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Catholic churches in area

Catholic churches in area

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Surnames: Rivet/Rivett/Rivette, Sabourin/Sabraw, Beaudry, Valcour dit Morin
I'm trying to locate records of relatives that lived in the Kemptville, Leeds-Grenville area. Can anyone tell me the names of the Catholic churches that existed in the Leeds-Grenville area of Ontario in the late 1700's and late 1800's? I believe there was a Holy Cross Catholic Mission church in Kemptville, but what were (are) the others? Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Catholic churches in area

Wayne (View posts)
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Hi Karin, I also had ancestors living in Kemptville attending the Holy Cross Church. They have a microfilm at the LDS Family History centers of Holy Cross.I could only find records for my family from 1844. I was told that my ancestors opened a foundry in Kemptville in 1837 and church services were held there until a church was built. I have no proof though. I also heard that the church was run by the French and was called Sacred Croix before that but I have no proof of that either.
Good luck, Wayne
PS If you find anything out please email me!

Re: Catholic churches in area

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Surnames: Sabraw, Brislan, Gorman
As noted earlier, the Kemptville Mission Church records are on microfilm and begin in 1844. They are available through your local LDS. The names Sabraw/Sabrante (and other weird spellings) DO appear in these records. One of my g'grandmother's brothers, a John BRISLAN, was married to a Sophia SABRAW and lived in Merrickville.
One earlier church was St. John the Baptist in Perth and records begin in 1823; however, there were few French names in those records. This 'parish' covered all of present day Lanark County, and parts of Grenville and Carleton Counties.
If I recall correctly, the Catholic church in Prescott also dates to the 1820s.

Re: Catholic churches in area

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Surnames: Rivet/Rivett/Rivette, Sabourin/Sabraw, Beaudry, Valcour dit Morin, Bauer
Hi Wayne and Jan,
Thanks to you both for the information. Jan, I do remember coming across John Brislan's name a few times when I was reviewing the microfilm from Kemptville Catholic church. It is interesting to see how the name Sabraw/Sabourin evolved. My gr-grandparents from that area ended up in Saginaw, and Bay City, Michigan. I continue to look for the earlier roots, however, possibly going back to Quebec.
I have decided the best thing to do to further my research is to take a trip to Canada this summer. I plan on hitting the Holy Cross Cemetery in Kmpt. as well as searching records in Prescott for starters. If I find out any "new" information, I will post it here.

Rivett, Sabourin, Valcour Buried at Holy Cross

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I have a listing of all of the "residents" of Holy Cross Cemetery in Kemptville, Ont. The following is the listing for the above names:


Joseph JARBEAU died Jan. 24, 1912 aged 84 yrs 4 days: his wife
Rosalie RIVETT died Oct. 22, 1922 in her 83rd yr

Eli SABOURIN died June 18, 1841 aged 84 yrs;
Mary Ann RIVETT wife of Eli SABOURIN died Aug. 25, 1921 aged 64 yrs

Matthew died July, 1890, age 25 yrs son of A. & H. RIVETT;
Eli E. SABOURIN died June 13, 1941 age 60 yrs


Thomas SABOURIN died Jan. 23, 1942 aged 70 yrs

Oliver SABOURIN died June 8, 1939 aged 78 yrs

Alfred E. SABOURIN died Feb. 3, 1920 aged 25 yrs

Eli SABOURIN (listed under Rivett above)

Lester E.DOOL 1927-1949; his mother Mary DOOL SABOURIN 1888-1969

SABOURIN Mose - Mary

Mosie ARCAN d. Oct. 16, 1909 age 17 yrs;
Francis ARCAND died Jan. 24, 1922 age 69 yrs; his wife
Elizabeth SABOURIN died Mar. 21, 1928 age 75 yrs

James F. SABOURIN 1862-1921; his wife
Norah S. ARCAND 1875-1938; their children; Irene SABOURIND 1907-1915;
Wilfred SABOURIN 1910-1926; Lorne D. SABOURIN 1899-1986

John A. SABOURIN died July 14, 1924 age 72 yrs; J. E. SABOURIN died Dec. 8, 1890 agr 65 yrs; Emily wife of J. E. SABOURIN died Nov. 6, 1906 age 77 yrs

Andreew SABOURIN born Oct. 22, 1855 died Jan. 6, 1940;
Margaret SAUVIA wife of Andrew SABOURIN died Nov. 5, 1897 aged 34 years

Matthew (listed under RIVETT above)

Denis ST. AMAND 1867-1953; his wife
Rose Ann SABOURIN 1874-1913; Leonard ST. AMAND 1903-1980; his wife
Cecile ARCAND 1912-1987

Michael ARCAND 1890-1962; his wife
Rose SABOURIN 1898-1970

Margaret SABOURIN 1886-1956;
Della SABOURIN 1894-1973

A. Domonick SABOURIN 1899-1963

F. Matthew ARCAND 1883-1990; his wife
Mary E. SABOURIN 1887-1959; their children
Dorothy M. 1914-1921;
J. Erwin 1922-1941

Francis ARCAND 1882-1963;
Honora SABOURIN 1884-1959


Michael VALCOUR died Sept. 25, 1919 aged 55 or 85 yrs (break in stone); his wife
Margaret Ann STEWART died Feb. 21, 1936 aged 78 yrs

Alfred ARCAND 1887-1962; his wife
Ida A. VALCOUR 1892-1977

Hope this helps.

Re: Rivett, Sabourin, Valcour Buried at Holy Cross

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It anyone is interested, I have photographs of some of the grave stones (mostly Sabourin/St.Amand)

Re: Rivett, Sabourin, Valcour Buried at Holy Cross

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Surnames: Researching Rivett, Sabourin, Valcour
This is Karin's sister. thanks for posting the cemetery information for us. We appreciate any help we can get. This summer, we are planning on visiting Kemptville and the surrounding areas - cemeterys, countryside, churches, etc.
We are hoping to find some valuable information on this elusive connection to our family, on our mother's side. We have come to a big brick wall right now. Thanks for sharing what you have.

Sabourin's at St. Mark's Cemetery - Prescott

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Hi Karin and Sandie,

I also have a listing of the "residents" of St. Mark's Roman Catholic Cemetery in Prescott (think I should get a life?). There are only listings for Sabourin's, but none of the other names listed in your quest.

The Sabourin listings are as follows:

Gaspard Leblanc 1900-1969
His wife Florette Sabourin 1907-1964

Aledge Sabourin 1903-1968
Sone epouse
Jeanne Major 1913-1982

Clifford C. Preston May 16, 1918-
His wife Beatrice A. Sabourin July 11, 1917 - Feb. 12, 1995

Evariste Sabourin 1888-1964
His wife Mathilda Sequin 1883-1978

Happy hunting,


Re: Sabourin's at St. Mark's Cemetery - Prescott

Anne (View posts)
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Surnames: Belgard
Would it be possible to check for any Belgards buried in St Mark's Cemetery. Antoine died in February 1884. Wife was Lucinda Pratt. A child, Sophia was baptized in 1847.

Re: Sabourin's at St. Mark's Cemetery - Prescott

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Sorry Anne, there are no Belgard's listed, and the only Pratt is Edith G. Pratt 1913-1994, wife of Charles F. Black 1908-1976.
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