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Help reading names on a marriage record

Help reading names on a marriage record

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I have a marriage record from 1849 that could help solve a brick wall that I've hit, but I can't figure out some of the handwriting. I can read the titles thanks to this link: It's the farm names, places and occupations that I have trouble with if I can't read some of the letters. (number 22)

28 October - Peder Pedersen ???? and Anne Olsdatter Sletteeie... ages 25 and 32. I can't really figure out the rest of it. I don't know who Anne and Peder's parents are so I hope this can help me find their baptism records.


edit: I searched the Arkivnett Oppland database and found a "N.N Olsdatter," born to Ole Guttormsen and Jøda Knudsdatter Sletteeie in 1815. No birth or baptism date is given, but there is a note at the bottom which says "Dødfødd pigebarn" - stillborn girl? Could this be Anne's parents? Anne's birth date would have been around 1816-17 but I can't seem to find her on the site.

Re: Help reading names on a marriage record

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Peder Pedersen Bueøien / Froen
25 years old, born in Froen parish

Anne Olsdatter Sletteeie
32 years old, born in Hedalen
(Heidal is a sub-parish of Vågå)

"Buøien" is a farm in Nordre Fron parish in Oppland.

Peder's father is also named Peder Pedersen Bueøien.

Here is a link to the 1865 census for Buøien, although the family is nozt living there:

Birth of Peder

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Born 30 Mar 1824
Peder Pedersen
Baptized 11 Apr (1824) in church
Father: Peder Pedersen Buøjen under Klevstad
Mother: Rønog Østensdatter

Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Kvam i Fron, Klokkerbok nr. 2 (1816-1850), Fødte og døpte 1824, side 21.
Permanent sidelenke:

The farm Buøien appears to be subordinate to the farm Klevstad (or Klævstad).

Church confirmation


Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Kvam i Fron, Klokkerbok nr. 2 (1816-1850), Konfirmerte 1838, side 257.
Permanent sidelenke:

Birth of Anne

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#11 (right page)
Born 27 Nov 1817
Baptized 25 Dec 1817
Father: Ole Guttormsen
Mother: Ingebjør Olsdatter (not 100% sure...)

Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Vågå, Ministerialbok nr. 3 (1815-1827), Fødte og døpte 1816-1817, side 26-27.
Permanent sidelenke:

At least two of the sponsors (godparents) are from Slette or Slette Eie.

Re: Birth of Anne

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Wow! Thank you so much for finding and translating those records. I don't think I could have found Peder's parents on my own. I have been stuck on his generation for a few years now so I really appreciate your help.

1865 Census

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Re: Help reading names on a marriage record

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I'd like to talk about how you can use the Norwegian census databases to help you find farms and locations in exactly such records as you've presented here.

I'm going to open a second window consisting of the database selector at the Digitalarkivet website and try to talk you through some steps you could use... or that I would try first.

I'll click on 1865 on the blue banner because that would be the census taken closest to the marriage event in Vågå, Oppland in 1849. Then choose 'Fylke' to be Oppland. The database selector presents a list of the all the district in Oppland that were included in the 1865 enumeration. Vågå is spelled as Vaage and following that is Nordre Fron and Søndre Fron -- interesting but come back to that later.

I'm choosing Vaage to burrow down into and learn more. I don't know names of parishes that were within Vaage but the database can tell me that. I'd like to see a list of all the farms in Vaage that began with the spelling "SL" so in the search option labelled "Nytt gardsøk" I'm choosing 'Gard' (farm) in box A, 'børjar på vis' in box B (starting with show) and entering 'Sl' in Box C, then clicking on 'Søk' (Search). One of the results is "Slette" which would be the main farm that Sletteeie would be attached to. The suffix 'eie' always indicates a smaller subfarm owned by the main farm and a place which is a cotter's place. If I choose 'Slette' by clicking in the box in front of the name and then clicking on 'Søk' again the info expands to show me that all of these Slette farms are actually in Hedalen sokn (parish) in Vågå.

So two of the place names listed in the marriage record for the bride and her father are explained and located in Hedalen parish of Vågå.

The groom is not quite that easy. He appears to be from 'Froen' or 'Troen' -- a farm starting with 'Bu' with lots of vowels. Fron is the most likely nearby district - just spelled with a slight variation.

So back to ALL the districts listed for Oppland in the 1865. I'll choose Nordre Fron this time and do the 'Gard' seek again but this time using the starting with letters 'Bu'. Ah ha -- Buøien -- an excellent match to that challenging handwriting.

Play with those search options... they come in very very handy.

Re: Help reading names on a marriage record

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Thank you for the walk-through! I had a hard time trying to find farms on that site.

I looked at the other link and remembered that I found some probate records for another family in my tree. Some of the handwriting is too hard to read. What would be the best way to decipher the writing? I already know a bit about that family so it's more of a curiosity than something that I really need to know.

I am also interested in more about Peder and Anne's parents, like when were they born, where were they from, how many children did they have. There is a Klevstad farm in the Kvam area on the 1801 census, but there is no Peder Sr. and no Buøien farm. There is a Slette farm in the Vågå area, too, but I don't recognize the names.

I'm not sure how to find more about Anne's mother Ingebjør and Peder's mother Rønog. The Fron/Kvam church records start at 1816 and the Fron ones start at 1799; the main Vågå records start in 1736. Should I try to find their marriage records first then look for any additional children?

Norwegian genealogy is still very new to me so I apologize if I am missing something obvious!

Thanks again.

edit: I Googled "Buøien" and found a "Buøyen," which led me to a father named Klevstad, whose parents were Peder Pedersen Botten and Rønnaug Østensdatter Vassrusten. There is a farm called Botten just outside of Kvam.

Peder and Rønnaug had a son, Peder Pedersen Buøyen, born 30 March 1824. No spouse or children are named. Here is the link:

I have found several relatives on that site, both from Vågå and Sør-Fron. Does anyone know of any similar sites?

There is this, too:

Unfortunately, Google's translation didn't come out perfect.

Re: Help reading names on a marriage record

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I have no answer for difficult handwriting - especially probate records. Church records are usually easier to figure out because of the much more limited usual vocabulary found in them.

You have no guarantee that Peder and Anne's parents have any long term relationship with the farms already found. They might have also only been cotters and moved from residence to residence during their lives. The spelling variations found in the 1801 census are not at all surprising - my general rule is "if it would sound the same - it probably is the same".

To learn history of where and when church records were I always turn first to the LDS Family History Library catalog online. ( In their notes for church records of "Nord-Fron" they say "Kirkebøker, 1816-1914...Contains parish registers for the parishes Sødorp (Søthorp), Kvam and Kvikne with Skåbu chapel. They were separated from the combined Fron clerical district in 1850. For earlier records see Sør-Fron clerical district." So check Sør-Fron first.

You should also check into whether or not there are published bygdebøker for Vågå, and the Fron areas. Persons who specialize in the Oppland area (see the Oppland message board in the Counties folder) might know about them.

Re: Help reading names on a marriage record

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Non-public source - Other children born to Peder Pedersen and Ronog Ostensdtr --
Kari 1820, Peder 1824, Hans 1826, Knud 1833, Hans 1838.

I have no information whether the person submitting that information did GOOD research. They point to subparish Kvam as to where they supposedly found the information.
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