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Annie tighe

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First of all: How do you pronounce Tighe?
Looking for Annie Tighe who married patrick Kelly in or around Roscommon. She was born approx 1853. He was born approx 1856. He was a blacksmith.


james (View posts)
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Proper way to pronounce the name is like tiger without the r lol, well at least thats what i tell everyone when they try to pronounce my name

and sorry dont know any thing about the person your seekin info on
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So far I was told Tighe was pronounced Tie as in tie that men wear; Teeg; and Tiger without the "r" (two people told me this one). I've always prounced like Tiger without the "r"! Want to make sure I'm doing the name justice.....


james (View posts)
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Well that would be my last name, and all my life thats how everyone has pronounced it, tiger without the r, though it is one of the most commonly mispronounced names there is cause of the spelling it confuses people, but that is the correct way



William Tighe (View posts)
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I, too, am a Tighe and the name is, and always was, pronounced " Tie ". Incidentally, in all the Irish - English dictionaries in which I've searched, it translates to the word " House ". Hope this helps. September 28, 2000.
Cheers, Bill Tighe

Tighe name

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The root for the "Tighe" name and at least a dozen other spellings is Tracable to the original root spelling - "O Taidhg" and is associated with at least four different areas of origin. The oldest seem to go back to about the twelfth century. Me researdh had found me ancestory Tighe name bein spelled Tyghe; Tigh; Fighe as well as Tighe. The sound of the spoken word interperted by a recordkeeper produced very different spellings. I tell everybody that is is pronunced like the thing men wear "Tie"


Loree Pittman (Tighe) (View posts)
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Hey haven't you ever seen your long lost cousing Kevin Tighe(1970's Emergency show with Randolph Mantooth) on television or in a movie (was it Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze?). our side pronounces it "tie". Has anyone ever been called tigahey? lol


Bill T. (View posts)
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loree Pittman,

Always has been " Tie " however, in High School sister and I were also known, jokingly, as Tig - Hee.

pronunciation Tighe

Loree Tighe Pittman (View posts)
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This is just so funny. The person that responded to my earlier post Bill T. My father who is now passed was Bill (William Joseph to be exact)... made me think for a 2nd. lol


Your Family

Cathy (View posts)
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Are you the brother of Larry, Gerry, Robert,
Buster, Johnny and sister Mary from
Long Beach, Ca.?

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