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Falaasen/Faldaasen, Aanes, Hedmark

Falaasen/Faldaasen, Aanes, Hedmark

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Surnames: Falaasen, Faldaasen, Christiansen, Christianson
My husband's ancestors came from a farm called Falaasen in Aasnes, Hedemarks Amt (Hedmark) traveling to Adams County, Wisconsin in 1871. I am currently trying to locate a bygdebok or other information from the Aasnes area to get more information on the family. I have immigration records and the 1865 Norwegian census data from the Digital Archives. Immigrant names include Christian Christiansen Falaasen, his wife Christiane, and their children Eliza and Otto Carl.
Thanks for any help that you can provide.

Re: Falaasen/Faldaasen, Aanes, Hedmark

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My old notes indicate that Åsnes was a parish within Hof, Hedmark at some time.
The LDS Family History Library online catalog lists that there is a bygdebok for the area which is entitled "Åsnesboka" (two volumes? which they have copies of in Salt Lake City). A quick check online also indicates that there are other libraries which hold those volumes and which are willing to loan through Inter-Library Loan program.

You MIGHT also have a chance of finding at least part of those books online through GoogleBooks.

You should also consult the parish records for your family. The detail available in the extensive parish church records is a marvelous gift from Norway. The Digitalarkivet web site has been adding scanned images of the original Norwegian parish church records for anyone with Internet access since November 2005. To be able to use the parish records you must first know WHERE in Norway you want to search for this documentation.

The Digitalarkivet web site - (
An English option is available by clicking on that word from either the left hand column or the blue link bar along the bottom of the homepage.
The scanned images are available from the homepage link "Skanna kyrkjebøker" [Norwegian version]/"Digitised parish records" [English version] which is listed along the left hand column and from the blue banner of links along the top section of the homepage.
When you click on that link another page will present a short list of choices - choose "Read the digitized parish registers"[English version]/"Lesa skanna kykrebøker" [Norwegian version].
After you've clicked on that link and a new main page has presented on the screen be sure and read the instructions that are available from the Digitalarkivet for navigating the scanned records. The instructions are available in Bokmål (official Norwegian), Nyorsk (Norwegian), Davvisámegiella (Saami), and English.
Recommended basic reading are the "Startsiden" [Norwegian version]/"Main page" [English version], "Brukerveiledning" [Norwegian version]/"User's guide" [English version] and "Om tjenesten" [Norwegian version]/"About this service" [English version].

Good information about translating the formats of Norwegian parish church records during various time periods, many of the basic terms used and understanding how to use the information should be studied at this web site -
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You don't list any ages or birth years, but I assume this is your Kristian Kristiansen, unmarried, at Faldaasen in 1865:

If so, this would be his marriage record:

Married 17 Jan 1866 in Aasnes
Groom: bachelor, Christian Christiansen Feldaasen, 22 yrs old, born in Gjesaasen
Bride: Christiane Olsdatter Kelen (sp?), 21 years old, born in Gjesaasen

Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Åsnes, Ministerialbok nr. 0 (1866-1872), Ekteviede 1866, side 56.
Permanent sidelenke:

Gjesaasen (Gjesåsen) is a subparish within Aasnes (Åsnes).

Birth of Elise

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Born 11 May 1866
Father: Christian Christiansen Faldaasen
Mother: Christiane Olsdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Åsnes, Ministerialbok nr. 0 (1866-1872), Fødte og døpte 1866, side 3.
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Birth of Carl Otto

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Born 4 Sep 1869
Father: Christian Christiansen Faldaasen
Mother: Christiane Olsdastter

Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Åsnes, Ministerialbok nr. 0 (1866-1872), Fødte og døpte 1869, side 20.
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Re: Marriage

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Yes, those are the right people. I had found the baptism record for Elise, but not her parents' marriage record. That is excellent! Thank you! Norway has done a wonderful service by providing the Digital Archives.

I think Kelen is a farm name, possibly also spelled Kelin, just south of Falaasen/Faldaasen. I actually found it on Google Earth. Her records in Wisconsin list both Kielen and Bratlien as farm names, so I wonder if the two are close by each other or if the family moved. They both show up on the Oluf Rygh farm list.

Thanks again!

Birth of Christian

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According to the 1865 census, Christian Christiansen was the son of Christian Christiansen and Eli Olsdatter.

This appears to be his birth:

Born 18 Sep 1843
Father: Christian Christiansen
Mother: Eli Olsdatter
Residence: P.......... (can't make out the farm name)

Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1841-1848), Fødte og døpte 1843, side 20.
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Birth of Christiane

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Born 12 Mar 1845
Father: Ole Olsen
Mother: Kari Pettersdatter
Residence: Bratlien

Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Hof, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1841-1848), Fødte og døpte 1845, side 39.
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Re: Birth of Christian

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Thanks for digging this up!

Re: Birth of Christian

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I think, by the way, that farm name is Possaasen. It's listed in Oluf Rygh's Norwegian farm name collection ( and like Faldaasen, Bratlien, and Kilen its also in Finskogen(Gretviken), Aasnesm, Hedemarkens amt.
Thanks again,
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