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helping a friend

helping a friend

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She is looking for the ship Sivert Morseth born 1854 , in Kotsøy, Singsås, Norway
His wife was Kjersten Grande born 1867 in Orlandet, Trondhjem , Norway

They immigrated in 1887 from Singsås, Norway

Can any one help us to fine the ship

Re: helping a friend

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What was Sivert's father's name?

Did Sivert and Kjersten marry in Norway? Where did they live in America?

I see a Sivert Olsen, 33 years old, from Singsås, leaving Trondheim on the ship "Hero" on 4 May 1887. He is not married and traveling alone. His destination was Canby, Minnesota:

On 21 Apr 1886, 18 year old Esten Morseth had already left Singsås for Canby, Minnesota.


OK, I see by his birth record from 10 Sep 1854 that his father was named Svend Johnsen, so the Sivert Olsen abovew is not the correct person.

Re: helping a friend

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siverts father was Alfred Morseth
And i got to know that Sivert and hos wife got merried
In 1888 so after they came to the USA Minnesota

I can not fine anything and it is strange because
he did emigrate

Did this help some ?
Could it be that they came to England first and the USA or Canada ?

Kjerstin Grande

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This appears to be Kjerstin leaving Trondheim;

Kjerstin A. Grande, 21 yrs old, from Ørlandet
Leaving Trondheim on 27 Jun 1888 with the ship "Hero".
Destination Canby, Minnesota. Ticket pre-paid in America.

Since her ticket was pre-paid, it could have been paid by Sivert, who may have already been there. Interesting, that she was headed for Canby.

The ship "Hero" only goes to Hull, England. She would take a different ship from Liverpool tom North America.
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I doubt that Sivert's father was named Alfred. In 1854 only one baby named Sivert was born in Singsås. Sivert Svendsen was born at Mørseth on 10 Sep 1854. His parents were Svend Johnsen Mørseth and Kari Christiansdatter.

Birth #30

Here is the family in the 1875 census for Mørseth:

In 1900, the eldest son, Peder, had taken over the farm.

Sivert Svendsen Mørseth was also the only Sivert confirmed in 1869 or 1870 in Singsås:

Kildeinformasjon: Sør-Trøndelag fylke, Singsås i Haltdalen, Ministerialbok nr. 685A08 /2 (1870-1878), Konfirmerte 1870, side 115.
Permanent sidelenke:

Sivert Svendsen Morseth

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There is no Sivert Olsen Morseth from Singsås. I am sure that emigration record showing Sivert Olsen is actually your Sivert Svendsen Morseth.

The 1900 census for Lincoln county, Minnesota, says that Sivert Morseth was born in Sep 1854. This matches the birth record for Sivert Svendsen.

The 1910 and 1920 census records for Lincoln county both list him as "Sivert S. Morseth". The "S" is surely for "Svendsen".

Also, the death record for Sivert S. Morseth, dated 31 Oct 1920, confirms the birth date of 10 Sep 1854. It also names his parents as "Sven Morseth and Kari Kristiansdatter".


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Sivert Morseth arrived in Quebec, Canada, on 25 May 1887 aboard the ship "Circassian", passenger #1814.

Kjerstin Grande arrived in Quebec, Canada, on 14 Jul 1888 aboard the ship "Sarmatian", passenger #1905.

Sivert S. Morseth and Kjerstin Rende (misspelled on record) married in Lincoln county, Minnesota, on 19 Nov 1888. The short time between her arrival and the marriage plus the fact that her pre-paid destination was Canby (the same as Sivert), confirms (in my opinion) that she arrived with the intention of marring Sivert.
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