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Short Family''s of Sussex Co. Delaware

Short Family''s of Sussex Co. Delaware

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I am researching the Short family of Sussex Co. De. Any Info will be appreciated.
Thanks John E. Short

Shorts of Sussex co. DE

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I have a lot of Philip and Edward Shorts in my family. The farthest back I have is Edward Short b. 1680. He had a son named Edward Short who died 1767. He had 2 sons that I'm descended from named Philip Short (1724-1789) and Shadrack Short (1722-1833). THe list keeps going--its a big family! But, other short names include: Uriah Short, Mary Short, Julia Short. I hope this was of some help. If any of these names look familiar, let me know. I have lists of kids for all of those mentioned above.

Check out my message on the SHORT page

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There was some guy..I don't remember the name (last name may have been Elliott or Farmer), but he carefully outlined how he descended from the Short family. The book has alot of info and is found in the DE state archives. If you look on the SHORT page, I believe I outlined how I am connected to them on it. Good luck!

Edward Short who died 1767

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The Edward Short i have d:1767 M: Elizabeth
d:1788 they had 9 children; Shadrack Phillip married and had son Uriah d:Jan.01,1814 who married Sarah Vinson , Nancy,Edward, Rachel, Isaac, Patience, Comfort, Jacob, Elizabeth.
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Shadrack Short

Catherine Walls Kersey (View posts)
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If this Shadrack Short is the one known as 'The Corn King', then I am a direct descendent of him. My cousin, Jack Short of Georgetown DE, has compiled a geneology that includes Shadrack. I have a copy of that, plus his will. Am willing to share.

Shadrack SHORT

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I have never heard of our Shadrack being known as the "corn King", but ya never know! My Shadrack Short (c. abt 1722 d. 22 Dec 1823). I do not have his wife's name.
I have that his parents's names were: Edward Short ( c. abt 1700 d. 11 march 1767) and Elizabeth Wingate (c. abt 1700? or 1727? d. 1786)
Shadrack had a brother named Philip Short (c. abt 1724 d. 24 apr 1789) that I am also descended from.

Shadrack's son, Uriah Short (c. 1770 d. 1814) is the line I descend from. Uriah married Sarah Vinson/Vincent.

If we are talking of the same Shadrack Short, please let me know! I would love to find out more!

Thank you!

Shadrack Short

Catherine Kersey (View posts)
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I have to dig out the information on Shadrack, so it may take a few days or even into next week. I'll post what I find.

SHORT family - Sussex DE - 1800's

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Looking for parents of T.Uriah Short, married to Maria Fooks. T. Uriah and Maria were parents of William, Femona and T. Albert.
T. Uriah Short was born approximately 1822 and Maria 1830

T. Uriah Short

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I looked through the notes we took of visiting the DE archives this past summer. This is what I found:

I have found listed on what I think is Reuben Short's Order of Division of 1/2 his Real Estate (15 Sept 1880). There is mention of the land being divided into 7 equal parts. One of people under this list of land recievers is Reuben's nephew, Uriah T. Short (d. 17 Feb 1880). It says his father's name was John.

Also further on I think my mother has written (she took the notes), "And the freeholders are further ordered to subdivide the share which may be assigned to the issue of Uriah T. Short deceased equally among (said 7 names)." Anyway, my mother made notes to the side that said "John died + his son, Uriah died --> widow= Maria Short and 7 children. These are the names listed for the children:
Feronia E (I can only guess this is Fermona)
Joseph L
Orlando W (Maybe this is William)
Harrey F
Thomas A (and this might be T. Albert)
Camie R
George B Short

Also, we have John Short, Uriah T.'s father, as b: abt 1790, d: 6 June 1841.

Okay, now that I've looked at those matching names...I have that Reuben and John were the sons of Uriah Short and Sarah Vinson/Vincent.

In other words, your "T Uriah Short" was cousins with my GGGGrandmother--so we're in the same line if this is the same "T Uriah". let me know if it is--you can email me here and we can exchange info:


Edward Elizabeth Short

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John, I don't remember if I replied to this message before, but as I was looking back over what you had posted, I noticed you had only 9 children instead of 10 listed for Edward Elizabeth Short. I believe you did not mention Philip Short ( c. 1748 d. May 1789). Philip married Betty and had 8 children. He, along with Edward's other son Shadrack, are my grandfathers. Here is how that works:

Edward Short
| |
Philip Shadrack Sr
| |
| |
Edward (m. Elizabeth Pedit) Uriah
| |
| |
Philp Short (c. 1791)-------Mary Short

Hopefully, through that you can see that Edward and Uriah's children married each other.

I hope this helps clear up any confusion.


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