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Joseph Beno LaFreniere

Joseph Beno LaFreniere

Carol F. LaFreniere Mathre (View posts)
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Looking for relatives of Joseph Beno LaFriniere, my grandfather. He came to Minnesota via Prince Albert Ontario. He had a brother Louis and I believe his father's name was Charles. Anybody out ther recognize these names? He was born in the late 1800's.

Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

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Surnames: Lafrenier, Sharbono

I'm not sure if we're on the same track or not because I never knew that Joseph's middle name was Beno; although it makes sense when one knows that one of his son's given name was William but he was known in the family as Benny.

This is what I know of the Joseph LaFriniere in my family:

I first found him in the 1870 census the only child of John and Madeline Lafrinier (I'm doing this from memory) and they lived in the area that was later to be White Earth Indian Reservation. Madeline Saice Lafrinier was a half-breed Chippewa (Turtle Mountain Pembina Band - later attached to the White Earth Reservation. He father was Joseph Saice and her mother was Louisa LaRussette or Russette. Joseph's father was Joseph Saice, his mother was Mary and he had a brother, Charles, and a sister, Annie. The Saice families on White Earth Reservation are descended from these two men.

I do not know where John Lafrenier came from but on several of his children's death certificates Trois Riveres, Canada is given as his place of origin. I know nothing of his family and he deserted his family and went to northern Alberta, Canada in the late 1800's.

Joseph was the eldest child of this union. Other children were Mary (Starkey), John, Charles, Louis (actually Aloysius), Antoine (my grandfather), Nora (Lindstrom and Hogquist) and Julia (died in early childhood). I have obituaries for all the children except Julia as well as for Madeline (Bettner - the name of her second husband). I also have copies of the death certificates for these people (except for Julia).

I believe that Joseph married Josephine Sharbono (this is the way most of her family spells the name although there are a few exceptions) in 1901. Josephine had been married previously to a William Duncan McDougal and had a son (James) from that marriage. James died the same time as Josephine and Vernie Lafrinier during the flu epidemic of 1918. Joe's brother, John, died during this epidemic also.

To the best of my knowledge Pitchie (or Ernest) is the only surviving child of Joe and Josephine. Grace, the widow of Benny (or William) is still living also. And numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. I have obituaries for most of the sons and for Toots.

As to the Sharbono side I have good information, also on the Saice family and the DeMarre family. I'm still trying to find the clues to further study on the Lafrinier family. In the family the name is spelled many different ways - Lafrinier, Lafriniere, LaFreniere, LaFrenierre - these I know for sure and there are most likely a few others. One learns to keep an open mind on spelling, dates, family lore, etc. I'm really curious as to this Ontario connection as I've never heard of it before and would like to check it out.

If this is helpful to you let me know and maybe we can solve some mysteries together.


Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

Carol F. LaFreniere Mathre (View posts)
Posted: 996536859000
Surnames: LaFriniere
Thank you for the information. It was very helpful and interesting. I've talked with my older sister,Marge Roy, and she definately remembers Grandpa telling her he was born in Prince Albert, Canada (Sascatchawan) sp.? She also remembers your grandfather,Antoine, coming to visit Grandpa when she was little. She said he looked a lot like Grandpa Joe, only younger. My sister's and I are taking a week-end vacation to Southern Mn. Aug.3-5, and I will bring the info along and see what memories resurface and will forward any info I obtain. Ernest LaFriniere is still living and I believe his address is Bagley, Mn. He is the only living child of Joe and Josephine. Thanks again for the valuable information.

Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

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I'm so happy you're still interested as we are doubly related and should be able to share a lot of information. My grandmother, Agnes Sharbono LaFreniere, was a sister to your grandmother, Josephine Sharbono LaFreniere. Your sister is right, Joe and Antoine looked very much alike. When Joe came to my grandfather's funeral, my mother, Lucille, broke down when she saw him because of the similarity. I remember him and remember how much he looked like my grandpa even though I was only 13 at the time.

I have a few questions that you may be able to help me with.
Do you have any information about Josephine's first husband, William MacDougall? Does anyone have any idea where John LaFreniere went when he deserted Madeline and the children? I know he went to the same place that Albert Sharbono, Jr. went and that at the time of Emily's death and Albert's death his residence was given as Plomondon, Alberta, Canada. And were you raised on the ghost stories surrounding the deaths of Josephine, Jimmy and Vernie? My grandma used to scare the hell out of me with those stories!
Who's daughter are you? Is Melody yoursister? I met her about fifteen years ago when she was working for the tribe in education. Enough for now as I know you must be busy getting ready for the weekend. With my questions and the information I gave you it could be interesting; I can hardly wait to hear from you.

Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

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Hi. I have only recently been able to get back in here. I read with interest the information you have. I am, however, wondering if the marriage date of Joseph and Josephine (1901) is correct. I question this only because I know that my grandfather, Ben, (William) was born in June of 1900. I have been in close contact with a cousin, Joe (named after his great-grandfather, Joe). He has been questioning his mother Carrie about his grandparents. Maybe he will find out something more. If so, I will be happy to pop back in and share it.

Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

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Surnames: LaFrinier, Sharbono
Hi Tracy,

Here is what I have on the marriage and children of Joseph and Josephine LaFrinier:

Joseph LaFrinier - B. January 13, 1878
D. July 20, 1864
M. 1899

Josephine Sharbono - B. 1880
D. October 29, 1918

William (Ben W.) - B. June 12, 1900
D. July 3, 1977
M. June 6, 1921 to
Grace Gilbertson

Emily (Toots) - B. October 39, 1902
D. September 12, 1997
M. July 3, 1921 to Carl Saeland

Lawrence Theodore (Ted) - B. January 17, 1904
D. December 31, 1951
M. October 17, 1926 to
Lillian Enmark

Joseph - B. August 29, 1905
D. November 11, 1972
M. July 11, 1932 to Mary Chmelar

Floyd - B. June 10, 1909
D. May 4, 1992
M. September 9, 1937 to Gertrude Spicer

LaVerne - B. March 29, 1911
D. October 29, 1918

Arnold Ernest "Pitchie" - B. 1914
M. August 14, 1938 to
Inga Hagen

Wilfred A. - B. January 11, 1915
D. February 4, 1972
M. September 11, 1938 to Eulalia Brisbois

Bertrum - B. February 14, 1917
D. July 26, 1934

There is also James McDougall, Josephine's son with Duncan William MacDougall. He was born
July 27, 1898 and died October 30, 1918 during the flu epidemic along with his mother and LaVerne. I am not sure if there was a legal marriage between Josephine and Duncan and so far I do not have an exact month and day for the marriage of Joseph and Josephine. Interestingly enough, Josephine's Death Certificate is in the name of Josehpine Sharbono! I don't know why this would be.

If you have any more questions I can help with, just message me.


Re: Joseph Beno LaFreniere

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Surnames: saice
Hi there....I am married to lonnie saice, son of richard saice whom was raised on the white earth indian reservation, in MN. We are looking for any information on his family ties. We are aware of family living in Mahnomen, also...but would love to start a family tree of sorts. if you can help me...feel free to email me!

kim saice
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