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POTTERS in America 1600-1888

POTTERS in America 1600-1888

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I have a book in my possession that is POTTER Genealogy in America. The chapters it covers are:
1) Anthony Potter of Ipswitch Mass Desc
2) George Potter of Portsmouth, R.I. Desc
3) George Potter of Lancaster, England Desc
4) Ichabod Potter of Portsmouth R.I. Desc
5) John and Wm Potter of New Haven, CT Desc
6) Martn Potter of South Shields, England Desc
7) Martin Potter of Phil, PA Desc
8) Nathaniel Potter of Portsmouth, R.I. Desc
9) Nicholas Potter of Lynn, Mass Desc
10) Robert Potter of Warwich, RI and Desc

I would be glad to do look ups if you have full names and dates. The more information, the better, but be kind. There are thousands of names in this book.My gr-gr-grandfather, Edmund Darrow married Elizabeth Potter of R.I. and my gr-grandfather was George Potter Darrow.
Regards, Nancy Bommer

Potters in America

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My greatgrandmother's maiden name was Potter. First name Georgian. Married to Henry S Belding. Gave birth to my grandfather in 1883 in Conway, MA. Only info I have. Any help would be appreciated.

Georgianna Potter

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The book shows a Georgianna Potter, born March 27, 1853 in Plainfield, Conn. married a Henry Belding. Her Parents were William H Potter and Elizabeth D. Parkhurst. William H. Potter. born Oct 25, 1818 married Elizabeth Nov. 21, 1839. His parents were Oliver C. Potter and Phebe Burroughs.Oliver C b. Sept 23, 1795 d. March 14, 1822 m. Phebe Dec. 28, 1817. His parents were Nehemiah Potter and Rhoda Castel.It does not go back directly from there, but it is listed under George Potter of Portsmouth R.I. who came from England. Hope this helps. Book ends in 1888, so nothing after Georgianna.
Regards, Nancy Bommer

Potters in America

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Thank you for your response. I do have quite a bit of info going forward from Georgianna Potter if this is part of your family tree. You mention that your grandfather married Elizabeth Potter. Is this any relation to the Elizabeth Parkhurst that married William Potter. Again, thank you very much for the information.

Potters in South Carolina

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My great grandmother, Ann Elizabeth Perry, married Earnest Christian Potter b. 01/20/1903. Do you have any info on Potters in South Carolina?
Thank you

George Potter

george potter (View posts)
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Do you show a George Potter born in CT in 1812, apparently attended Yale. Moved to Mississippi before the Civil War.

We have traced family that far back, but have not been able to find his ancestors.


Potters in Michigan

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Hi,It is so generous of you to offer a look up on the Potter family. I have come to a dead end in some portions of the line.In fact I think I have two seperate line,but I am not sure.The names I would like information on are----
1.Jane Potter b.July 14,1865 d.June 8,1929 in Michigan.She married Ira Goodrich and her father was Frank Potter.I have no dates for him or any other information.(Brick Wall)
2.Robert William Potter b. in Mass.and he married Eunice Buckley b. NY on April 4,1847
Any help you can be would be appreciated.I have another question,This Potter Book you refer to,are there any others in print,and if so would you be so kind as to give me the complete name and the author. I would like to see if our library could get a copy for me to look through,as there are many other names,but I don't want to be bother you,as I see others are standing in line for your time. Thanks again for any help you may be.Wilma Goodrich

Jane Potter

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Hi Wilma, will get back to you this weekend. The book is at home, and I am at work. Will see what I can find.
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Hi Nancy,Thanks for taking the time from your weekend to help.I would be so greatful if you can find even one little shredd of information for me.Thanks again,Wilma
PS If there is anything I may have that could help you,let me know.

George Potter

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The only George Potter I find from that date is: George Potter from Potter Hill, RI. b. July 26, 1812 d.July 2,1874. M1) Harriet Graves in 1839 and 2) Amanda Evans in 1864. He was the son of Ephriam and Wealthy (Hall) Potter. Ephraim b. May 30, 1789 d. March 21, 1841. They married May 15, 1811.
Hope this matches up for you. Good luck, Nancy Bommer
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