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Thank you FTM folks, FTM2012 NOT crashing as much..BUT

Thank you FTM folks, FTM2012 NOT crashing as much..BUT

Posted: 1366481645000
Classification: Query
Well starting this morning, my system is not crashing as much. The ACOM software folks must have been working on this crashing issue.

BUT..........Still there is the problem with newly added names on FTM, being on the ACOM family tree, but not available to add/merge facts (such as US Census)via the use of the "Save" \/ button!

[1] On FTM I backsup, compact and sync. All my browsers cashes are clean. Cookie set correctly etc etc.
[2] I find a Fact like the 1920 Census.
[2] Via the "Save" button, I attempt to add/merge it to a person.
[3] ACOM asks if I want to attach to someone or save to shoebox.
[4] I leave the dot in the "attach" command, then click on the "Continue" button.
[5] ACOM asks me to key in the name I want to attach it to.
[6] Keying in the name, USUALLY if it is a name added recently (not a week ago), the list of suggestions DOES NOT have the NEWLY added name there (or the new updated name if one has changed it from a week ago (such as adding a maiden name or a middle initial, the recently updated FTM name IS NOT updated on ACOM, despite being sync'ed).
[7] IF the name IS there, I click on the "Attach" button.
[8] ACOM takes one to a screen where the following error message is displayed:
"Some tree features are temporarily unavailable. During this time you may not be able to add new information to your tree. Thanks for your patience while we resolve this issue."
[9] So let's see if they can fix this?

So far so good on the crashing!

Greg Gates
Lake Oswego, Oregon

Re: Thank you FTM folks, FTM2012 NOT crashing as much..BUT

Posted: 1366486962000
Classification: Query
What happens when you try a merge from within FTM into FTM?

I've been doing census merges into FTM2012 all day today from the WebSearch Workspace in FTM2012.

Re: Thank you FTM folks, FTM2012 NOT crashing as much..BUT

Posted: 1366643205000
Classification: Query
Greg, the listing of people that are available when saving in Ancestry doesn't appear to be "Live" - it looks like there is an index of people that are stored in a "Cookie" in your web browser. That index may not always bet updated immediately after you sync new people to your Ancestry tree.

A work-around to this is after you sync in a lot of new people from FTM, go to your web browser - log out of Ancestry - clear the cookies in your browser - then log back in.

I tend to do all of my adding of people & facts only in Ancestry, then sync those changes down to FTM. By doing this, it's not necessary to go through those steps. But if you prefer your workflow, this technique will take care of the issue you're seeing.

Thank you FTM folks EVERYTHING is working!

Posted: 1366649434000
Classification: Query
Thank you FTM software folks.

Every problem I reported is now fixed. Thank you very much for fixing the problems!

Warmest regards,

Greg Gates
Lake Oswego, Oregon
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