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Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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Surnames: Digranæs, Instanæs, Jårstad
Currently, my most distant known direct maternal ancestor is my 5th great grandmother, Guro Jørgensdatter, born 1745 at Instanæs farm, Indre Nes, Kinsarvik Parish, Hordaland County, Norway. A well-qualified researcher "believes" that the mother of my Jørgensdatter Instanæs is Ingebjørg Larsdatter, born 1712 at Digranæs farm. But, I need to find records which can prove that this one particular ancestor, Ingebjørg Larsdatter Digranæs, born 1712 is indeed the mother of my most distant known direct maternal ancestor, Guro Jørgensdatter Instanæs, born 1745. Does anyone here already have access to records showing this Digranæs/Instanæs connection? Takk, min venn!

Re: Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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Guro was actually the daughter of Jørgen Olson -- therefore she should be called Guro Jørgensdatter. Jørgen was married to Ingebjørg Larsdatter in 1743 so is therefore highly likely to have been Guro's mother. This information is from "Odda, Ullensvang og Kinsarvik i gamal og ny tid -- Bygdesoga - V/2" on the pages for the Instanes, Ytre (Ystatun) farm in Kinsarvik.

"Joren" is not actually a male name in Norway so be careful of your spelling for that.

The surviving parish records are available online now at the Digitalarkivet website. If you don't find a mother's name listed for Guro's birth/baptismal record (yes, there actually were years when some of the earlier parish records did NOT record the mother's name with a child's birth) then you might have to use the evidence of an earlier marriage record for her father and then research into WHEN Ingebjørg Larsdatter died because she is almost certainly mentioned by name in her own death record.

You have tried the scanned parish records at Digitalarkivet website?

Re: Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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Hi Gene,

I took a look at your tree because my great-grandmother was also born at Instanes, but we are not related.

I see that you show "Lars Arnesen Jårstad" as being born in 1799 and do not name his father. this may help:

Marriage #36

Married 13 Nov 1834 in Ullensvang
Lars Arnesen, 30 years old, son of Arne Torgylsen
Britte Johannesdatter, 30 years old, daughter of Johannes Trondsen

Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Ullensvang, Ministerialbok nr. A 10 (1825-1853), Ekteviede 1835, side 236.
Permanent sidelenke:

Also, on page 424 of the Instanes farm records, it does not say:

Here it is recorded that Brita Johannesdatter Instanæs was "married in 1834 to Lars Arnesen of Jarstad who lived in Tysnes"

It says:

Brita "married Lars Arnesen from Yttre Jåstad and they later MOVED to Tysnes."

I can not find Arne Torgylsen in the 1801 census, but I do know there was an Arne Torgylsen born in Ullensvang in 1872.

Re: Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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It is probably Guros birth and christening below here.

Kinsarvik subparrish/ Ullensvang parrish 1745 :

Rigth page lower part. No 12.

Gurou (sic)*: Født 29. Maij af Jørgen Ole Søn Indsta-
naes og Ingaborre Lars Datter og Døbt Dom. (Dominica) Exaudi** i Ullensvangs kirke

Gurou (sic) born 29.Th May by Jørgen Olssøn Indstanaes and Ingaborre Lars Datter Christened Dominica Exaudi in Ullensvangs church

* You will see different spelling of several names. There were no “ correct” spelling of any names those days. The vicar just wrote the names just like they sounded.

**Dominca Exaudi : 6.Th Sunday after easter. That was 30.Th May in 1745.


Re: Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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Big thank you!

And thanks for the heads-up on spelling Jørgen correctly! (I fixed it.)

It appears that Ingebjørg Larsdtr's husband was certainly Jørgen Olson Instanes, and he is therefore my 6th great grandfather. (Thank you, Brian Gaber!)

However, if Ingebjørg Larsdtr's name is recorded in "pages for the Instanes, Outer (Ystatun) farm," does it indicate there that Ingebjørg Larsdtr (Digranæs or Instanes) should actually be Ingebjørg Larsdtr Instanes? Or is there anything that indicates she may have been born at Digranæs? (Digranes or Instanes) Am I understanding correctly?

Re: Digranæs/Instanæs Connection?

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The Instanes farm pages of the bygdebok for Kinsarvik previously cited lists the farm name Digranes after the name of Ingebjørg Larsdtr. That does not prove that she was born there but it does mean that she had some prior connection to that farm.

The most obvious document I can think of to give you verification of that would be to first look for the marriage record itself in the parish church records since you have a year for that event.

Even Evensen

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Hi Gene,
If you are still working on your tree..... I figured out who your myterious "Even Evensen" is. If you are still interested, let me know.

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