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Hi guys, looking for family, Peter Aumonson his daughter Carrie Nordin, American name, born June 6, 1866 husband Peter Nordin. His daughter and Carries (maybe) sister married in U.S.also, and I think her name was Anna Aasland, also see it spelled Assland. but her birth date is 1901, to many years apart???
Does anyone have any info at all about siblings of Carrie, and maybe this Anna...
Thank you and all help won't go in vain. Appreciate it all....

Re: Aumonson

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A little more info is needed to trace this family.

I see that Carrie and Peter Nordin lived in Gladstone, North Dakota. Where did Peter Aumonson live? What year was he born? What was his wife's Name? Did the family arrive in the US together? One census says Carrie arrived in 1888 - another says in 1898. Do you know which year is correct?

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Yes, anyone who tries to help you will have the same questions as Brian. Best to tell everything you can about Carrie. I'm curious why you see a connection to Anna Aasland. And here's a link with some helpful information on how to write a solid query.

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Sorry guys, sometimes we only have a bit of into to give but will try a bit harder.... Peter Aumonson was living and died in Sweden, I assume. He is listed on the death cert. as Carrie S. Nordin's father and I can't read the mothers maiden name. J-something. Mothers birthplace maybe Soverson? Can't read that real well either. don't have any birth years of these parents. According to Carrie's obit, she came to America 1896.
Her obit says she had a sister, Mr. Albert Aasland, also spelled Assland so found what I believed to be their grave on find a grave, Alberts wife was on the stone, Anna buried in N.Dak. I can't give anymore, just don't have the information... I'm always grateful for those that help me out tho'...Don't get me wrong.... Thanks....

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Thanks. Do you have the marriage record for Carrie and Peter? It should tell her parents' names. In addition please type up the obit and post it and if you possibly can scan the death certificate and post it so that others can help you decipher the handwriting. Re. Carrie's father, he's probably Norwegian not Swedish. Re. Albert Aasland there's more than one; was there a reason you picked the Albert and Anna couple? Below is some starter information

1900 US Census - I don't have Peter OR Carrie located in 1900. If you have Peter's location, Carrie could be nearby, so do share that info. If you have Carrie's location, by all means tell us.

Peter A. Nordin and Carrie Nordin traveled to Sweden and home again in January 1910. Details of their travels (whether or no they also went to Norway) not known.

1910 US census
Gladstone, La Moure, North Dakota
Peter A Nordin 42 born about 1868 Sweden, number of years married 6, to USA 1888, NA
Carry Nordin 43 born about 1867 Norway, to USA 1898
John Schuck 23 laborer

1915 North Dakota state census
Petra Petterson is living with Peter and Carrie

1920 US census
Gladstone, La Moure, North Dakota
Peder Nordin 52 born about 1868 Sweden, to USA 1888
Carrie Nordin 53 born about 1867 Norway to USA 1898
Hugo Wallen 18 adopted son b abt 1902 North Dakota parents b Sweden
Beda Wallen 16 adopted daughter b abt 1904 North Dakota parents b Sweden

1925 North Dakota state census
Peter A Nordin 57
Kary Nordin 58
Beda D. Wallen 21

Gladstone, LaMoure, North Dakota
Peter A Nordin 62 born about 1868 Sweden, to USA 1888, PA (citizenship pending - sic)
Carrie Nordin 63 born about 1867 Norway, to USA 1898, NA (naturalized US citizen)
Beda Wallin 26 NIECE born in Sweden
[Carrie's immigration year transcribed as 1888 but handwriting looks like 1898]

Carrie died in 1959 and is buried in La Moure, North Dakota and noted as Carrie S. Nordin on Find a Grave:;

Social Security Death Index (seems to be the same Beda)
Name: Beda Wallin
SSN: ---
Last Residence: 58458 Lamoure, Lamoure, North Dakota, USA
Born: 12 Nov 1903
Died: 7 Apr 1996
State (Year) SSN issued: North Dakota (1968)

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Havin gotten more input, Aumonson, is believed to be Aumonson,Sweden, and not a last name... So all I have is so minimal, and with all the name changes that was done by the Swedish and Norwegians, this could be any body.....
I was hoping to find this Albert and Anna but found only the head stones on Billion Graves. com and that is where I was going from on those 2 people.... I'll do the attachment and see what people think of what they can see. I think it was written in pencil and is kinda hard to read. Everyone, a BIG THANK YOU for all of your help. This is a puzzler...

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This is great - very very helpful that you posted this death record! Below is an attempt at reading the handwriting.

First though, I'm not sure what you mean by "Aumonson, is believed to be Aumonson, Sweden, and not a last name." The death record is very clear that Carrie was born in Norway and Carrie's father is Peter Aumonson. Peter is his first name, Aumonson is his patronymic name. In the USA the patronymic name would be called a last name or surname. In Norway another name might come after Aumonson. It's not a permanent part of the person's name though. That third name is a place name, often called an address name. It tells where the person lives. When the person moves, the name changes. So yes, in Norway, Peter Aumonson's records might include yet another name after Aumonson. Is that what you meant when you said Aumonson is not a last name? Aumonson IS his last name in the sense that we Americans use the term "last name." You probably know all that and yet it might help some one else sometime.

(as an aside, I am privately suspecting the name might be Amundsen)

Okay, below is a try at reading the handwriting. Would be really great if others would also try reading this. As you say, it's hard to feel sure what the handwriting says.

Carrie Sofia Nordin [YAY! A MIDDLE NAME FOR CARRIE!]
Place of death: McCray Hospital, Valley City, Barnes, North Dakota
in hospital 13 days
in this community since 1955
Usual residence: La Moure county, N.D.
If foreign born, how long in USA? 1898
Sex: F
Color or race: W
Single, married, widowed, divorced: no answer/blank
Name of husband: Peter
Age of husband, if alive: no answer/blank
Birthdate of deceased: June 6, 1866
Age: 93 years, 2 months, 20 days
Birthplace: NORWAY
Usual occupation: housewife
Father's name: Peter Aumonson
Mother's maiden name: Janette Severson (?)
Informant's signature: no signature/blank
Burial, cremation, or removal: Burial
Place: High Prairie
Date: 8-30-59
Date of death: 8-26-1959
Doctor: J. P. Merritt, address: VC [Valley City]
Children: no answer/blank
Brothers and sisters: Mrs. Albert Aasland, 725 5th St St S.W.
Other relatives: Niece 1, nephew
Funeral held from: High Prairie
Day: Sunday, 2:30 pm (3:30 pm?)
Clergyman: Ernest Raam?
Pall bearers: Anton Nelson, Fred Johnson, XX? (can't read it), Garfield Anderson (LaXX?), Morris Olson, Ringvald Saarness (??)
Handwriting in the margin:
5553 [presumably a phone number]
--n Tcharge? [interment charge???]
Ray Johnson
of cemetery
1/2 m e
married July 29, 1903 [July 21? July 27?]
died Sept 1934 [presumably Peter Nordin's death date]

So this is why you chose the particular Anna Aasland - it's because she's in the same town where Carrie lived the last few years of her life. It could even be that the sister cared for Carrie in her last years. Did Carrie's niece and nephew (presumably the Wallins) share any stories or information about Carrie?

Can you get a hold of that marriage record from July 1903? I haven't searched this today but as I recall we didn't find it the other day online.

The more information you can gather in the USA, the better. Her immigration record, marriage record for her sister, obit for her sister, death record for her sister, etc. (I realize this is precisely what you are trying to do in this thread.) At the moment it's very tough to know where to begin looking in Norway, but with more records from the USA a clue as to the place might turn up. I'll return to helping with your search soon. Some of these records might not be online and might have to be requested (from the county, from the church, from a local volunteer in Valley City genealogy society, etc.)

Again thanks for posting this. All best

Re: Aumonson

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Thank you for all of your help. Are you out of the U.S.A.? sounds like you might be.
All I have for marriage is the date, Peter Nordin, & Carrie, married July 1903. Info is from her obit.
Again, I keep repeating thank you, but THANKS.

Re: Aumonson

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O.k. I see that you mention, "we Americans", so you must be floating around the U.S. someplace... From all your great research, I thought maybe you were in Sweden, Norway, something like that....

Re: Aumonson

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You are welcome!

Do you have both an obituary AND the death record - two different records? If you do have an obit in addition to the death record for Carrie, would you type it up and post that please? Thanks.

About her marriage record - to obtain it (as you probably know) write to the county (probably La Moure county, North Dakota) with the day-month-year of marriage. There will probably be a small fee, so I suppose it depends how determined you are to find Carrie's parents and siblings....
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