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Deleting non ancestors

Deleting non ancestors

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Surnames: Braswell, Cook, Wilkie, Porter, Day, Jackson Pascoe
I have found through DNA that a supposed ancestor actually isn't. Can I just delete the unrelated person? Will that not affect the known ancestors?

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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Where are you Russ?

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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The answer to your question depends on whether there are descendants of the individual in your tree and if they may have connected back into your family in later generations.

If the non-ancestor is a standalone individual, deleting him will cause no issue.
If there is a spouse and descendants, just deleting him will isolate that branch but they will still be in the tree.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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You don't want to delete the ancestor if they have spouses or multiple children (ie aunts and uncles to you). You want to get rid of the aunts and uncles (to you) and spouses first.

That said, you haven't explained if you have entered persons peripheral to this ancestor. Prior and subsequent spouses of ancestors in that line, children of prior and subsequent spouses from subsequent or prior marriages, etc.

Does this non-ancestor mean that it invalidates a whole ancestral line? Or, just invalidates that this person is parent of someone who is an ancestor?

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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The person I want to delete has a wife. I have no info on her ancestors. I have about eight generations back from this person. There are no other ties to this person in my tree. I want to delete this person, his wife and all of his ancestors.Conventional wisdom has this person as a father to my known ancestor. DNA has proved multiple researchers wrong.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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You don't mention if you have peripheral relatives. Did you enter siblings of ancestors? Other spouses of ancestors who are not your ancestor? Spouses of siblings? Children of Siblings?

If there no other ties to "your tree", I take it that you have detached him from being your ancestor?

You delete groups of people in FTM by using Publish > Charts. You can delete people in most charts by right-clicking in the blank space in the report, and select "Delete everyone in this chart". (I suggest Export everyone in this chart, then delete everyone in this chart. This will leave a record of who you deleted.) You can also select certain persons in a chart and export and/or delete "only selected persons" in a chart.

There are probably two charts you may want to use:

1) Ancestral Chart. Select the bad apple ancestor and make the number of generations inclusive enough to include all persons you want. This will NOT delete any peripheral relatives and will only delete "preferred parents" of each ancestor.

2) Extended Family Chart. Select the "bad apple" ancestor. Since you have apparently already detached them from being your ancestor:

1) Make the number of generations to include all you want to delete
2) Uncheck the box in the right panel to "include everyone" in your file.
3) Right-click > Export everyone in this chart (This just documents who you will be deleting)
4) Right-click > Delete everyone in this chart.

This should include all peripheral relatives - prior and subsequent spouses of ancestors, step-children, siblings, siblings' spouses, nieces and nephews of ancestors, etc.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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You mention "detaching" the non-ancestor. Is that the way I should proceed. There aRE NO OTHER TIES TO ME TREE THAT I WOULD WANT TO KEEP. If I jest detach, would those people still remain in my database? Not sure how else to describe what I want to do. But I want to delete person X, his wife, and all of x's ancestors.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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I think that silverfox's answer is what you want. She just assumed from what you said that you had already detached the person. This has the advantage of showing that person as an isolated island at the bottom left of the extended family chart with all the people connected to him. Plus you can read the names to be sure.
You can still find Russ Worthington if you look.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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I think before I completely deleted all of the people, I would export him and the his associated generations to a new FTM file under a different name. Once I had the people exported correctly I would then delete the line form your tree as mentioned above.

Genealogy runs in mysterious ways. You never know when there will be a tie back into this family. For years they were similar enough to your family to think they were yours.

I had a similar situation. I had worked on a person and his family for about 7 years, and developed good documentation on both his ancestors and descendants. Then I found the document I was looking for and it completely eliminated the person as a direct ancestor.

Fortunately, I did not remove the person and his family from my database, as several years later I did find the direct ancestor and he was a brother to the person I had spent 7 years researching. So All I had to do was connect to a different brother and I had the family for several generations back.

Re: Deleting non ancestors

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"You mention "detaching" the non-ancestor. Is that the way I should proceed."



I'm not sure I know what that means.

"If I jest detach, would those people still remain in my database?"

No, detaching just disconnects relationships. It does not delete people.

"Not sure how else to describe what I want to do. But I want to delete person X, his wife, and all of x's ancestors."

See the step by step directions in my post above. (PS. I suggest making a backup copy of your file before you delete anthing.)
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