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Divorce Tag not being reported

Divorce Tag not being reported

Posted: 1372179279000
Classification: Query
FTM 2012 is not reporting the divorce tag. I have a divorce tag set as preferred for both parties. However, when I run a report, with the divorce tag added to the report options, the only thing I get is the marriage date.
"X married Y on date", No divorce information.

This worked with the previous version, what has changed?

Re: Divorce Tag not being reported

Posted: 1372186941000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1372187564000
Just where are you looking for the divorce information to show?

I don't know what you mean by "Divorce tag". I'm not aware of FTM using "tags" at all. I know of three places where one can insert divorce info in FTM:

1) Person Page > Relationship View > Relationship Married, status divorced. I have not found where using this "feature" of FTM has any effect on any screen (except this one) or report; which makes it useless in my view. This relationship and status only needs to be added to one of the persons for both of the persons involved.

2) Add the Divorce Fact, which is a shared fact, like the Marriage fact. This Fact is not presented in Genealogy (Register Narrative) Reports as part of the first paragraph of a person - but rather, in the list of all other facts in the "More About" Section for the couple, which is after the "More About" Section for each of the two individuals. The Facts in the "More About" sections can be 1) listed in a list format or 2) presented in paragraph form - check or uncheck "List non-vital Facts separately" box.

Note - You have to add the "Divorce" Fact to the list of facts to be included in the report under "Items to include".

Note - if you have selected this option and selected the Global Box for showing Preferred Facts, you will want to uncheck the box for "Include only preferred facts" in the individual options for that specific fact. Otherwise, only the "preferred" divorce will print.

3) Add a text string in the Description field of the Marriage Fact of the couple. For instance, if you have a couple showing a Marriage Fact of Married 1900 in Chicago, IL and add description "Divorced in 1920". You will get the following in the first paragraph of a Genealogy (Register Narrative) Report:

"He married Jane Doe, daughter of Bob and Susan Brett in 1900 in Chicago, Illinois, USA (Divorced 1920 in New York City)

You say that what you are looking for has been in prior versions. I don't recall any prior version having any different capability for handling divorces.

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