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Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Surnames: Norton, Tarrant / Pitman
I'm resuming family seaches on the off chance someone new to the list is researching either of these families.

Ann Norton born about 1800 married John Henry Pitman on 20 Nov. 1819 om Somerset Bermuda. I'm searching for her birthdate and place.

Henrietta Tarrant born about 1843, of Jamaican descent, married Wm Tudor Pitman on 21 April 1864 in Somerset Bermuda. I'm searching for her birthdate and place and death.

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

Judy Corday (View posts)
Posted: 1140742918000
Classification: Query
Hi again Ruth Douglas, I have a new book entitled "Bermuda Settlers of the 17th Century" see below the info which may be of interest to you.

Page 150 - PITMAN:
1662, March - James son of James and Ann Pitman
1672 - Judith daughter of James & Ann Pitman.
1679 - Henry son of James and Ann Pitman
1666 Dorcas daughter of John and Dorcas Pitman
1674 - Rebecca daughter of John and Dorcas Pitman
1662 - John son of Henry and Ruth Pitman
1645 Nathaniel son of Nathaniel and Margery Pitman
Burial 1662 - John Pitman.
No listings for:
Norton or Tarrant surnames.
I will keep checking when anything new comes forward.
Keep digging up those bones.

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Classification: Query
Surnames: early Pitmans/Norton, Taylor
Once again thanks, 'old internet friend' and professional genealogist. I've been helping a neighbour begin researching her line and this led me to reopen my dormant files.

The earliest Pitmans I have are John Henry Pitman marrying Mary Taylor on 20 Feb. 1783. I only have a marriage date, I have neither their births or deaths.

I have no birthdate for a John Henry I believe to be their son, but he married Ann Norton 20 Nov. 1819. I'm missing both their birth dates and anything about either Ann Norton's parents or those of Mary Taylor.

With so little I'm unable to make a link with the wealth of dates and names you sent along.

Do you have in your extensive library any reference books linking the 17th Century gang with those of the early 18th Century.

Judy, I thought I'd laid the research bug to rest a couple of years ago but it's back with a happy vengeance.

Thanks again for being available to anyone searching roots in Bermuda.

I paid for a month researching on line Jamaican possibilities but came up with relative blanks for Henrietta Tarrant, though there was a W Pitman listed in one of the military regiments but the dates were out by a century.

Warmest greetings from Ruth -- in frigid but sunny Canada

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Norton Pitman
Ann Nancy Norton b. 1799 d. 27 August 1870
married John Henry Pitman Nov 20 1819 10 children including Ann Norton Pitman (married William James Squire USHER) who is my great great great grandmother. So Ann Norton is my great great great great grandmother.
Her father is Stephen Norton and her mother is Anne Morgan. She had a sister named Mary Hinson Norton, so she is likely related to the Hinson's of Bermuda as well. I hope this is helpful.

Gary Denton (

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Classification: Query
John Henry Pitman, who married Ann Nancy Norton on 20 Nov 1819 was born in 1790 and died 1868. his will was made out in 1857 (I have the number somewhere, I can get it if you need it). I hope this helps. I believe this puts him in place to be the son of the John henry Pitman you refer to marrying Mary Taylor in 1783 and makes that gentleman one of my great great great great great grandfathers.

Gary Denton (

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Classification: Query
Thank you Gary,

We have some differences in dates but I'm positive we're connected.

Could we compare our Pitman families at our home addresses? Most of my Bermuda information came with the generous help of Judy Corday and a few family notes. I have done no primary research beyong visiting Sandy's Parish in Somerset a few years back.

Ruth (Pitman) Douglas

Re: Norton and Tarrant/Pitman

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Hi Ruth,

I have only signed up for this website today and I have mostly been working on the Usher family, but I was scrolling through all the Bermuda messages and found yours which is related to my mine. I can give you what I have or post it or whatever one does on this website (I am not yet sure how to contribute material).

Briefly, Ann Norton Pitman had 5 children (3 sons, 2 daughters) that survived to adulthood including Henry James Usher who had 3 sons with Lydia Miles(father Thomas Miles) including Newton Miles Usher who had three children with Annie Elda Robbins of Bear River Nova Scotia including Carroll Alfred Usher, my grandfather on my mother's side. All of these Ushers lived in Bermuda except me. My parents moved to Boston in 1977 and my mother has since moved back, but I still live in Boston.

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