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Death Record

Death Record

Posted: 1372396665000
Classification: Query
Surnames: Von Eitzen
Would love some help with a death record this time. This should be for my 7th great-grandmother. I think it says Ellen Jesdotter wife of Berthel Von Eitzen age 72 died or buried January 13th. Does it mention which church or cemetery she was buried in?

Re: Death Record

Posted: 1372420464000
Classification: Query
Is that a clip from one of the scanned images at Digitalarkivet? If so, it would be better to give us a working URL link to the actual webpage.

When you've studied and used the instructions and been able to find a scanned page on the Digitalarkivet that you'd like to capture as a URL to share with someone else or save for your family history documentation - just copying the URL that your browser shows will NOT provide a working link for longer than about 1/2 an hour -- it only works very temporarily.

Working direct links to the scanned images on the Digitalarkivet can be copied and pasted from the desired page from a display option available. At the top of the scanned image page is an option labeled "Bildeinformasjon:" [Norwegian version]/"Image Information"[English version] which is by default set to "Ingen" [Norwegian version]/"None" [English version]. Change that and magic is available. Of the three options I like "Øverst" [Norwegian version]/"On top" [English version] because it puts the additional information across the top of the page and is usually easier for me to see.

The first line "Kildeinformasjon:" [Norwegian version]/"Source information" [English version] is a really nice summary of the source of the information and is wonderful to have for making detailed source citations, footnotes, etc.

The second line "Permanent sidelenke:" [Norwegian version]/"Permanent pagelink" [English version] is the best line to capture if you want to save the exact URL location or share the actual scanned image and the source information. It allows the full capabilities for zooming in and out to best view the image and informs the recipient of the exact location, book and other details to be able to find WHERE you found the information.

The third line "Permanent bildelenke:" [Norwegian version]/"Permanent imagelink" [English version] is the best used to print a copy of the image or to save a copy of the image in a jpg format computer file. This line does NOT also capture the source information and therefore is NOT the best line to copy to share online when requesting help or assistance in deciphering the image found.

Re: Death Record

Posted: 1372503950000
Classification: Query
Edited: 1372504012000

Here is the church-book-page from Kristiansand.
Permanent sidelenke:
Permanent bildelenke:

Ellen was the widow of Berthel.


Re: Death Record

Posted: 1372649881000
Classification: Query
Thanks thoraway,
I couldn't find the permalink before, I'll be sure to include it if I need help again and thanks for the confirmation 4vivi.

I really appreciate the assistance!

Re: Death Record

Posted: 1372677802000
Classification: Query
It would have been expected that burial would have taken place in the cemetery of the church; probably adjacent to the church itself but that might not be true in a city location. I don't know.
In the record you found it appears to say
'begrav.... ... kirkegaarden' (or something like that on one line) -- I'd interpret that as the church yard. That handwriting is especially 'challenging' for my eyes.
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