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Find A Grave as a source

Find A Grave as a source

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I want to use a Find A Grave Memorial as a source of a death and burial fact. I see many examples of this as I use FTM 12 and the search functions on How do I accomplish this?

Re: Find A Grave as a source

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Find a Grave as a source should be rated very low. The information on the memorial is what some other genealogist has found or thinks he has found. If you are lucky the entry is for the people you want not some one with the same name.

There is one exception. If there is a photo of the tombstone the value of the information increases. But with all information, it should be verified. I have seen many errors on tombstones. My favorite is the first of the year error. This occurs in the first weeks of the new year. Every one has committed the error either when signing a check, or some other document.

When you give a date in the first couple weeks of the new year, the year given is likely to be last year. Example if the person died on Jan 10, 1900, the date may be recorded as Jan 10, 1899.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

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I appreciate that the facts need to be verified. However, I still want to link the memorial to an individual in my tree, How do I do it?

Re: Find A Grave as a source

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Are you seeing a hint from the FindAGrave database or are you searching outside of the FTM interface?

Linking from the first is easy. Linking from the second takes a little more work, but is still easy.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

Posted: 1371783378000
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I have created the memorials including photos of the grave makers and want to link them to the respective persons in my tree. They are not a hint within the FTM interface.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

Posted: 1371785566000
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If you have created the memorials recently, then they will not show up as a hint. That databases is refreshed fairly frequently, but new memorials do not appear immediately.

You create a source for the FindAGrave memorial in the same manner that you do for any external source.

It is essential to remember that links to the FindAGrave database are CASE SENSITIVE.

The link to any memorial is

with the xxxxxxx being replaced by the memorial number of the individual.

To link a source citation to a fact
Click Sources, then click the Links tab.

Click Add a new Source link . The Link To dialog box opens.

Type the name of the person to locate the person in the list.

Select the fact you want to link the source to.

When you have finished, click OK. The person and fact (if you linked to a fact) are displayed in the Links list. The link is designated with a fact icon.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

Posted: 1371785739000
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I use the Web Clipping tool and merge it in.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

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Edited: 1371790815000
There are probably several ways to accomplish your goal. This is what I do.

I have a Source called: I put no other info in the source, because I consider the author, publisher, repository, etc, to all be the same entity, ie

After adding the burial and death facts (and name and birth, if I don't have already) to the person, I will create a citation. For example:

I have a joint stone for a couple. For the husband, I will create a citation for one of the facts to be:

Source: Find-A-Grave
Citation Detail: FAG 27524673
Citation Text: Readable photo of joint stone "Zachariah Hallock, 01/23/1849-12/06/1895", Carrie J Terry, 04/08/1852-06/30/1935".

I then select that citation and click on the Copy button in the Citation button bar. I then move to Name, birth, burial, and death facts and New Button - Paste LINK (not duplicate) to each for the husband.

I then move on to the wife and New Button - Paste DUPLICATE (not Link) to one of the facts for the wife.

I now replace the husband's FAG number with the wife's and have a citation that is:

Citation Detail: FAG 27524690
Citation Text: Readable photo of joint stone "Zachariah Hallock, 01/23/1849-12/06/1895", Carrie J Terry, 04/08/1852-06/30/1935".

Once that citation is setup for the wife, I copy it (through the button on the button bar) and New Button - PASTE LINK this citation to the wife's name, birth, death, and burial facts.

I never download photos from Find-A-Grave because some people are so sensitive and because so many are simply unreadable.

The Memorial for the above citations are at:;;


Also, if there is no photo - or if the one there is unreadable, I use the info the memorialist entered in the FAG form and use something like:

No photo. Webtext "James Jones, died 06/01/1850, age 50"

The word "webtext" means, to me, that I didn't get the info from an inscription on the headstone, but from someone's entry into a FAG form.

Re: Find A Grave as a source

Posted: 1371825322000
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I do not use Find a Grave as a source, but add the link to while in the Family View. There is a "Blue" globe between the Notes and Tasks icons which is a "Links icon. This was added in version works well.
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