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Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

Carol GRENNAN (View posts)
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Seeking info about this family and other lines of the KARSTETTER etc family in Kansas ................

Martin KARSTETTER (b.13 Mar 1835-Liberty twp,Crawford,Ohio;d.1880/1899-lived 1880 in Richland,Labette,Ks)
sp: Jane NIXON (b.1841-,Randolph Co,Ill;m.25 May 1859;d.1880/1899-lived 1880 in Richland,Labette,Ks)
....2. John James P[Porter?] KARSTETTER (b.1860-Ellis Grove twp,Randolph,Ill)
....2. Barbara Elizabeth KARSTETTER (b.6 Aug 1862-Ellis Grove twp,Randolph,Ill;d.19 Apr 1934-Randolph,Ill)
....sp: Joseph B. ROCHE (b.5 Sep 1851-Ellis Grove,Randolph,Ill;m.14 Feb 1879;d.30 Jan 1925-St.Louis,Mo)
........3. unknown ROCHE
........3. James Lacy ROCHE (b.May 1884;d.1934)
........3. Bessie Mae ROCHE (b.2 Jul 1886-Ellis Grove,IL;d.31 Jul 1971)
........sp: John HOUSTON (b.26 Mar 1880;m.Aft 1910;d.22 Apr 1952)
........3. Ellen Pearl ROCHE (b.Oct 1889-Ill;d.1948)
........3. Ada B. ROCHE (b.5 Nov 1891-,Randolph Co,Ill;d.28 Aug 1910-Palestine twp,Randolph,Ill)
........3. unknown ROCHE
........3. Clarence Arthur ROCHE (b.3 Jul 1896-Randolph Co,Ill;d.13 Apr 1972-Hanley Hills,Mo)
........sp: Maude Mae ALLEN (m.29 May 1920)
........3. unknown ROCHE
........3. Ruby Jewel ROCHE (b.24 Mar 1905-Palestine,Randolph,Ill;d.11 Feb 1989-St.Louis,Mo)
........sp: John Moody MCDONALD (m.28 Aug 1926)
....2. Catherine "Katie" Virene KARSTETTER (b.16 Jan 1865-Ellis Grove twp,Randolph,Ill;d.31 Jan 1935-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
....sp: William Riley SHEARHART (b.9 Oct 1857-Greenville,Wayne,Mo;m.14 Feb 1882;d.11 Apr 1935-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........3. Gracie Gladys SHEARHART (b.4 Nov 1884-Labette Co,Ks;d.30 Aug 1969-Los Gatos,Santa Clara,CA)
........sp: Jones SCOTT (b.16 Feb 1872-Mo;m.18 Dec 1901;d.18 Feb 1952-Glendale,Ca)
........3. Maude May SHEARHART (b.15 Oct 1886-Edna,Labette Co,Ks;d.15 Aug 1905-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........sp: Ryle PRICE (b.2 Jan 1884-Ks;m.1903;d.8 Sep 1913-Wilcox,Cochise,AZ)
........3. Hazel Violet SHEARHART (b.14 Sep 1888-Edna,Labette,Ks;d.13 Nov 1967-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........3. Eldred Clover SHEARHART (b.1 Jan 1891-Labette Co,Ks;d.23 Jul 1976-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........sp: Ora Lee WHITACHER (m.10 May 1910)
........3. William Emmett SHEARHART (b.19 Jun 1894-Labette,Ks;d.8 May 1983-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........sp: Fay Ellen LYDAY (m.7 Mar 1922)
........3. Lester Arthur SHEARHART (b.10 Nov 1896-Indian Territory,Ks;d.4 May 1945-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........sp: Cleota GREGORY (m.2 Nov 1920)
........3. Jewel Delbert SHEARHART (b.23 Aug 1899-Indian Territory,Ks;d.8 Jun 1971-Dorena,Lane,Ore)
........sp: Hattie Bell KAPPS (m.24 Dec 1924)
........3. Loyce Ward SHEARHART (b.5 Jul 1901-Indian Territory,Ks;d.19 Jul 1985-Vinita,Craig,Ok)
........sp: Ollie HOLLMAN (m.Feb 1930)
........3. Opal Virene SHEARHART (b.24 Jul 1906-Indian Territory,Ks;d.21 May 1991-Oswego,Labette,Ks)
........sp: Clifton E. DAINS (b.23 Mar 1907;m.7 Jun 1931;d.Jun 1986-Oswego,Labette,Ks)
....2. Isabella KARSTETTER (b.1866-Ellis Grove twp,Randolph,Ill)
....2. Martin Luther KARSTETTER (b.1867-Ellis Grove twp,Randolph,Ill;d.1910 to 1920-Labette,Labette,Ks)
....sp: Anza ________ (b.1872-Ill Va Ill;d.Aft 1920-Labette,Labette,Ks)
........3. Charles Clarence KARSTETTER (b.26 Dec 1889-Labette,Labette,Ks;d.Aug 1972-Paola,Miami,Ks)
........sp: Iva Elizabeth EALY (b.25 Sep 1893;d.6 Mar 1988-Paola,Miami,Ks)
........3. Roy Robert KERSTETTER (b.9 Sep 1891-Labette,Labette,Ks;d.30 Jan 1935-1920 in Labette Co,Ks)
........sp: Rosa L. HUCKE (b.5 Sep 1895-Ks;d.15 Jun 1966-Mound Valley,Labette,Ks)
........3. Earl L. KARSTETTER (b.26 Sep 1893-Labette,Labette,Ks;d.Jan 1978-Neodesha,Wilson,Ks)
........3. Gertrude F. KARSTETTER (b.1902-Labette,Labette,Ks)
........3. Ruth O. KARSTETTER (b.1906-Labette,Labette,Ks)
....2. Cora M. KARSTETTER (b.1871-Ill)
....2. Arthur KARSTETTER (b.1876-Randolph Co,Ill)

Re: Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Karstetter, Shearhart
I am the great granddaughter of Lester Arthur Shearhart and his wife Cleotia May Shearhart. I dont really know what information you need or how we are linked but I will try to fill in any blanks that I can.

Re: Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

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Classification: Query
Surnames: Karstetter, Karsteter, Kerstetter, Castetter, Castater, Castator, Shearhart, Kastator, Karstcher, Roche
Glad to hear from you. I am grateful for any info that I can find about the KARSTETTER family. [KARSTETTER KARSTETER KERSTETTER CASTETTER CASTATER CASTATOR]

Lester Arthur SHEARHART's mother was Catherine Virene KARSTETTER b.16 Jan 1865 in Ellis Grove Twp., Randolph Co., Illinois to Martin and Jane NIXON KARSTETTER. The KARSTETTERs first came to RCI abt 1838 from Ohio. Martin and his family appear on the RCI census in 1870, but I looked forever before finding them on the 1880 census for Labette County, Kansas. I know that the following is full of errors, but it is them!!!!!! Then look at how they are listed in the 1880 Kansas census .......!!!!
1870 Randolph Co,Illinois- Ellis Grove Prec. T6R7 110/111
Michael Kastator 35 farmer $2000/900 Missouri
Jane Kastator 29 Illinois
John 10 Illinois
Barbara 8
Catherine 5
Isabella 4
Martin 3
....1880 Richland, Labette, Kansas 1254385 T9-0385 475A
Martin KARSTCHER Self M Male W 45 OH Farmer PA PA
Jane KARSTCHER Wife M Female W 39 IL KeepHouse OH NJ
James P. KARSTCHER Son S Male W 20 IL Farm Laborer OH IL
Catharin V. KARSTCHER Dau S Female W 15 IL OH IL
Martin L. KARSTCHER Son S Male W 12 IL At School OH OH
Cora M. KARSTCHER Dau S Female W 9 IL At School OH OH
Arther KARSTCHER Son S Male W 4 Il OH IL
Do you know any more about the children in this family?
1.What about the son who is John on the 1870 census ... and then listed as James P. on the 1880?? Did he marry and have children?
2. Barbara KARSTETTER married Joseph ROCHE in 1879 RCI and stayed in Ill and Mo..... Did your family know any of them??
3. Catherine KARSTETTER m. Wm SHEARHART .. your ancestor.
4. Isabella KARSTETTER ?? Did she marry, have children??
5. Martin L. KARSTETTER m. Angie TAYLOR and had 5 children. Do you know their family??
6. Cora M.KARSTETTER .... did she marry and have children??
7. Arthur KARSTETTER b.1871 ... what happened to him???

I do have newer info about Barbara, Catherine, and Martin's families, but I do not post info about living on the genealogy sites. But I will exchange by email.

Did you ever hear any stories, lore, gossip .. etc about the elder Martin and his wife Jane? Of why they moved from Illinois to Kansas??? Are there any pictures of them that you know of?

Are there any others in your family who might know more about these KARSTETTER ancestors?? Did anyone ever try to connect to the other KARSTETTER, KERSTETTER, CASTATER etc families that are found in the early records for Kansas??

Re: Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

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Surnames: Karstetter
I am now totally retired and have more time for genealogy research.
In October I will go to Mahanoy Valley in central Pa. Any leads in that area?

Robert B. Karsteter
Unit 134
1075 Old Harrisburg Rd.
Gettysburg, Pa 17325

Re: Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

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Surnames: Karstetter
Hello Carol,

I have not corresponded with you in some time but I have found Martin karstetter in the 1885 Labette county, Kansas state census and was wondering if you have ever found a death date for him?


Wayne Pulcher

Re: Labette, Kansas KARSTETTERs .... etc

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Regarding Martin and Jane (Nixon) Karstetter in Labette County, Kansas, 1880:

I believe that the daughter "Isabella" who is missing after 1870 census, may be "Rosa B Karstetter" who died in May 1880.

On the 1880 mortality census
1880 Richland, Labette, Kansas
Number of family as in schedule 1: 88
Rosa B Kesleter age 13, f, w, s, born Ill, father born Ohio, mother born Ill, occupation none, died May 1880, burned to death
(Ancestry has her indexed twice as Rosa B Kesleter and Rosa B Kesletin

When you look at family #88 in Richland, Labette, Kansas on the 1880 census you find:

1880 Census
Richland, Labette, Kansas
8 June 1880
88 Karstetter, Martin, w, m, 45, Ohio, PA, PA
- Jane, w, f, 39, Ill, Ohio, NY
- James P, w, m, 20, Ill Ohio, Ill
- Catherine N, w, f, 15, Ill Ohio, Ill
- Martin L, w, m, 12, Ill Ohio, Ill
- Cora M, w, f, 9, Ill Ohio, Ill
- Arthur, w, m, 4, Ill Ohio, Ill

So it would appear that Rosa B is a daughter of Martin and Jane. Since no Rosa appeared on the 1870 census with the family, it is possible that Rosa B and IsaBell are the same person. She was 13 when she died in 1880

Calculating from the data in the Newspaper - Thursday, 27 May 1880, her accident was Tuesday, 18 May 1880, and she died Thursday evening 20 May 1880. A second article said she was buried in Chetopa the next day (Friday, May 21, 1880),

The parent listed is "J Karsteter". It doesn't say father or mother - just that she was the daughter of J Karstetter. It could be possible that Martin Karstetter was J Martin Karstetter as many of the Martins were Johan Martin or John Martin.

Here are the newspaper articles.
Chetopa Advance
(Chetopa, Kansas)
Thursday, May 27, 1880
Page 8
“A terrible accident happend (sic) Tuesday evening of last week which resulted in the death of Rosa B Karstetter, a thirteen year old daughter of J. Karstetter living just north of town. The family, except Rosa and a little baby were away from home, and Rosa was to have supper ready by their return. In kindling the fire, she used the coal oil lamp, and it, as usual exploded, throwing the burning fluid nearly all over her, burning her hands, arms, and abdomen in a manner sickening to behold. Some of the neighbors, hearing her screams ran to her assistance, but she was so badly burned that she only lived until Thursday evening, and was buried the next day. This out to be a warning to others, but it will not.”

The same article (without the last sentence) appears in “The Parsons Weekly Sun” Parsons, Kansas, on 3 June 1880

On 5 June 1880, The Junction City Union, Junction City, Kansas, page 8 says:
“Rosa B Karstetter, aged 13 years, was buried at Chetopa recently. A day or two previous she was in perfect health, but she attempted to kindle a fire with coal oil.”

Joy Kersteter
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