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Another translation needed

Another translation needed

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A family history was given to my daughter when she was in Norway. Have been able to translate some of it with google translate but having trouble with this passage:

Ved skifte 1857 - 58 kalles Jakob gårdmann i Hansbakkan.
I 1865 bodde Anne hos broren Ole på løding der hun bestyrte husholdninga for ham (han var enkemann). Sammen med seg hadde hun da dattera Nille og sønnen Andreas. "inderstenke" Anne Christoffersdtr Løding døde i April 1869, da oppgitt 56 år gammel.

Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Another translation needed

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Almost every word of that is listed here -

The persons mentioned are here in the 1865 census (except the deceased of course) -

Re: Another translation needed

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Thanks for this wonderful resource. Google translate works pretty well but there are those few words that just don't translate and I've already found a few in this resource.

I appreciate it.

Re: Another translation needed

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The first sentence appears to be someone's summary of info found in an 1857-58 probate for 'Jakob'. The second is their brief narrative version of what is shown in the 1865 census. The last must be info found in the 1869 death record for Anne.

Løding is the name of the farm where Anne's widower brother lived and where she and her two children were found in 1865.

There are other online word lists and many how-to articles which can help in collecting words which are very helpful in trying to translate older Norwegian documents. Spelling variations noticed by writer and by region and compound words keep it interesting. I keep haunting used bookstores hoping to stumble across OLD Norwegian and Danish dictionaries.

A few -

Re: Another translation needed

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Thanks for those additional resources - so helpful in trying to make sense of it all....

Re: Another translation needed

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Surnames: Løding
The passage translates roughly :" --at probate in 1857 -- 1858 (name) is called Jacob peasant in Hansbakkan (local road name).
In 1865 Anne lived with the brother Ole at Løding where she did the housekeeping for him (he was a widower). With her was also her daughter Nille and (her) son Andreas. The tenant & widow* Anne Christophersdaughter Løding died in April 1869; her age then given as 56 years." ---

* "Inderst-enke" has no exact equivalent in English that I know about, and my version can probably be improved, but the term "inderst" has had slightly different connotations from time to time and in different areas. -I shall abstain from harping about some finer points of Norwegian orthography in the given text although I am itching...
As the text contains no other indication about where the probate has been held, I have
only the name Løding to go by. There is a community (parish) called Lødingen on the south side of Norway's largest island Hinnøy, facing Vestfjorden in Nordland. -I checked the church records for Lødingen for Anne's birth and death with no luck, so she and her brother may come from a smaller place -- perhaps only a small farm with that name, but likely in the Ofoten / Vestfjorden area. --- Google transsomething may be entertaining, but asking a native may yield more reliable results... -I hope that this helps to give your story a head (or tail).

Re: Another translation needed

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Sorry for the delay in responding to your reply to my inquiry. Just don't get the time I would like to work on the family histories.

Thanks for the information - interesting about Løding and Lødingen - I'll have to see if I can get more clarification on that.

I appreciate your taking the time to reply.

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