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Elizabeth Ruck

Elizabeth Ruck

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Classification: Death
Surnames: Ruck
I am looking for any information about Elizabeth Ruck.

She made the long journey to Salt Lake City but died on 10th October 1864 on the William Hyde Train.

I believe she died around the Point of Rocks area in Wyoming.

Any information, however small, would be most welcome.


Re: Elizabeth Ruck

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Classification: Query
Where and when was she born?

Re: Elizabeth Ruck

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Classification: Query
When and where she was born has little bearing on the train information as to when and where she died.

Information on the train:

It departed on August 9 from Wyoming, Nebraska Territory, a Missouri River port, 44 miles south of Omaha. Listed were 375 departing (also found as being 350) and 47 died. They arrived October 26 in Salt Lake.

One documentation is the John Theophilus Gerber's journal excerpts of the journey.
(For non-Ancesty members, also at: )
Aug 12, a little child died. August 13, a sister (probably means a female group member versus a family member) died, she was buried Aug 14, along with her son and two other children. Aug 16, buried another brother. Aug 17, another person died... this continues through the excerpts. This author may not have known the names of the victims, and only addressed them as "sister's."

I see you also posted on the Utah unknown board with more information:
You identified "Her date of death is very precise..." but, you didn't identify any date, or the source of that date.

I doubt there will be any record of her in Wyoming for many reasons. It appears from the journal above burial occured as persons died, not necessarily waiting to come to an occupied area. This corresponds with burials of passengers on other westward trains. On some routes, the trail was "covered with crosses."

The best potential probably lies in the Salt Lake Mormon library. I'd contact the library to see what additional information may have been in the above journal versus excerpts. Also, what additional journals may have been written and kept. The wagon master may have kept a journal, as he was ultimately responsible for the train and perhaps listed name and dates of deaths and burial.

While being "an old Ranger" myself, the National Park Service does have a Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail: I'd suggest contact, but they may not have the documentation you desire.

Re: Elizabeth Ruck

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Classification: Query

She was born in Tirley, Gloucestershire on 22 December 1805.

She was baptised Elizabeth Collett. Her sister, Ann Oakey was on the famous and tragic Willies Handcart Company that was caught on the Sweet Water River by a Blizzard.

Re: Elizabeth Ruck nee Collett

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Classification: Query
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Thanks for your notes and sorry for the delay.

Ok, Elizabeth died on 10th October 1864 (according to the Millenium file).

However, although its a Citation there is NO information from where this came, making the Citation worthless. I have even contacted the Authors of the Millenium File and they have no idea. I am afraid tht the Millenium File is worthless and totaly discredited and should withdrawn.

I have researched every Journal/Diary for the Train. I know where it was for every day of its journey across Nebraska/Wyoming/Utah.

I have visited Salt Lake City and researched in the Church History Library. Came up with her loan from the Perpetual Emigration Fund and her and her husband Robert Rucks LDS baptism by Wilford Woodruff at Haws Croft, Redmarley on 9th April 1840. It was probably he who was being baptised when the stone hit Wilford Woodruff on the head and nearly knocking him down (Wilford Woodruff Journal).

I have spent hour and hours trying to find information on her death and where 10th October 1864 came from. If that is the correct date the Train was at Point of Rocks. If she was buried 3 days later (if you visit Point of Rocks you will understand if they did not bury her there) that would put her at Green River.

Details of date and place of birth are useful when identifying a person.

My original query still stands and unfortunatly no one, as yet,including Ancestry have no idea of the origination and proof of her death.
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