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Tags in FTM 12/14

Tags in FTM 12/14

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I haven't received the link for the FTM 2014 Beta yer so this may be a non-issue, but...

Is there a way to assign tags to people in FTM? I've created custom fields for some records but I'd like to be able to have a check boxes, combo box, or predictive text (like my Gmail where it populates an email address as I type it) with tags.

An example set of tags would be something like: Revolutionary War Vet, Immigrant, Civil War - CSA, etc.

See attached example from Evernote

Are there ways to currently do this?

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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I have not found anything to use for tags in FTM besides custom facts. I'm not sure if I would be in favor of tags in FTM - depending on how they would interface with Gedcom and transferring data to and from other programs.

For example, I have many ancestral lines in my file (my personal ancestral lines approach 200 - mostly New England immigrants in the 1600s.) If I want to list all Civil War vets who were casualties that I share Hallock blood with who fought on the Union side, I have a custom fact I call Military Filter. I could call it Military Tag.

Military Filter: Civil War Union Hallock Casualty

or I have a person I share 3 ancestral lines with:

Military Filter: Civil War Confederate Smith Taylor Jones Survived

I can filter for any or a mixture of these text strings in the regular FTM filter used at the bottom of the Index, or in Custom and other reports, or in exports.

For example, when I do a filter in the Family Tab of the People Workspace for "other filter", Military Filter, and search contains all terms Hallock Civil War, I find:

I have 67 persons from my Hallock line in the Civil War

Filter for Civil War, Hallock, Casualty:
17 died during the war

Filter for Civil War Hallock Confed, I find:
3 served in the Confederacy


BTW, I track spouses of family members as members of the family for this purpose.

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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I am not much of an FTM user but the way I set up military service is to add one custom EVENt tag in GEDCOM with a TYPE "military service" (aka event_descriptor) and the event_classification of the war/conflict name like "Civil War". I know that FTM uses different terms for these fields in the UI but the GEDCOM would look like this:

1 EVEN Civil War
2 TYPE military service
2 DATE FROM ... TO ...

If you want to record a specific battle substitute the word service with battle then replace Civil War with the battle name.

This the most correct GEDCOM way to record these events.

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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D. Shuler,

"Tags" are not part of Family Tree Maker at all.

I use the Military Service Fact, and the "conflict" in the Description field. You can filter on that.

For example:

World War II Draft Registration

That was the record, but he never served.


Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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The issue of GEDCOM and tags is a non-issue as far as I am concerned. The GEDCOM doesn't really need to include the tags.

There isn't a simple way to do a search or filter for the tags that I need in the location based tree that I am working on. I need the ability to tag people based on several different events. For instance, I want a group that contains anyone who appeared on any one of the state or federal census records for the town. Without tags, I have to do 15 separate searches and then compile the list in Excel. There is just no way to get the reports to come out the way I need them to for the town's 150 book without going to another software.

I hope that 2014 incorporates tags.

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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The best way I've found for doing this is to use a custom fact.


Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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Have you tried filters?


Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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This thread comes closest to what I wanted to ask: If I create a custom fact and then filter to segment a specific population is there a way to easily populate the custom fact for that segment all at once?

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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Kind of....

You can copy a Custom Fact (and its citation(s) and associated image) and paste to other persons in their nuclear family:

Make one Custom Fact for whatever
Right Click - Copy
Navigate to a person where you want to paste. Select any fact for that person.
Right Click > Paste

You will get a pop-up page where you can check those relatives listed below to be pasted in one operation::


So, you can copy and paste to a batch in pretty quick order (say for residence).

But, if the tag is for a scattered group of people that don't belong to a family (ie Civil War Union Survived, or Civil War Confederate Casualty), you almost have to do it one person at a time.

Re: Tags in FTM 12/14

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Thanks - I was afraid of that!
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