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Gideon Newsome

Gideon Newsome

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Surnames: Newsome, Hinton, Humphries, Young
Taylor County GA
Will of Gideon Newsome

In the name of God Amen.
I, Gideon Newsome, of said state and county being of advanced age but of sound
mind and ______
knowing that I must shortly depart this life deem it right and proper as respects
myself that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind providence
has blessed me. I do therefore make this my last will and testament hereby revoking
and annulling all others by myself before made and I desire and direct that my body
be buried in a decent and Christian like manner suitable to my __ circumstances and
condition in life . My soul I m___shall return to rest with God who gave it as I hope for
salvation through the merits and atonement of the Blessed Lord and Savior Jesus

Secondly, I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by my
executors herein after named and appointed.

Thirdly I give, bequeath devise Effian Humphries one lot of land No three hundred
and one (301), the North half of lot of land No two hundred and ninety seven (297)
ten acres where my gin house, cotton sc____ and Negro houses now stand of lot of
land three hundred and two (302) and that potion of lot of land No two hundred and
Six (206) that lies east of the road running from Corbin's Ferry to Reynolds containing
fifteen acres more or less during her natural life and not to be subject to any contract
of her present husband or any future husband and at her death to be equally divided
among her children.

Fourthly, I give and bequeath to Dubose Humphries fractional lot of land No two
hundred and ninety two (292)
eighty five (85) acres of the south half of lot land No two hundred and ninety six the
south half lot of land No two hundred and ninety seven (297)fractional lot of land No
two hundred and eight (208) fraction of land No two hundred and ninety nine (299)
and the following Negroes viz
Rachel, a woman forty years old
Rebecca, a woman eighteen years old
Mary a woman sixteen years old and child Green a boy three months old.
Iverson a boy fourteen years old
Francis a girl twelve years old
Curtis a boy ten years
Luener a girl eight years old
Hanna a girl six years old
Effian, a girl two years
Froyd a man thirty six years old
Neson, a man ninety five years old
Scharlott, a woman seventy five years old

Three mules, viz Jack, Mike and Slip
Three Plow stocks fil out and
three sets of geese, ten head of pork hogs of medium size, twelve head of stock pigs
to board sows om ____in the November five hundred bushels of corn, four thousand
pounds of fodder, the pork hogs to be fattened off the corn belonging to my estate.

Fifthly, I will and devise that Marshall Newsome, all the benefit of the woodland land
mentioned in item four for the use of timber or cultivation during his natural life and at
his death return back the said Dubose Humphries.

Sixthly, I will and devise if the said Dubose should die under twenty one years of age
or should marry and leave no children all the property I willed and given to the said
Dubose Humphries one half shall revert back to my brothers and sisters and children
then living. The other half to be equally divided among the brothers and sisters of the
said Dubose Humphries by his mother's side

Seventh, I will and bequeath to my sister, Penelope Hinton and her daughter,
Elizabeth Hinton lot of land No Three Hundred and two except the ten acres where on
my gin house and Negro houses now stand mentioned in item third. One hundred
acres more or less of lot of land two hundred ninety six (296) being that portion of lot
not other wise disposed of. Said lands to be equally divided between them according
to value the land bequeathed to my sister and daughter, Elizabeth to be appraised by
the appraisers of my estate and the value of said land to be taken from the
distribution share of the said Penelope Hinton and at the death of my sister, Penelope
Hinton the property given by me to her to be equally divided among her children.
Christopher Hinton excepted because he has deserted his country and is gone to our
enemy and Christopher shall not inherit any portion of the property that I have given
to Elizabeth Hinton, my sister and her daughter, Elizabeth to be supported from my
provisions until a division of my estate.

Eighth I will and desire that my sister, Jensy Young reserve one thousand dollars
more than an equal share of my estate not other wise disposed of in the common
currency at the division of my estate.

Ninth, I will and so desire my saddle horse and buggy, my watch, my interest in the
household and kitchen furniture to remain in the possession of Marshal Newsome
during his natural life and at his death to belong to Dubose Humphries.

Tenth, I will and desire that Elizabeth Hinton receive one third of the distribution share
of my sister, Penelope Hinton at the division of my estate.

Eleventh, I will and desire that the remaining portion, Negroes, Land and all other
property of my estate not otherwise disposed of shall be sold by my executors
hereinafter named and divided equally into five shares. One share to be equally
divided among the children of my brother, Henry Newsom living at the distribution of
my estate. One share to be equally divided among the children of my brother, Silas
Newsom that my be living at the division of my estate. I so order that the said Silas
Newsom is dead at the division of my estate, one share to be divided among the
children of my brother John Newsom that may be living at the division of my estate.
Two thirds of one equal share to my sister Penelope Hinton.
One equal share to my sister, Jensy Young.

Twelfth, I hereby continue and appoint my friends, T.D. Humphries and Robert B.
Barefield, Executors of this my last will and testament.

Thirteenth, I hereby constitute and appoint my friend, T.D. Humphries a trustee for his
wife, Effian Humphries and also guardian for Dubose Humphries this 2nd May 1864.
Interlined before signed Gideon Newsome

Signed, sealed and declared an published by Gideon Newsome as his last will and
testament in the presents of us the undersigned who subscribed our names here to in
the present of said testators at his especial instance request and in the presence of
each other this May the 2nd 1864.
P. Glover, C.M. Lucas, B. Ingram

Taylor Court of Ordinary. Sept term 1864
The will of Gideon Newsom being pronounced in open court by the executors who
has petitioned to the court prove the same and the witness to the said will Bryant
Ingram, C.M. Lucas and J.P. Glover, the following oath endorsed on said will Sept
term 1865. Taylor Court of Ordinary came in to open court. Bryant Ingram, C.M.
Lucas, J.P. Glover and being duly sworn disposed that they saw Gideon Newsom
sign and publish the within and foregoing as his last will testament while of sound
mind that they witnessed the same for him at his request and in his presence and of
each other and that the same was executed voluntarily by him on the day it purports
to have been executed sworn to an subscribed before me this Sept 5, 1865.
B. Ingram, J.P. Glover, C.M. Lucas.
J.J. Huff, Ordinary

GA Taylor County Court of Ordinary Sept term 1865 is ordered by the court that the
will be admitted to record as satisfactory proven in common form of law and that
letters testamentary issued T.D. Humphries, and R.B. Barfield, the Executors. J.J.
Huff, Ordinary.

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Classification: Will
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Surnames: James Hinton
Thank you for posting the will of Gideon Newsome,who was the brother of Penelope Newsome Hinton. Penelope was the wife of James Hinton, and they were my GGGGrand parents. Thank you. Lillian
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