boston which gives his parents names - vital to a search for a name which would be fairly common in Norway!

With those parents names on top of the info about when born found in those two earlier links can be used again and -

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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The same set of parents seen in the birth/baptism record for the Severin above are listed in as having a son they named Theodor -

This would seem to verify that you start your Norwegian research for ancestors (if that is what you've decided you are looking for) in Sarpsborg, Østfold, Norway.

Make sure you understand traditional Norwegian naming before you go much further -
Online study material to learn about Norwegian naming practices and patterns:

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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Thank you so much for the links. I am looking for any and everything I can find on this line. My parents were originally doing the work on this line 15 plus years ago. My dad has since passed and I am trying to pick up where he left off. They had learned a lot about the names, traditions, etc...but I was a teenager when they were doing all this.

I did see that 1900 census just two days ago and have been going back through my history and data to make sure that is the Severin I am looking for. It is him so thank you for those other links. Those helped prove that was indeed my Severin. Any help is greatly appreciated since the Norwegian ancestry is hard to search for. I believe Severin's family, who stayed back in Norway, eventually moved to Denmark...

Thank you again for your help. Really means a lot to us! Kiley

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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Hi kypaige22, a nice note from you, but doesn't answer questions or provide additional information. I think it would be a good idea to check the connections a bit more. By what means do you know it's the same family? As far as this thread goes, the evidence is not in.

What is your starting point - your best known person? Maybe a sibling of Roy's? (You say Roy is your great-great uncle, so his sibling is your ancestor). Marie Larsen Parrish maybe?

An Ancestry tree has this:

Ole Kristian Larsen b 15 Dec 1866 in Norway**, d 6 Jan 1921 in Trenton, New Jersey, USA
Josefine Nathalie Knudsen b 16 Nov 1866 in Norway, d 26 Oct 1896 in Norway
with 3 children listed:
1) Roy William Larsen b 25 Mar 1887 Fredrickstad Norway, d 13 Apr 1921 Boston, Mass, USA
2) Marie Larsen b 8 Dec 1888 Fredickstad, d 8 July 1964 Long Beach, California, USA
3) Victoria Terese Larsen b 3 Mar 1891 Fredrickstad, Norway d 1977 in Denmark

Family tree says Marie married William Parrish in Seattle in 1916.
No spouse mentioned for Roy or Victoria.
** see note at bottom re Ole birth source

Marie's birth date and birth place on the family tree seem about right:
Norway, Select Baptisms on Ancestry
Marie Larsen
Baptism Date: 6 jan 1889
Baptism Place: Vestre Fredrikstad, Østfold, Norway
Father: Ole Kristian Larsen
Mother: Josefine Nathalie Knudsen
FHL Film Number: 1259709, Reference ID: 2 p141 #1

The Ole Christian Larsen in the family in Norway posted in this thread was born 1860 - a six year discrepancy.

Maybe Roy in 1907:
New York Passenger Lists from
Roy Larsen
Arrival: 02 Sep 1907 in New York, New York
Birth: abt 1887 Fredriksstad, Norway
Age: 20 Years 3 Months
Ethnicity/ Nationality: Scandinavian - USA (non-alien)
Departure: Kristiania, Norway
Ship: Oscar II
Destination: Boston, Massachusetts

1910 - he might be a lodger in Boston, in a large household
Roy W Larsen 22 b abt 1888 Norway, immigration 1900

Naturalization Records, Index Card
Not dated
Roy William Larsen b 25 May 1887 in Frederikstad, Norway
Residing at 339 Trapelo Road, Waverly, Massachusetts
Date of admission: not granted
filed at District Court of Masssachusetts, U.S. Circuit and District Courts

Some possible siblings for Severin and Theodore?
Eduart Larsen born about 1853
Hans Petter Larsen born about 1856
Ole Christian Larsen born 02 November 1860 <----- not 1866
Anton Larsen born 07 March 1864
Theodor Larsen born 08 May 1866
Ludvig Larsen born 09 December 1868
Severin Olsen born 23 July 1871 in Sarpsborg
Emilie Sofie Olsen born 22 January 1874 in Sarpsborg

1865 Norway census
Sarpsborg prestegjeld, Østfold, Norway
Lars Petter Olsen 32 b Rakkestad
Olea Marie Olsen* f Eriksen (maiden name Eriksen) 33 b Sarpsborg
Eduart Larsen 12
Hans Petter Larsen 9
Ole Chr Larsen 6 <--------- born about 1859
Anton Larsen 2

Marriage 26 May 1894 in Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin
Theodor Olson, born Norway, his father Lars Peter Olson, his mother Olea Maria Erikson
Julie Kristiane Karlsen, born Norway; father Mathias Karlsen, mother Karen Andrina Hansen

Marriage 01 May 1900 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Severin Olson, born 1872; his father Lars Olsen, his mother Olea Eriksen
Lena Johnson, born 1872; her father Johannes Anderson, her mother: --?-- Mangnusen

NOTE: On the Ancestry tree, the source for Ole Christian Larsen birth date of 15 December 1866 is as follows: Family Data Collections, birth of Henrietta Larsen 15 Dec 1866 in Fredrikstad, Ostfold, Norway, father Christian Larsen

A little shaky....

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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I have tons of additional info on this family that I did not include in this thread. Yes Marie Larsen is my direct line. She would be my great grandmother. my dad had worked many years on this line after finding letters from Marie's brother (Roy Larsen) and had them translated. Those letters gave us names of people and relations...approximate dates and locations of where they were at the time. That line that you pulled up is correct. I do have all of that info. I'm trying to fill in some holes that are missing in my own family charts. The links provided in the previous threads match up with info I already have but verified things we thought we knew but didn't have documentation for.

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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You say the family tree I pulled up is correct.
It says Marie's father is:

Ole Kristian Larsen b 15 Dec 1866 in Norway.<-------------------------- YOUR Ole Kristian Larsen

The above Ole DOES NOT MATCH the family thoraway found in Norway. Not at this point.

The family thoraway found is an excellent candidate to be your family - and it could be your family - but aren't you curious as to how the connection is made? Something is missing.

See #117 in the following church book record,
Østfold fylke, Sarpsborg, Ministerialbok nr. 1 (1859-1868), Fødte og døpte 1860, side 28.
Born 02 November 1860 and baptized 26 December
Ole Christian [legitimate child, born within marriage]
Father Lars Petter Olsen
Mother Olea Marie Eriksdatter

It's just possible that a second child Ole Christian could be born to the same couple in 1866, especially if the first Ole Christian died.

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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From what I understand ole Kristian changed his name from Olsen to Larsen..."Lars son". I'm still trying to figure out why Severin and Theodore kept Olsen and the rest changed to Larsen though....does the ole Olsen (Larsen) in the previous thread have the same birth dates as my ole? I'm checking this on my phone and can't get back and forth to it very well... It is a bit overwhelming. I appreciate your help...I really need it. My family is full of confusing name changes etc...

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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Working on your phone - yes, that's hard, to see all the information posted.

The Olsen / Larsen difference is normal to Norwegian genealogy. You have an Olsen / Larsen split in a family of siblings, in your notes, and the family thoraway found has the same split.

Norwegian names, as you know, were based on the father's first name +son or +datter.
Son of Lars would be Larsen; daughter of Lars would be Larsdatter.
As times modernized, so too did Norwegian names.
Lars Olsen would have children named Olsen in modern times - just as in the USA.
The children of Lars Olsen in Norway show the shift, as oldest children are using "Larsen" and youngest children are using "Olsen." At least that's what it looks like, from the little information and few records found to date.

I'm not saying it's the wrong family - just that it's possible it's the wrong family and we should nail it down.

Re: Family of Severin Olsen

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Seriously thank you so much. There seems to be a lot of weird similarities between these two families to overlook it. Yes definitely want to pin point where it is different to prove or disprove family. Getting a new computer today so Iwill be better able to do more comparing. Thank you so much again.
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