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Including citation text in reference notes?

Including citation text in reference notes?

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After building a tree with many, many fact sources, I realize it would be best to check the box "Citation text: Include in ref. note" on most sources. Two questions:
1. Is there a way to make this the default for new sources? The checkbox doesn't appear on the "Edit Source" or "Edit Template" screens as far as I can see.
2. Is there a way to globally edit my existing source references? It will be tedious, to say the least, to edit them one-by-one.

Re: Including citation text in reference notes?

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Classification: Query
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I have wrestled with this problem over the years as well. There is no easy and simple "best" answer.

I found that putting citation details into the text citation box (with the print box checked) made this information so far out of sight from the reader as to become almost useless, in long reports of several hundred pages. This is because of FTM's limitation in not having footnotes on each page, but rather in long and tedious "endnotes".

I have found it usually works better for me to put the citation detail in the description field of the Fact, if it is not too long. Or, in the Fact Note area, if it is rather long. Or, to attach by entering the data into a *.txt file that is attached to a source as a media item. (the latter choice will not print. The first two can be made to print with options available in FTM's Genealogy reports.

As a matter of note, Fact Notes do not exist in ancestry trees and will not upload there.


If you still desire to use the "citation box" for entry, I know of no way to make them print on a global basis. I think you have to check that little box one citation at a time. This can be sped up a little bit by using the Source Workspace and start with the first citation for the first source and just work your way down the source index.

In the meantime, I suggest you might want to annually make the enhancement request to have page by page footnotes, with opcit and ibid, as I have done over the past few years. Maybe they'll add it one of these days. I can see where it would be a real memory hog and that may be why they don't want to add it - because even more users than now will get "out of memory" freezes with page by page footnotes than with endnotes. It is also becoming less and less used because more and more people are publishing via web presentations than printing 600 page paper books. I haven't published a book on paper in years.

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