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Myklebost / Bjerkeset

Myklebost / Bjerkeset

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Surnames: Myklebost Bjerkeset
I am trying to find information on Marlene Olsdattr Bjerkeset. Born Sept 11, 1849 and died Jan 14, 1942 both around Molde. She was married to Ole Samuelson Myklebost Born Mar 4, 1844 and died Nov 9, 1920 both around Molde. They had 8 children of which one, Olaf Marius, came to the united stated, my grandfather.

I have Ole's ancestry back 10 generations as my aunt did extensive research on the the Myklebost family. However she reached a dead end with Marlene O Bjerkeset.

Can anyone help me her parentage? We think her father's name was Ole and that she had a much younger sister named Berit.

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Your aunt gave any sources for this information? What was her source for a marriage record between Ole and Malene? When was that event? What was her source for the farm name of Bjerkeset?

Is this your Ole Samuelsen and Maline (alternate spelling Malene or Mallene) Olsdatter living in Øre parish of Tingvoll district, Møre og Romsdal?
1910 census -
1900 census -

If yes, then your "Marlene" was actually Maline/Malene who was also born in Øre parish of Tingvoll district on 11 Sept 1849.
Her confirmation record lists her parent's names -

Did you know there is a message board devoted to Møre og Romsdal in the "Counties" folder for Norway?

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Thank you very much for the information. In reply to your questions I can only say that my aunt wrote a book about our family and that she traveled to Norway to get information. I'm guessing this was in the 70's and 80's. So I can only go by what she wrote down. I do not have a marriage date. All of the children in the census are correct. My grandfather left in 1907.

Thank you for the info on the counties folder. I did not know what to look for in regards to locations. All I know is that the Myklebost homestead sits on the shore of the Batnfjord, in Ore by the city of Molde along the NW coast of Norway.

My aunt died last year at he age of 91 so I can't confirm with her.

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They married 13 Jul 1874 in Øre parish of Tingvoll. See right hand page - top record -

Norwegian church records are now available online - free.

I've spent a bit of time today and found no reason for the farm name Bjerkeset to have been used for Malene/Malena. Doesn't mean there was never any family link to that farm for her -- it means I didn't find one. You can spend much more time in the research and may have much better luck. Time and careful study might explain that farm name usage. Good luck.

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Thank You!

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Here are the parents in the 1865 census (Maline is about 16 and not listed with parents):

Bakketeigen gard, Thingvold Prestegjeld, Øre sokn, Møre og Romsdal
Ole Ols., husfader, occupation husmand med jord, married, age 48, born about 1817 in Thingvold
Beret Pedersd., his wife, age 40, born about 1825 in Thingvold
Ole Ols., their son, age 20, born about 1845 in Thingvold
Iver Ols., their son, age 5, their son, born about 1860 in Thingvold
Beret Olsd., their daughter, age 3, born about 1862 in Thingvold

1910 census (posted earlier), living with Malina Olsdatter and husband Ole Samuelsen, Myklebostad, this is probably Malina's mother: Biret Pedersd. Bjerkeset, widow, forsørges i huset, born 31 July 1821

1900 the (likely) mother is Biret Pedersdatter, H. til Famelien, widow, Husgjerning, born 1820 in Øre, Rom (abbreviation for Romsdal, presumably)

Alternate spellings of Bjerkeset: Bjerkeseth (1875 census) and Bjerkesæth (1865) and
Birkesett, Birkesætt, Bjærkesætt found here:

Some history of how Gjemnes is related to Tingvoll/Thingvold:

In 1865 census, Malene's sister Beret Olsdatter is age 3, born in Thingvold.
The record of Beret's confirmation (20 Sept 1878) says Berit Olava Olsdatter was born 28 February 1863 at Birkesæt in Thingvold. Parents Ole Olsen Birkesæt and Berit Pedersdatter.
(Look at the record on the link to see what spelling of Birkesæt is used; I find it hard to read.)
Source: Øre i Tingvoll, Møre og Romsdal fylke, Ministerialbok nr. 584A06 (1869-1878), Konfirmerte 1878, side 134. See #49:

And here is Berit's birth record: Berit Olava born 28 February 1863. Parents farmer Ole Olsen Birkeset and Berit Pedersdatter. To the right you'll see a list of baptismal sponsors that includes a John Pedersen, Gaupset (a possible brother to Berit Pedersdatter). The record says the baby Berit was baptized at home.
Source: Øre i Tingvoll, Møre og Romsdal fylke, Ministerialbok nr. 584A05 (1857-1868), Fødte og døpte 1863, side 51. See entry #31.

Presuming Malene lived with her parents at Birkesæt in 1863 (when little Berit was born) or earlier, this would explain why this farm name is attached to Malene in your aunt's records.

Here is the record of another baby Berit Olava Olsdatter born 07 June 1858 to (presumably) the same couple. It was customary to name a child after an earlier child who had died. The record is especially useful for noting the baptismal sponsors; they might be relatives of the baby's parents.

At the baptism of Maline's sister Berit Olava Olsdatter in 1863, we found a baptismal sponsor named John Pedersen, Gaupset (sp?) and speculated he could be the brother of their mother Berit Pedersdatter. Seeking John in the 1865 census, we find a John Pedersen at Gaupsæt with a Maline Olsdatter (of the right age and birth place) living there also. And also John's parents are in the household - so they could be the maternal grandparents of your Maline (needs more research to determine).

Gaupsæt farm, Thingvold Prestegjeld, Øre sokn, Møre og Romsdal fylke, Norway
John Pedersen,, husf (husfader = house father) occ. Gaardb. Selveier, age 41, born in Thingvold
Daardi Evensdatter, his wife, age 41, born in Thingvold
Peder Thorstens., hired worker
Anne Thorstensd., hired worker
Malline Olsdatter, hired worker, age 17 (about 1848) born in Thingvold <-----------------------------------
Peder Pedersen, his father, occupation Kaarmand, age 75, born in Thingvold
Sigri Iversdatter, his wife [Peder's wife], age 72, born in Thingvold
Johannes Olsen, foster son, age 11, born in Thingvold
Serianna Olsdatter, hired worker, age 19, born in Thingvold

Now the other people named Olsen/Olsdatter could be tracked back, to see who are their parents. They might be siblings to Maline (needs more research).

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Thank you very much. I will scan the pages from my aunts book (in regards to this) as soon as we get the scanner working again (did an upgrade on our Mac and scanner now doesn't work).

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I have bygdebøker for Sunndal, Tingvoll, Eide and Gjemnes from Møre & Romsdal Olav Sjømæling

Olav Sjømæling

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Thanks Peder. Can you shed any light on Malene, or her siblings and parents and ancestors?

The red pins on this map show Bjerkeset and Gaupset farms; they are near each other and are located southwest of at Batnfjorden. You can switch between map and satellite photo, and you can zoom and pan as you wish.

Another red pin marks the Øre church and another marks Myklebostad, nearby.

Photo of Bjerkeset:

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