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Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Surnames: Dahl, Dahle
Ole Amerson Dahle, wife Anna LNU, and young son Albert Olson Dahl immigrated to the U.S. between 1872-1875, according to different accounts. I have been unable to locate any of them on any passenger lists during this time. Ole Amerson Dahl was born May 1838 in Christiania, Norway (Now Oslo). Anna was born in Norway also, but we don't have any other information about her, because she passed away by July 1880. This is the date that Ole was found in the 1880 census in Winona, MS as a widower, and living alone. I could not find his son Albert in any 1880 census, although he would have been just 9 yrs old. Albert was born Oct 9, 1871 in Christiania, Norway. Albert as an adult lived his life in Memphis, TN. I have Ole's life documented after this time, when he remarried my gr-gr grandmother and had a large family. I am extremely curious as to our Norwegian heritage. I've wondered about this since I was a young girl. I've looked through Christiania, Norway records the best I could, but I cannot read the language, just had to use educated guesses from what I could decipher. Is there anyone out there that can help my family?

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Surnames: Dahl
Hi there, my husband is related to Dahls (from Swift Current area, maybe related? Parents were Jonetta & Helge Dahl.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Where did the information of the birthdates and the name 'Amerson' come from? What listed them as born in Oslo?

There is one person and only one listed in the 1865 Norwegian census with the name 'Amersen'. (We always search for the ending son OR the more expected sen in Norwegian records.) That one person's name is actually a census spelling mistake and he was actually 'Andersen'.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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What did Ole do for a living? perhaps his occupation can help locate him in Norway.

At least two US censuses list Albert as born in Sweden - not Norway.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Surnames: Dahl, Dahle
He was a carpenter in the 1880 census when he was located in Winona, MS. My aunt said that they had speculated he may have been a timber man, because she has not been able to find him in any emigration (from Norway) or immigration records to the U.S. She said that a lot of ppl from Norway came through Canada, because it was cheaper, and I noticed myself there sure was a lot of Dahl's up north. She said there was a lot of timber in Mississippi at the time, and he probably migrated to the area for work. I'm not sure how all of it is known, because my aunt has been doing the legwork for our family genealogy long before the internet, but she says he was born in Christiania, Norway, as was his oldest son Albert Olsen, and she insists his middle name was spelled like that, and not the other spelling that is primarily being used, Olson. She told me Norwegian naming patterns were different than they are here, and that at the time in 1871, Norway was actually a part of Sweden, thus in some of the records - many of them in fact, say they are from Sweden. I've read up on all this, and of course what she says lines up with what I'm reading. I've learned just a very little about the naming, like the -sen endings, or what have you, but I'm still a long way from really understanding them.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Surnames: Dahl, Dahle
Thank you very much. I will include that information in my next searches. Although I know very little about Norwegian geography at this time, I have read over and over that Christiana was changed to Oslo some time after the time of their births, and they included that in information we do have from census' or death certificates. How would I find this record you're speaking of, the 1865 census? I was overwhelmed with what I found on Ancestry, and when I did an internet search, I found Norwegian records which I could not decipher well enough to follow. As far as his name, I believe it is what is on his headstone and death certificate.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Norwegian censuses of 1910, 1900,1875 (1875 is only partially online), 1865 and 1801 are online as searchable databases. Two websites with different search functions and strengths can be used.

Tips on Using Digitalarkivet (
Norwegian census abbreviations (
Norwegian censuses on NHDC website, instructions included (
FamilySearch has a large number of Norwegian births and marriages indexed (

The BEST of the basics about tracking Norwegian ancestors -
Ancestors From Norway articles (

Help for translating many of your finds (
Making the Norwegian alphabet characters (

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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Yes Christiania/Kristiania = Oslo. My advice is NEVER consider a spelling to be definite or "correct".

I also searched through the databases of emigrants leaving from that port city and did not find your Albert.... in the 1870s which matched your information at all. There were of course many many Oles and Annas... too many. You will find the emigrant databases within the Digitalarkivet website.

You could also search through the church records of births/baptisms in the various congregations of Oslo at the time of Albert's birth or shortly thereafter. As Oslo was a fairly large city there were a number of different church congregations and their church records were kept in separate books. Those books are not indexed and you have to go through them page by page but scanning down a page of births/baptisms for the rather unusual name of Albert in the appropriate column of the page should be fairly straightforward for you.

The detail available in the extensive parish church records is a marvelous gift from Norway. The Digitalarkivet web site has been adding scanned images of the original Norwegian parish church records for anyone with Internet access since November 2005. To be able to use the parish records you must first know WHERE in Norway you want to search for this documentation.

The Digitalarkivet web site - (
An English option is available by clicking on that word from either the left hand column or the blue link bar along the bottom of the homepage.
The scanned images are available from the homepage link "Skanna kyrkjebøker" [Norwegian version]/"Digitised parish records" [English version] which is listed along the left hand column and from the blue banner of links along the top section of the homepage.
When you click on that link another page will present a short list of choices - choose "Read the digitized parish registers"[English version]/"Lesa skanna kykrebøker" [Norwegian version].
After you've clicked on that link and a new main page has presented on the screen be sure and read the instructions that are available from the Digitalarkivet for navigating the scanned records. The instructions are available in Bokmål (official Norwegian), Nyorsk (Norwegian), Davvisámegiella (Saami), and English.
Recommended basic reading are the "Startsiden" [Norwegian version]/"Main page" [English version], "Brukerveiledning" [Norwegian version]/"User's guide" [English version] and "Om tjenesten" [Norwegian version]/"About this service" [English version].

Good information about translating the formats of Norwegian parish church records during various time periods, many of the basic terms used and understanding how to use the information should be studied at this web site -

For the protection of privacy, there are limits for how recent records can be:

- Birth and baptism records up to and including 1929
- Confirmation records up to and including 1934
- Marriage and banns records - no limits
- Civil marriage up to and including 1950
- Death, burial and stillbirth records up to and including 1930
- Migration records - no limits
- Joins and leavings of the State Church up to and including 1950
- Records about dissenters up to and including 1950

If you cross these limits while browsing a register or a list, you will not see the digitised image, but a message informing you that the image cannot be displayed.

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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1880 US census:
Name: O.A. Dahle
Age: 40
Birth Year: abt 1840
Birthplace: Norway
Home in 1880: Winona, Montgomery, Mississippi
Race: White
Gender: Male
Relation to Head of House: Self (Head)
Marital Status: Widower
Father's Birthplace: Norway
Occupation: Carpenter
Household Members:
Name Age
O.A. Dahle 40

What source are you using for Ole's birth month and birth year?

I assume this is your Ole at findagrave, but it has his birth year as 1843:;

Son Albert O. Dahl's 1952 death certificate. Father: Oleo; mother: Anna.

I have found that the Norwegian name Engebret/Ingebrigt etc. was often Anglicized to "Albert" in the US.

Also, I agree with "Thoraway," that the patronymic name, Amerson/Amersen, is non-existent in Norway! More likely a spelling variation of Amundson/Ammonsen, etc.?

Re: Ole A Dahl, Wife Anna Dahl, and Albert Olson Dahl (Dahle)

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That is such great information, thank you both! And yes,those records are my Ole A. & Albert Olsen Dahl. Although it clearly states Ole's mother and father were born in Norway, it looks like the census taker wrote something like "Norrough" as Ole's place of birth in his 1880 census. I connected a marriage record to his profile in my tree as marrying an "Anna" Dahl in Lygen, Troms, Norway, just because it was the only record that came anywhere close to looking like it could be my information. I didn't want to lose the record. In the 1880 census, it also notes that he CAN read and write, whereas the others listed were unable to. I do not know if this could be a small hint towards his background. I have not seen the original marriage document for Ole and his second wife, Willie Mae Meredith. In the Ancestry information I have, it says they married Dec 1, 1881. We probably got his "Amerson" name from his headstone, as this is what is inscribed.
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