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Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

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Re: Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

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Who did he marry?
Where did he live?
Which census records show him?

What is your source for "Rasdal". There is a farm called Rasdal in Voss parish, Hordaland. This is not too far from Bergen.

Re: Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

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There is a Mons Knudsen baptized May 9, 1830 in Voss. His parents are Knud Knudsen and Randvei Monsdatter.
I'm not quite sure about the farmname, but it looks like Grove i Rasdalen.
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Re: Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

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Re: Mons Knudsen (Knutson) Rasdal

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A man coming from the Rasdal farm in Voss district would have sailed from the port of Bergen. The Ansgar was a sailing ship and she is still thought to have completed the fastest voyage to North America from Bergen by sail.

He is likely to be the right man. There are a number of published histories of the Voss area which may give additional information.

(Note: I also had ancestors who sailed on that voyage of the bark Ansgar from Bergen to Quebec.)

Birth of "Jane"

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Mons Knudsen died 27 Sep 1898 and is buried in Swan Lake Township Cemetery, Maple Hill, Emmet county, Iowa. His birth year would be ca. 1832.

His wife, Jane, is buried there also. The record says she was born 22 Mar 1847 and died 29 Mar 1930.

An online tree says her name is "Gertrud Jane Halstensdatter Braatole", and that she was born in Voss, Norway.

Looking at the birth records for Voss, I find:

Born 22 Mar 1847
Father: Halsten Steffensen Braathole
Mother: Britha (?) Sjursdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Voss, Ministerialbok nr. A 13 (1836-1851), Fødte og døpte 1847, side 133.
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From the information you have given, this does appear to be the wife of your Mons Knudsen. Their first son, Sever, was born ca. 1869 in Wisconsin.

Confirmation "Jane"

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The church confirmation is easier to read:

Confirmed in Voss on 12 Oct 1862
Born 22 Mar 1847 at Brathole
Baptized 4 Apr 1847
Father: Halstein Steffensen
Mother: Britha Sjursdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Voss, Ministerialbok nr. A 18 (1848-1876), Konfirmerte 1862, side 101.
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1865 Census

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Looking at the 1865 census, Halsten Steffensen and his family are no longer living at Brathole, although they were still there when Gjertrud was confirmed in 1862. There is no Gjertrud Halstensdatter (or Steffensen) living in Voss parish. This probably means one of two things:

The entire family left the parish between 1862 and 1865 (probably for America).

Or Halsten and his wife Britha died or moved and Gjertrud went to America alone. Seeing as she was only 18 years old in 1865, I would believe her entire family went to America as she was probably too young to have reason to travel alone.

I can not find a record of the family leaving the Voss parish.

From what I undersdtand, your only reason for thinking that Mons Knudsen might have been from Rasdal is because you found that name of someone traveling. The death record for Mons Knudsen shows he was born in 1832. I think this is a better possibility:

#94, right page
bachelor, Mons Knutsen Tøssen, born 29 Jul 1832
leaving Voss parish for America on 7 Apr 1866

Kildeinformasjon: Hordaland fylke, Voss, Ministerialbok nr. A 20 (1855-1886), Utflyttede 1866, side 289.
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I think there is a good chance that Gjertrud married someone she knew from Norway. This Mons might fit.

Re: 1865 Census

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Surnames: Stephenson, Braatole, Brautoli-and Swanson.
My ancestor Betsy Brita Stephenson is a sister to Gertrude Jane. The Entire Family of halsten Steffensen braatole and. his wife Brita Sjursdatter Brattole came to the us on the Ship Norge to Quebec Canada. Brita Sjursdatter Brautoli was 40 years old. her daughter Betsy (Brita) married Henry Swanson. And their son Odean was my grandfather. Please feel free to email at for pictures and sharing of stories. Odean Lived and died in Wisconsin.
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