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Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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I'm trying to find Hans Hanssen Foss and ultimately his parents in Norway. Family information states he was born 18 Sept 1868 in Østerdalen, Hedmark, Norway. In Østerdalen I am told there are farms called Foss in the parishes of Elverum and Trysil. Unfortunately, I can't find him in the church birth (1868) or emigration records (emigrated in 1895 according to the 1920 US Census) for either parish. I do see some "Hans" people, but not with the correct birth date. I have information he had a brother Ole.

A previous family member looked into this a long time ago and said that this area is close to Sweden and may have become Sweden in 1905 with Norway's independance and redefining of the border. I hope that's not the case.

Any ideas where to look next? The Foss farm in a different parish? Better search in the Norwegian records?

Appreciate any guidance. Planning a trip to a local college soon since they have the Elverum Bygdebok.


Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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Where is he located in the 1920 census?

Osterdalen is a large valley. It consists of the municipalities Rendalen, Alvdal, Folldal, Tynset, Tolga, Os, Elverum, Stor-Elvdal, Engerdal, Trysil and Åmot.

Foss could also be a short form of Fossum (Elverum); Fossvolgen (Tolga); Fosbakken (Tynset); etc.

Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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Thanks for looking at my question.

The 1920 US Census is from Canton, Lincoln, South Dakota, District 131, image 5. Hans Hanssen Foss is married to Thea Hokenstad (married on 16 Jan 1908 in Lincoln, SD). Hans died on 2 Feb 1921 in Canton, Lincoln, SD.

The family information is from one of his sons who did some family tree work in the late 70's. He was unable to locate any family history in Norway, but I think he only explored Elverum, Rendalen, and Trysil. Since those areas came up empty way back then, maybe he will be found if I explore some of the other municipalities.

Appreciate the suggestions. I'll start digging some more.


1915 Census

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If he arrived in 1895 (like the 1920 census says), he should be somewhere in the 1900 census - but I can't find him. He is listed in the 1910 census for Canton, but with no important info.

According to the 1915 census for Canton, Lincoln county, South Dakota, Hans Foss was born ca. 1876 and arrived in South Dakota in 1903. He says he has been in America for 17 years, which would make his arrival about 1898. At any rate, he should be in the 1900 census - but not in South Dakota. A good guess would be Minnesota or Wisconsin.

1905 Census

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The 1905 census for Canton says Hans Foss has been in America for 11 years, and in South Dakota for 7 years.

This would he he arrived in the US 1894, and arrived in South Dakota in 1898.

Not a real big help..... all this really shows is that he lived in a different state before he came to South Dakota. His arrival in South Dakota is between 1898 - 1903. The biggest help would be to find him in the 1900 census somewhere.

Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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Might have found something in the church records for Brandval, Hedmark. I looked in Brandval since Family Search showed there was a "Foss" farm in that parish.

The emigration records for this parish show a "Hans Hansen Fossmo" listed as person #31. Not sure what word is before his name. See first attachment. Could this be the person I'm looking for?

I went to the birth records for 1868 and found two Hans Hansens. The first looks good (see second attchment--person #19), but I'm not sure I can read the birth month accurately. Maybe Sept? Can you read the parents names? My Hans Hansen was born 18 Sept 1868. The other Hans Hansen is person #51 on a subsequent page, but he was born 29 Apr 1868 -- not close to my Hans.

If this is my Hans, I think I still need some extra evidence he is correct since the birth date is not an exact match.

Found some information that Hans came to the US and lived with his brother Ole Foss in Soldier, Iowa before moving to South Dakota. Can't find him in the Iowa Census records however.

Thanks for any comments...


Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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The Hans Hansen leaving Brandval in 1895 is from "Korsmoe", not "Fossmo". He is a road worker, heading for Jarlsberg, not America. I think this kind of elminates him as a posibility.

Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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I seriously doubt that Hans Hansen Foss was born in 1868.
The 1905 and 1920 census say he was born 1872; the 1910 census and his marriage record says he was born 1874; the 1915 census record says he was born 1876. I think you need to consider looking for his birth between 1872-1876.

The Hans Hansen in the rcord you posted was born 16 Oct.

Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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Thank you once again Brian for your helpful insights. I agree that I need to let 1868 go as a firm birth date. I guess when there is a headstone that says 1868 and there is paper documentation from a son that states 1868, you start to think it's an absolute fact.

However, when he can't be found in 1868, it makes sense to look elsewhere.

I'll start expanding my search. I'm also going to try to get his obituary from NAHA at St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN throuth the Rowberg files.

The search continues...


Re: Looking for Hans Hanssen Foss in Norway

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This might he helpful...

he filed his intent to become a citizen in Lincoln county, South Dakota, on 5 Nov 1898:

He filed his second papers there on 7 Feb 1901:

If you can get a copy of these papers, it might give the clue you need.

It also points to Hans H. Foss being in Lincoln county in 1900. He should be in the census there, after all.

What is your source for the last name "Hansen"? I only see him as Hans H. Foss.
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