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Upgrading from a (Way) older version to a new version.

Upgrading from a (Way) older version to a new version.

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In 2005 we had a family reunion and use Family tree Maker (version 11) to document the data we got from family members. That version still works on that old PC, but the PC is getting unstable.

I would like to get the current version of Family Tree Maker and bring over my old data so I can update it with the happenings that have gone on since there. My older computer is not on a network, it's a stand alone.

My questions are:

Can I do that? If I purchased the newest version of Family Tree Maker, can I take the data from the old version and have the new version read the data correctly?

Will it read a back up? Or do I need to (can I) export the data and import the data in the new version?

Can I install the new version of Family Tree Maker, and the data, on an external hard drive so when I get my next PC, I won't have this problem again?

I don't need to search any on line databases, what version of Family tree Maker would you suggest?

Any help in this migration is appreciated.


Mark Hansen

Re: Upgrading from a (Way) older version to a new version.

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Save your .FTW file created by FTM 11 onto a CD or USB memory stick

Load FTM 2012 onto your new computer and register it

Using WIndows Explorer create a folder on your new computer and copy your .FTW file from FTM 11 to it from your USB/CD

Open FTM 2012

In the Plan view click on New tree

Select the option import from an existing file

Navigate to where you have copied your .FTW file from FTM 11

Select it and click Next

FTM 2012 will do the rest

It is likely that once you get the file into FTM 2012 you will have to do some work on your places but there are good tools to do this

Also as you may be new to FTM 2012 have a look at the Help built in Tutorials

John D

Re: Upgrading from a (Way) older version to a new version.

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If you have FTM 11 with the old database format prior to the change follow the previous instructions. To be safe you may wish to add the FBK file

I don't know about FTM 11 (assume you mean FTM 2011), but to move the complete file for FTM 2012 you need a couple of more files. I believe at a minimum you will need these file:

My Family.FTM
My Family.ftmb
My Family.ftm.bkup
My Family_AutoBackup.ftmb

and most importantly copy the "My Family Media" folder and all of the files it contains.

If you have a lot of external media connected to the database, you will need to find and transfer all of these files to your new computer.

("My Family" should be replaced by what ever you call your file.)

Again assuming you are talking about FTM 2011, that would indicate your computer is no more that five or six years old.

If so the computer should have an IEEE port which can be connected directly to your router or the new computer. These cables are not expensive and would save a lot of time. This would allow you to easily copy the contents of the old computer to your new computer. You would set it up using one of the windows wizards.

When you have everything transferred the connection can be easily remove from the new computer. (I would leave it in place for a while, because as you use the new computer you may find there is more you will want from the old computer.)

Re: Upgrading from a (Way) older version to a new version.

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If you still have trouble opening it in FTM 2012, See this help article.
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