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Looking for descendants of Maggi Hiner

Looking for descendants of Maggi Hiner

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Surnames: Hiner
My grandmother, Sigrid Hanger, emigrated to the USA in the 1930's at 18. She was born in 1916, and died in 1994. She went to boarding school in Oslo. I have come across some old letters sent to her by her school friend Maggi Hiner. I am looking to share these letters with her descendants, if she has any.
I have no idea is Maggi is short for Margaret, Margrete or something else. What I do know is that in August 1940 Maggi lived at Vallegt 10, Olso. She also lists Boks 137, Ramstad as her return address in July 1941. I have no other information on this woman, but her letters are very personal, and I think her family would love to read them. They were written during the occupation, and some have been censored. Very interesting to read (jeg snakker norsk) about day-to-day life in this time.
Any help would be appreciated. I assume her birth year would be 1914-1918. Most likely from the Oslo area. Attached are the return addresses and photo.

Re: Looking for descendants of Maggi Hiner

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Her second name seem to be Heier, not Hiner.


Re: Looking for descendants of Margareth Heier.

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You will find Frk ( Miss) Margareth Heier in Vallegata 10 She is listed at the lower half of mid column.

Oslo Adress records 1940:


2009 Tax lists

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The tax lists from 2009 show that Margareth Aslaug Heier was alive and living in Oslo. She is the only Margareth Heier listed in all of Norway. Her birth year is shown as 1916.

I don't believe there are tax lists after 2009. She is not listed in the present online telephone book.


Real estate transactions

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Maybe Geir can explain this...... I don't know if it helps or not.

Sorter etter: Relevans Dato Pris Dyreste først
Dalefjerdingen 511 (Gnr 67, bnr 6) er overdradd fra Arild Heier Olsen til Margareth Aslaug Heier (11.11.2010)

2010, Annen bygning
Andel av Dalefjerdingen 511 (Gnr 67, bnr 6) er overdradd for kr 150.000 til Arild Heier Olsen (28.06.1988)

1988, Annen bygning
Dalefjerdingen 511 (Gnr 67, bnr 6) er solgt for kr 220.000 fra Margareth Aslaug Heier til Astrid Espseth og Ross David Graham Barlow (01.12.2010)

Re: 2009 Tax lists

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Surnames: Heier
Tusen takk dere! That was so fast, and I had not even considered that she might still be alive. This is so exciting! What would you suggest I check now? I'd love to connect with her, or her family. Any leads would be appreciated.
I had trouble deciphering that last document posted, my Norsk is pretty good, but not when it comes to legal documents, etc.
And in case she has passed on, are Norsk obituaries listed online?
Hilsen, Alexandra

Re: 2009 Tax lists

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There are tax lists also after 2009. The latest is for 2011, but now you need to register to get and ID called MinID with password. To do this you need to have a Norwegian personal ID number which is your date of birth plus a number give to you by the authorities. They will then send you a PIN system for you to log on.

Re: Real estate transactions

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You are rigth ,Brian.

These are estate transactions. The last one is between Arild Heier Olsen and Margareth Aslaug Heier dated 11.Th November 2010. When I see the second name to Arild, he may be a son of Margareth Heier.

Anyway, we are dealing with one estate. Dalefjerdingen 511 is the adress. Gnr 6, is the estate nr.

This estate seem to have been parcelled out of Gnr.67.Br 1. which seem to be the main farm. So there have to bee some more info concerning the estate transaction from Dalefjerdingen Gnr 67 1. But it doesn`t seem that this info is available in Akershus yet.

In norwegian estate is _eiendom_.

The estate is situated in Enebakk community (kommune), Akershus County (Fylke)


Re: Real estate transactions

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The 1988 transaction says the farm went to Ross Barlow and Astrid Espseth. Both have accounts on facebook. I wrote to each of them to see if they can give information on Margareth Aslaug Heier.


Re: Real estate transactions

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Arild Heier Olsen was born in 1848 and was listed in the 2009 tax lists for Oslo. His age means he could be a son of Margareth Aslaug Heier.
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