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Bodø Norway - Searching for grandmother

Bodø Norway - Searching for grandmother

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Surnames: Solby, Anderson
I am trying to find any information about my grandmother. She immigrated to Vancouver, B.C. around 1910. She was born 15 Oct 1892 in Bodø Norway. On her marriage certificate are listed her parents as being Anna Anderson and Andrew Solby. She was rumored to have an older half brother, Anton Solby, who she followed to Canada. It is unclear whether Andrew Solby was her birth father. To my knowledge, she never saw her parents again nor did she communicate much with them. No one in the family knows anything about Anton. Any help would be tremendously appreciated in this search.

Re: Bodø Norway - Searching for grandmother

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You never mentioned your grandmother's name!

Birth record

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Judging by the info you gave, I think this might be the person you are looking for:

Born 15 Oct 1892
Astrid Karoline
Born out of wedlock
Father: Bachelor, fisherman, Ludwig Eliassen, born 1869, from Tømmeraas in Hammerø
Mother: Maiden, Inger Anna Andersen, born 1865, from Volden

Kildeinformasjon: Nordland fylke, Landsoknet i Bodø, Ministerialbok nr. 802A01 (1879-1893), Fødte og døpte 1893, side 150.
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1910 Census

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Assuming Astrid is the correct person, here she is in 1910:

She is listed as "Astrid Ludvigsen", named after her father. The record is a little confusing, "Anna Strømme" is shown as Astrid's mother. Elling Strømme is listed as a widower, the marital status of Anna is not clear.

According to this census, Astrid was already living in America when it was taken.


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"Astrid K. Strømme" left Norway for America (via Trondheim) on 6 Oct 1909. Her ticket was paid for by someone already living in America.

This view shows that her destination was Westminster, British Columbia:

Astrid arrived in Quebec on 22 Oct 1909 aboard the ship S.S. Canada. This manifest says she was going to join her brother, a mechanic in Westminster.

1900 Census

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The birth record for Astrid said she was born on the farm Volden (which is in Bodin parish, Nordland), and baptized in Bodø. The 1910 census also verifies that she was born in Bodin.

In the 1900 census for the farm "Volden nordre" in Bodin, Astrid is still living there, but not with her mother. She is listed as a foster daughter of Peder Gundersen and Severine Emilie Moe:

The 1910 census said that Astrid's mother was born in Veo. This is her, working as a housekeeper for the widower Elling Strømme on the farm Nygaard in 1900.

It appears that Astrid's mother never married, so now the question is - was her half-brother from her mother or from her father?

Church confirmation

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Confirmed 4 Aug 1907 in Bodø
Astrid Karoline Ludvigsen
Born 5 Oct 1892 at Volden, Bodin
Father: fisherman, bachelor, Ludvig Eliassen from Hammerø
Mother. maiden, Inger Anna Andersen

Kildeinformasjon: Nordland fylke, Bodø, Ministerialbok nr. 801A11 (1900-1916), Konfirmerte 1907, side 349.
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Family of Ludvig Eliassen

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Here is the FATHER of Ludvig Eliassen in 1865. I just say "father", because Tobine Arensdatter, the wife of Elias Jacobsen, died between this census and the birth of Ludvig in 1868. So, the children listed are "half-siblings" to Ludvig:

Now, here is the birth of Ludvig:

Born 20 Jun 1868
Ludvig Hæggelund
Born out of wedlock
Father: widower, farmer, Elias Jacobsen
Mother: widow, Ane Marta Larsdatter
Residence: Tømmeraas, Hamarøy (Hammerø), Nordland

Kildeinformasjon: Nordland fylke, Hamarøy, Ministerialbok nr. 859A05 (1863-1877), Fødte og døpte 1868, side 49.
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Ludvig Eliassen later married Kristine Andreasen. The 1910 census Shows them living in Hamarøy with one son, Andreas Skarvold, Born, 9 Jun 1894.

This child (Andreas Skarvold) is an illigitimate son of Kristine - not the son if Ludvig, so is not a blood relative of Astrid:

Birth #27
Kildeinformasjon: Nordland fylke, Hamarøy, Ministerialbok nr. 859A07 (1890-1899), Fødte og døpte 1894, side 58.
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Family of Inger Anna Andersdatter

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According to the 1910 census, she was Born in Veø (which is in Møre og Romsdal) on 28 Jul 1865.

Born 28 Jul 1865
Inger Anne
Father: Anders Erichsen Krogset
Mother: Karen Elina Johnsdatter Solibøreit
Residents of Solibøreit

Kildeinformasjon: Møre og Romsdal fylke, Veøy, Ministerialbok nr. 547A05 (1846-1877), Fødte og døpte 1865, side 79.
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Looking at the 1865 census, "Solibøreit" is the farm "Soleimbø Reiten". Here is the family in 1865:

Ingeranne was still on the same farm in 1880 when she was confirmed:

Kildeinformasjon: Møre og Romsdal fylke, Veøy i Veøy, Ministerialbok nr. 547A06 (1878-1906), Konfirmerte 1881, side 118.
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Andrew Solby / Anton

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I am sure that the "Andrew Solby" you mentioned was actually "Anders Soleimbø", the GRANDFATHER of Astrid.

I know this is correct, because I found the half-brother of Astrid you are looking for:

Birth #14
Born 20 Jun 1885 on the farm Solibøreit
Born out of wedlock
Father: bachelor, farmer, Mathias Jørgen Strømme, born 1858
Mother: maiden, father's fiance, Ingeranne Andersdatter Solibøreit, born 1865

Kildeinformasjon: Møre og Romsdal fylke, Veøy i Veøy, Ministerialbok nr. 547A06 (1878-1906), Fødte og døpte 1885, side 28.
Permanent sidelenke:

When Inger Anna Andersdatter left Veø, Møre og Romsdal, for Bodin, Nordland, she left her son Anton with her parents.

Here he is, listed as "Anton Matiasen", with his grandparents in 1900:

I found one record of "Anton Mathiasen Solebø" leaving Ålesund for Sask., Canada in 1922.

He left Veø for America the first time on 7 Mar 1903.

(#1 - bottom of right page)

Kildeinformasjon: Møre og Romsdal fylke, Veøy i Veøy, Ministerialbok nr. 547A06 (1878-1906), Utflyttede 1899-1903, side 254.
Permanent sidelenke:

His destination was Minnesota. He left Ålesund on 1 Apr 1903:

He arrived in New York on 20 Apr 1903 aboard the S.S. Cedric, which had sailed from Liverpool on 10 Apr 1903. His Destination was to his brother-in-law, Knud Rastad, in Milaca, Minnesota.

He was traveling together with Karen Andersen, 21 yrs old, who also says she is traveling to her brother-in-law, Knud Rastad.

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