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All names database

All names database

Posted: 1372343595000
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I am compiling a "All names database" of the families of a small mining town cemetery.
Is there a way of displaying in the name index, and on reports and chart those that are buried in the cemetery?

Some type of hi-lighting would be great!

I am running FTM 2012

Re: All names database

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Classification: Query
Edited: 1372352481000
At the bottom of the index is a "Filter" button.

You can Filter for ascendants, descendants, but also under the "Filter in" option, you can filter for various dates or text strings in different fields.

In your case, you could:

Filter In
Other Facts
Burial Fact - Place or Description > contains > text string.


Since a lot of these people won't be related to each other, I would think only reports that offer this filter would work, for example: the Custom Report.

All Charts, except for one, depict ancestors or descendans of a person - except for the Extended Family Chart.

In the Publish Workspace, select Charts, then the Extended Family Chart, then check the box for "Including Everyone in this File".

Re: All names database

Posted: 1372356825000
Classification: Query

An interesting project. Silverfox’s answer for reports and charts should give you what you want.

If you want to get fancy with a chart I tried this.

Enter all individuals as Unrelated individuals
Add a Burial fact with only Row and Plot number in the place field. Make sure this is the last item included in the chart. If you also want to include burial dates add two burial facts, one with the date and one with just the row and plot number, no date. Select Burial Options for the burial fact to turn off the option to include only preferred facts. This will allow both burial facts to be included with the one with row and plot last.
When you create an extended family chart each person will be in a box with no links to any other box. You can now move the boxes around to create a map of the cemetery showing where each person is buried.

This may involve extra work but would make a great chart.


Re: All names database

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For visibility in the index, possibly not ideal, but you could put an identifier in the suffix field, if you have not already used it for generational identifiers. Perhaps a 3-letter ALL CAPS abbreviation for the cemetery, to increase visibility?

Re: All names database

Posted: 1372377790000
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Thanks for ALL of your input from all of you.

What I ended up doing is adding a "*" to the end of the surname of each person buried at the cemetery. This moves the flagged person to the top of the surname grouping, and will appear in all reports and charts. It does NOT interfere with the searching for hints.
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