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Torgersen, Larz

Torgersen, Larz

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I am looking for information on my gr. gr. grandparents Larz Torgersen.
I don't know his date of birth. Probably in 1820's or 1830's.
He had 3 children that I know of. Johan, Laura (born 1848) and Otto (born 1865).
He was married to Maren Grosvold.
His daughter Laura was married in 1870 in Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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Some years ago you said your mother insisted the father's name was Torger Dahlin (or similar). Some responses then said he was actually probably Torger Larsen.

Are you now reversing those names? There was a Laura born in Dec 1847 (christened in 1848) to Torger Larsen (b. ca. 1818) and the same man had a son named Otto in Sept 1866. The parents had several other children and resided in Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway.

The above Laura Torgersdatter married 1871 in Oslo to Martin Mikkelsen.

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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The Kongsberg parish records show that Otto was actually born in Sept 1865 and not christened until June 1866... therefore his birth appears on the pages of that book that were devoted to 1866. His father was Torger Larsen and his mother was from a farm called Grosvold.

The website can give you quite a bit of information about that family - their marriage and children.

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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Who was married to Maren Grosvold? Lars or Otto?

The birth record that thoraway mentioned show the mother as Marthe Margrethe Hansdatter.

Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Kongsberg, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1839-1858), Fødte og døpte 1848, side 54-55.
Permanent sidelenke:

Torger Larsen and Marthe Margrethe Hansdatter also had a son named Johan (among others):

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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Maybe I have wrong names again. :(

Here is what I know for sure. . .
My gr. grandfather was Otto Torgersen born in Norway in 1865.
I think his middle name was Anders.
His sister Laura married Martin Mikkelsen.
Otto also had a brother named Johan. Johan had a son named Hans.

I do not know about any other brothers and sisters of Otto.
Now - there seems to be much confusion about Otto's parents.
I have a 2nd cousin who thinks the names are Larz Torgersen and Maren Grosvold.
Thank-you all so much for helping me!!!!!

Torger Larsen and family

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Torger Larsen was born in Kongsberg, Buskerud on 16 Apr 1818. His parents were Lars Evensen and Jorun Torgersdatter.

Marthe Margrethe Hansdatter was born at Grosvold, Sandsvær, Buskerud on 12 Apr 1823. Her parents were Hans Hansen Grosvold and Berte Anundsdatter.

Torger Larsen and Marthe Margrethe Hansdatter were married 16 Nov 1845 in Hedestad i Sandsvær, Buskerud.


Laura Bergithe, born 8 Dec 1847
Johan Martinus, born 10 Apr 1853
Hans, born 20 Oct 1855
Thea Marie, born 12 Aug 1858
Antonette Emilie, born 27 Sep 1862
Otto, born 18 Sep 1865

All children born in Kongsberg.

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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You can look back at your postings here from 2004/2005 and see again what you said your mother was insisting (click on 'View posts' right next to your name).

Your mother was right - the father's name was Torger - but it was Torger Larsen and his wife was Marte Magrete Hansdatter. He was from Kongsberg, Buskerud and she was from Sandsvær, Buskerud.

Re: Torgersen, Larz

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Yes, I know my mother insisted his name was Torger Dahlin. I wrote that post. hahaha
That is what her father told her. Clearly, they were wrong.
Maybe my 2nd cousin has it all wrong, too.

Thank-you both SO much for all the help. I am very grateful.

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