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Can't read a surname on original document

Can't read a surname on original document

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Surnames: Midbo, Midboe, Mitdbo, Mitdboe, Haguland, Hoguland, Øie, Oie
Hi everyone,
I found a birthrecord of a relative who was born in Norway.
She was known as Bertha Anne Midbo to our family here in the U.S. but is Anne Bertine in Norway. I heard from a family member that her maiden name was a varition of the name "Hoguland" but am not sure how to spell it. The birth document I received from the National Archives of Norway shows her father's name as something different but I cannot make out what it says. Simon at the Archives says it looks like "Øie" (Peder Hansen Øie) but I'm not so sure that is what it says. Can someone please take a look and see if you can guess what it says.

Re: Can't read a surname on original document

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It does say Peder Hansen Øie and Kirsten Anna Christofersdatter,

1865 Census

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The farm name is also spelled "Øye". In the case the farm is "Øye øver", which means "upper Øye".

Re: Can't read a surname on original document

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Yeah, that's what they said at the archives! Thanks so much for the quick reply!
Could you tell me what it says after the "Øie" in Peder Hanson Øie?
It looks like there are a couple more words or letters but I cannot read them. These extra words or letters along with the grandson of Anne Bertine insisting that Øie is not the correct surname is making me question it. What does it say after Øie?

Re: 1865 Census

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So Øye is the surname because that was the name of the farm?
Thanks again for helping!

Re: 1865 Census

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No, it was an identifier added to inform where he lived - his address. A common naming convention in documents. "Surname" isn't really applicable.

Online study material to learn about Norwegian naming practices and patterns.

Re: Can't read a surname on original document

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After "Øie" it says "og Hustru" followed by the name of the child's mother.


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As thoraway pointed out, Øie/Øye is not actually part of the name, it is more like an address. Every time they move to a different farm, this changes accordingly.

The church confirmation record helps show this:

Confirmed 5 Oct 1879
Anna Bertine Pedersdatter
Born 11 Aug 1865 at Øie
Baptized 3 Sep 1865
Presently living at Haugeland
Father: Peder Hanssen
Mother: Anne Kristoffersdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Vest-Agder fylke, Feda i Kvinesdal, Ministerialbok nr. A 3 (1877-1882), Konfirmerte 1879, side 41.
Permanent sidelenke:

As you can see, somewhere between 1865 and 1879 the family moved from the farm "Øie (Øye øvre)" to "Haugeland".

Øye is more of a rural community than it is a farm. It has two main parcels, Øye øvre and Øye yttre. In the 1865 census there are 278 people living in dozens of families on Øye.

Birth of Caroline (Anne's sister)

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Born 6 Aug 1871
Baptized 3 Sep 1871
Father: Peder Hansen Haugeland
Mother: Anne Oline Christophersdatter
Residence: Haugeland (Feda sub-parish, Kvinedal, Vest-Agder)

Kildeinformasjon: Vest-Agder fylke, Feda i Kvinesdal, Ministerialbok nr. A 2 (1850-1876), Fødte og døpte 1871, side 67.
Permanent sidelenke:

This shows that the family moved to Haugeland before 1871.

The 1900 census foir Haugeland shows that Peder Hansen is a widower and that Anne Bertine is not living with him. Caroline is listed, asd well as another daughter, Andrea.

Re: Confirmation

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Okay! That makes sense! Thank you so much!!!!
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