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Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

Margaret A ClarkPrice (View posts)
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Hello to Mary Cross - message #38

George Ironside Clark married Catherine Greyeyes, a Huron (Wyandot) woman. George's parents were Thomas Alexander Clarke and Mary Brown, dgtr of Chief Adam Brown of the Huron people. Thomas Alexander Clarke was the son of John Clarke and Elizabeth McKee, sister to Thomas Alexander McKee of Canadian fame. (John Clarke's other marriage was to Elizabeth McKenzie and they had John Kinzie Clark who married Madaline Mirandeau, an Indian woman. John Kinzie Clark had siblings: Elizabeth Clark who married a John Clark; Andrew Clark who died with Tecumseh in 1813 at River Thams; Sarah Clark (possible Andrew's twin).

George Ironside Clark and Catherine Greyeyes had Richard W. Clark who married Elizabeth Brown Garrett. Richard and Elizabeth had Hiram Northrup Clark who married Amelia Madeline Riegert. Hiram and Amelia had Richard Charles Clark, my father.

George Ironside Clark had quite a few brothers, namely:

Isaac, Joseph, Alexander, James, Thomas, William and Peter Dooyentate

I hope some fo this helps you in your searching. I have years of research on the above and would be glad to help if possible.

In the meantime, I am still searching for the original John Clarke who married Elizabeth McKee. I have been unable to find any death, marriage or birth records. He was supposedly married in Pennsylvania (Path Valley area) and died in Pennsylvania.

I too am searching???? :)

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

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I was interested in Indian women name Mirandeau. I have ancestors by the name Moranda or Morande and found this name is WIsconsin history. It talks about a French Canadian named Maronda [Mirandeau] having a Ottawa wife and 3 to 4 children. Maybe your Mirandeau was one of them. This was in 1798. I would assume kids were small then. So do you have any other information on her brothers or sisters? My gr grandmother Bertha Maronda was born 1868 in West Prussia [ her marriage application in Wisconsin said that on it.] She came to states in 1888, her dad was named as Karl Maranda on wedding application. Thanks Ck

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

Lana Troy (View posts)
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I am trying to confirm some background with regards to a (Thomas) Alexander Clarke (abt 1820-1876). He belonged to the Wyandot tribe, living at Anderdon. His father is said to have been Thomas Alexander Clarke, nephew of Alexander McKee. As far as I can tell he was the son of Elizabeth McKee and John Clarke. The younger Alexander married Catherine Clark (1821-1857) of Scots-French background. She had a sister Mary who may have married someone from the Wyandot tribe. Can this be confirmed?
With thanks for any reply and additional background.

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

Margaret A Clark-Price (View posts)
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Dear Cynthia:

The only informatin I have on Mirandeau comes from Alan Eckert, author. His books show two sistrs Victorie and Madaline Mirandeau... parents? Victorie married Joseph Porthier. Madaline Mirandeau (An Indian woman) married John Kinzie Clark (parents John Clarke and Elizabeth McKenzie) John Kinzie Clark was born 1782 and died 1865. They had a daughter, Kinzie Clark. (Isaac or Moredock McKenzie was the father of Elizabeth who married John Clarke) This is the John Clarke from whom I am descended. He married a second time ? an Elizabeth McKee, sister to Colonel Thomas Alexander McKee of Canadian fame.

John Kinzie Clark

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Surnames: Clark McKenzie Mckinzie Kinzie
Which Clark are you decended from... John Kinzie Clark? son of Elizabeth Mckenzie and Trader Clark?
I do have some information on him. He was married several times.

Re: John Kinzie Clark

Verda Clark/Washington (View posts)
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This John Clark died in 1865?? Where did he die? And did he happen to pass thru Gallia County, Ohio????

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

Mary Cross (View posts)
Posted: 1096691758000
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Surnames: Clark/Clarke
Dear Margaret,
I don`t know if you ever found the John Clark you were looking for but I believe I may have found it for you, in "Indian Blood" vol.1 by Richard Pangburn pg. 134--140 6 pgs!

CLARK (a common source of Indian Blood traditions. Draper inquired about JOHN CLARK near Essex, Ontario. He lived within the vicinity of Chicago, when it was sort of Potawatomi headquarters in earlier years. Some full brothers spoke of JOHN CLARK as a half brother of theirs & called him Yankee John. "My grandfather`s name was Thomas Alexander Clarke & was born within the vicinity of Harrisburg, Pa. When he was about 18 yrs. of age, he came to his uncle (his mother`s brother), Col. Alexander McKee at Detroit who took him in as a sub-agent in the Indian Dept. He was a British militia captain in the Battle Mad Anthony Wayne fought with the tribes at the Maumee rapids some 16 miles above Toledo. He was taken prisioner at the seige at Ft. Meigs while scouting with some Indians. My father died died here in Canada in March, 1840 at age 76."

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

judy ripp (View posts)
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Do you know anything about a ? Morande that married a Margaret Kirchen. She was born around Madison WI Oct. 6, 1903 Thanks Judy

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

cynthia koehler (View posts)
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Surnames: morande
Sorry I dont. But if I ever find one I will let you know. Do you know anything else about the Morande? Cindy

Re: Wyandot, Shawnee people and Clarks

judy ripp (View posts)
Posted: 1097528473000
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Sorry I do not. Thanks for replying. judy
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