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John Taylor

John Taylor

Russell Henry Chambliss (View posts)
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Surnames: Taylor
Am seeking information on John Taylor, a Burgess from Charles City(1693-99). Would appreciate information on John and his wife.Also would like to know names of his children, birth dates and other vital statistics.

John Taylor

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Surnames: Taylor, Barker, Hill, Hamlin

Descendants of Richard Taylor

Generation No. 1

1. Richard1 Taylor died 1684 in Charles City County, Virginia. He married Sarah Barker Bef. 1663, daughter of William Barker and Frances Ward. She was born in Charles City County, Virginia, and died Bet. 1690 - 1694 in Charles City County, Virginia.

Notes for Richard Taylor:
Resident of Flowerdieu-Hundred, Charles City County, Virginia

John Taylor, citizen and girdler of London sold in 1638, to William Barker, his interest in "Powellbrooke", which he had bought from Thomas Powell, heir and brother of Nathaniel Powell, killed at Powellbrooke in the 1622 massacre. This land was later renamed "Merchant's Hope".

Notes for Sarah Barker:
Charles City County, VA Court Orders 1687-1695, page 149

At a court holden at Westover 3 August 1688
In Oct. 1684 Col Edwd. Hill, as huardian to Jno. Taylor, orphan of Richd. taylor, dec'd, obtained administration of estate of Sarah and Katherine Taylor, sisters to the said Jno. Whereas Capt. Jno. Hamblin as marrying Elizabeth, daughter of said Richard & Mr. Richard Bradford, as marrying Frances, daughter of said Richard, pretend a claim of a childs part of est. of said sisters, and they being in court with Jno. Taylor, now of lawful age; said Jno. Taylor, Jno. Hamblin, and Richard Bradford, jointly, acquit Sarah Lucy, Adm'x of Robert Lucy, dec'd, from all claims due them under the wills of Richard Taylor and James Ward, dec'd, due by said wills to said Katherine and Sarah Taylor, In consideration Jno. Taylor affirms that said Sarah Lucy, his mother, shall give said Hamblin and Bradford each a ring of 10 shillings price.

page 181
Cha. Blancheville has order agst Capt. James Bisse as merrying Adm'x of Robert Lucy, dec'd, for 2 days attendance at court.

Children of Richard Taylor and Sarah Barker are:
+ 2 i. Frances2 Taylor, died Aft. 1684 in Charles City County, Virginia.

3 ii. Richard Taylor, born 1664 in Charles City County, Virginia; died December 1694 in Charles City County, Virginia.

Notes for Richard Taylor:
Richard Taylor owned a 1673 patent along the Blackwater River, Charles City County, at a plantation called "Saw Tree". This estate was left by his brother John Taylor to Elizabeth Duke in 1709.
Richard Taylor

On the Blackwater, behind Merchants Hope at a place called Saw Tree, beginning at a swamp nigh the house, given to him be the will of his father Richard Taylor 07/15/1672.

+ 4 iii. John Taylor, born Bef. 1663 in Charles City County, Virginia; died 1709 in Charles City County, Virginia.

5 iv. Katherine Taylor, died Bef. 1684 in Charles City County, Virginia.

6 v. Sarah Taylor, died Bef. 1684 in Charles City County, Virginia.
+ 7 vi. Elizabeth Taylor, died 1720 in Prince Georges County, Virginia.

Generation No. 2

2. Frances2 Taylor (Richard1) died Aft. 1684 in Charles City County, Virginia. She married Richard Bradford. He was born Bef. 1634, and died Aft. 1716.

Notes for Richard Bradford:
1704 Rent Roll
1397 acres Charles City County

Richard Bradford from Howell Pryce
09/03/1656 600 acres Charles City County

Lying at head of Queen's Creek.

Richard Bradford from Howell Pryce
08/04/1662 1197 acres Charles City County

According to patent already delivered.

Richard Bradford
11/27/1671 1197 acres Charles City County

bounded on two sides by Old Tree Run amd Fishing Run.

1699 dispute over Charles City Clerk position

Richard Bradford 1705 Charles City County Sherriff.
I have just completed publishing 300 copies (half left) of The Bradfords of Charles City County, Virginia, And Some of Their Descendants, 1653-1993. 266 pages, nearly 400 footnotes, available for $30 (includes p&h). Starts with Richard Bradford who immigrated to C.C. County in about 1653, married Frances Taylor (descendant of Barker and Ward families). Discusses local history, particularly during years 1653-1729 that the Bradfords were leading landholders, political figures in Charles City County. Thereafter traces family through North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, SC, TX, FL and other places.

Write me here or as follows:
David T. Bradford,
245 E. 37th Street, Apt. 2C,
NY, NY 10016

Children of Frances Taylor and Richard Bradford are:

8 i. Richard3 Bradford, died Aft. 1725.

9 ii. John Bradford, died November 06, 1735 in Brunswick County, Virginia.

10 iii. Ralph Bradford, died Aft. 1716.

4. John2 Taylor (Richard1) was born Bef. 1663 in Charles City County, Virginia, and died 1709 in Charles City County, Virginia. He married Henrietta Maria Hill, daughter of Edward Hill and Elizabeth Williams.

Notes for John Taylor:
04/05/1707 will
11/09/1709 proven

Resident of Flowerdieu-Hundred Charles City County Virginia

Gentleman Justice of the Charles City County Court 1696, clerk of Court 1701, militia officer 1701.
1699 Council battle over Clerk's position with James Minge.
1702 trip to England for health.
A horse named "Trooper".
1704 850 acres Surry County
1704 1700 acres Charles City County
John Taylor sold Flowerdieu to Joshua Poythress

Children of John Taylor and Henrietta Hill are:

11 i. Elizabeth3 Taylor. She married Henry Duke Bef. 1707.

Notes for Henry Duke:
See William Byrd's Diary

12 ii. Frances Taylor. She married Joseph Greenhill; died Abt. 1721.

13 iii. Henrietta Maria Taylor. She married John Hardyman August 16, 1709 in Prince George County, Virginia.

Notes for John Hardyman:
1714 justice of Prince George County

14 iv. Sarah Taylor. She married Francis Hardyman April 29, 1711 in Prince George County, Virginia; died 1741.

7. Elizabeth2 Taylor (Richard1) died 1720 in Prince Georges County, Virginia. She married John Hamlin, son of Stephen Hamlin and Agnes ?. He died Bef. 1720 in Prince Georges County, Virginia.

Notes for Elizabeth Taylor:
05/03/1720 will
09/13/1720 proven
Prince George Co.

Elizabeth Hamlin
05/03/1720 will

To son William Hamlin, several Negroes.

To daughter Lucy, 4 negroes and household items

To grandson Thomas Hamlin, items

To daughter Sarah & Mr. Cargill, mourning rings, same to their two children.

To dau Elizabeth and her husband, each amourning ring.

To son William, money due him from Mr. John Hammersley, Mr. John Stith, Mr. Drury Stith, and Joseph Fowler.

Rest of estate divided in four equal parts to sons John, William, daughters Hannah and Lucy.

Exctrs: sons John and William; Wit: Gilbert Hay, Eliza. Froughton, William Bouncher, Rebecca Jones.

Notes for John Hamlin:
1681 valued the pink "Young William"
1681 Gent Justice Charles City County
1696 bought Maycock's at mouth of Powell's Creek

1710 Burgess Pr. G. County

Children of Elizabeth Taylor and John Hamlin are:

15 i. John3 Hamlin, died 1725. He married Anne Goodrich.

Notes for John Hamlin:
11/11/1724 will
05/11/1725 proven
P. G. County, Virginia

C. Occupation

1696 Gent Justice Charles City County
1698 40 ton Brigantine "Virgin" built at Maycox
1704 Gent Justice Prince George County
1708 Sherriff Prince George County

D. Lands

John Hamlin
05/02/1705 550 acres Charles City County
Virginia Land Patent Book 9 page 656

in Westopher Parish, S side of James River, adj. Daniel Higdon, Wm Edmunds, John Williams, Mr. Bates, and Maj. Poythress' line; granted Charles Goodrich, 04/20/1687, deserted, & now granted by order. transport of 11 persons.

John Hamlyn
04/26/1740 550 acres Charles City County

lands that Charles Goodrich deserted adjacent Daniel Higdon, William Edwards John Williams Mr Boles and Maj Poythress.

E. Will

John Hamlin

Will of John Hamlin of Pr. Geo. Co. To son John, after his mothers death, the plantation I live on, with 500 acres of land, slaves and various items. also the plantation on Three Creeks in Isle of Wight Co., 170 acres

To son Peter, my plantation "Hawksnest", 300 acres, with slaves and items.

To son Charles, plantation at Merchants Hope Chappell & 200 acres, 100 formerly held by Robert Abernathy and the other 100 to be land given to him by his brother John out of my land next thereto, also slaves and tiems.

To my two sons, Hubbard and William, all my land at the fork of Nummisseen Creek, to be equally divided, plus slaves & itmes

To son William, various slaves and items

To daughter Ann, slaves

Executors are to buy more slaves to give to son Charles, Peter, Hubbard, and William

To daughter Mary Irby, wife of John Irby, slaves

All the rest to wife during her widowhood, then to be divided among 5 sons.

Brothers Thomas Rvenscroft and William Hamlins to be trustees, until son John comes of age.

Wit: Peter Wynne, Frances Wynne, H. Poythress

16 ii. William Hamlin. He married Ann Harrison.

Notes for William Hamlin:
William Hamlin from Elizabeth Hamlin

John Hamlin
10/14/1719 200 acres Prince George County
Prince George County 1713-1728 page 375

part of tract known as "Hawksnest". adj. Robert Wilkinson

William Hamlin from Elizabeth Hamlin
10/14/1719 acres

On Huckelberry Bottom adjacent Robert Wilkerson

William Hamlin to Thomas Cocke
07/30/1723 1093 acres Pr. Geo. County
Prince George County 1713-1728 page 636

at a place called Nummisseen in Bristol Parish and is part of a patent for 2593 acres granted 04/18/1722 to Thomas Ravenscroft, William Epes and said William Hamlin, bounded by Nummisseen Creek, James Tucker, adn Bowens Branch. Wit: Francis Epes,Jr. Gilbert Hay, Cornelius Cargill

William Hamlin from Thomas Cocke
09/23/1723 1093 acres Pr. Geo. County
Prince George County 1713-1728 page 636

at Nummisseen in Bristol Parish, being part of 2593 acres granted 04/18/1722 to Thomas Ravenscroft, William Epes and said William Hamlin. Land was sold to Thomas Cocke by Hamlin by deed dated 07/23/1723 Wit: John Cargill, Joh Howell, Thomas Eldridge.

William Hamlin to William Wilkins
02/01/1727 200 acres Pr. Geo. County
Prince George County 1713-1728 page 1070

near head of Powell's Creek, in Martin's Brandon Parish, is part of tract called "Hawksnest" bounded on North by Huckleberry Bottom, land of Ellinor Harrison, east by Robert Wilkins and by Reedy Branch, west by residue of "Hawksnest", now belonging to Peter Hamlin.

William Hamlin
Ann, his wife to James Bevill, Henrico
07/09/1746 400 acres Amelia County
Amelia County Deed Book 2 page 426

upper side Nummisseen Creek, bounded in part by a beaver pond of said creek, below Tally's horse pen, and the creek, being a tract patented to said William Hamlin and his heirs on 09/28/1728.

17 iii. Hannah Hamlin, died 1752 in Surry County, Virginia. She married Thomas Cocke; died December 02, 1750.

Notes for Hannah Hamlin:
"Wintico", Prince George, Surry County, Virginia

18 iv. Lucy Hamlin. She married William Eppes; died Bef. 1725.

Notes for Lucy Hamlin:
Lucy Epes
Henrico County, Misc. Crt. Records 1650-1807, Vol. 1
Administrators Bond of Lucy Epes, administrator of William Epes, Signed by Francis Epes and William Hamlin.

19 v. Sarah Hamlin. She married John Cargill.

Notes for John Cargill:
Minister of Southwark Parish, Surry County, Virginia

20 vi. Elizabeth Hamlin, died Aft. 1720. She married Thomas Ravenscroft.

Notes for Elizabeth Hamlin:
Wilmington Parish, James City County

Thomas Ravenscroft from John Hamlin

Ann Hamlin
11/01/1723 256 acres Pr. Geo. County
Prince George County 1713-1728 page 664

for £350, plantation called "Maycocks", heretofor in possession of William Hamlin, 256 acres on south side of James River in Martins Brandon Parish, bounded as in Roger Drayrons's deed to Capt. John Hamlin dated 12/13/1696.

Re: John Taylor

John Norvill Jones (View posts)
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Classification: Query
Surnames: Taylor, Jones, Chappell
I saw your post about John Taylor. I am interested in this Taylor family because, according to family history, I am a descendent of a Thomas Taylor who was transported to Charles City County, VA in 1650. I do not know what happened to him afterwards.

However, records of a later Thomas Taylor appear in 1704 when he married Elizabeth Jones, widow of Thomas Chapprell of Charles City County. Elizabeth Jones was the daughter of James Jones, Sr. a prominent landowner in the county. She and Thomas had these children: John, Thomas, Katherine and Elizabeth. Thomas Taylor died in Surry County in about Feb. 1742/43.

Is this Taylor family related to your early Taylor of Chareles City County? Any help in identifying Thomas Taylor's (the one who died in 1742) parents will be appreciated.

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