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Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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Surnames: Jensen Pedersen
Valdemar was born in 1874 and his wife Johanna Emilia in 1884. It seems that they were most likely wed in Denmark, somewhere. Valdemar is from Fvend Fmark, Mon, Denmark.

Sometime before 1915 he left Denmark with his wife and several of his brothers; Lauritz (1866), Christopher (1863) and Karl Otto (1871).

Valdemar left behind several sisters whom I know nothing of Rigmor and Bodil and perhaps someone named Christina?

Additionally, my family has no information regarding Johanna other than her name.

Valdemar would be my great-grandfather. If anyone has any information, I would be grateful to know it.

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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Valdemar Jensen (farmer) and Johanne C.E.Petersen (servant)
emigrated on the SS United States according to Ellis Island
16 may 1907 from Copenhagen, Denmark.
They arrived in New York 28 may 1907.

In the danish police records, he was registeredd for emigration 16 may 1907:

Navn: Jensen, Valdemar Stilling: Arbejder
Alder: 32 Bestemmelsessted: Exeter
Kontrakt nr.: 254000 Forevisningsdato: 5/16/1907
Fødested: Svendsmark Fødesogn: Stege Landsogn
Sidste oph.sogn: ? Sidste oph. amt: ? (Dansker)
Sidste oph.sted: Hjelms Bestemmelses land: ?
Bestemmelses by: Exeter Bestemmelses stat: ?
Skibsnavn: United States
Bemærkninger: ANM: U. States. IDkode: D0708J1311

Johanne also registrered:
Navn: Petersen, Johanne Christine Emilie Stilling: Jomfru
Alder: 22 Bestemmelsessted: Exeter
Kontrakt nr.: 253900 Forevisningsdato: 5/16/1907
Fødested: Helsingør Fødesogn: Helsingør
Sidste oph.sogn: ? Sidste oph. amt: ? (Dansker)
Sidste oph.sted: Hjelms Bestemmelses land: ?
Bestemmelses by: Exeter Bestemmelses stat: ?
Skibsnavn: United States
Bemærkninger: ANM: U. States. IDkode: D0708P0804

I hope these are the people you are looking for ?

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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Ah, yes I think that might be them. I'm pretty sure they stayed in the States for a little bit before moving to Canada and eventually living in British Columbia.
Thank you so much.

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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This might be him in Svendsmark, Stege Landsogn [parish], Mønbo herred, Præstø amt - on the island of Møn.

Præstø, Mønbo, Stege Landsogn, Svendsmark, Gaard, 15, FT-1890, D4167
...working on a large farm...
Valdemar Jensen 15 Ugift Tjenestekarl born in Stege Landsogn

Fvend Fmark probably = Svend S mark

With parents and brothers Laurits and Karl Otto and sister Ane KRISTINE in 1880. (Kristine is pronounced in Denmark same as Christina in Canada, with "uh" at the end):

Præstø, Mønbo, Stege Landsogn, Svendsmark By, et Huus, 243, FT-1880, C8029
Niels Jensen 42 Gift Fisker [fisherman] born in Stege Landsogn, Præstø Amt
Magrete Jensen 44 Gift, hans Hustru [married, his wife] born in Kjelby Sogn, Præstø Amt
Laurits Jensen 13 Ugift, deres Barn [unmarried, their child] born in Stege Landsogn, Præstø Amt
Karl Otto Jensen 8 Ugift deres Barn b in Stege Landsogn, Præstø Amt
Valdemar Jensen 5 Ugift deres Barn born in Stege Landsogn, Præstø Amt <--------
Anne Kristine Jensen 1 Ugift deres Barn born in Stege Landsogn, Præstø Amt

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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Maybe? When he came to Canada he worked as a farmer. I think the timeline is about right too...

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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I hope danishgenealogist (or some kind soul) will look up Valdemar's exact day/month/year of birth. Then you must supply that information from Canada (from his death certificate, family knowledge, military record...)

But most likely we have found him.

The Valdemar we found is traveling with the future wife you describe, and the Ellis Island ship manifest describes him as being born in Svensmark. That is strong evidence.

The information you gave fits. Remember, we've only posted one census record for his birth family, so the brother Christopher and sisters Bodil and Rigmor maybe already living out of the house.

Siblings Laurits, Karl Otto, and Kirstine are all there. (Kirstine is pronounced with "uh" at the end, like Christina.)

Johanne and Valdemar appear next to each other on the 1907 ship manifest. Valdemar is a farmer. Both are traveling to Exeter, Nebraska. Both are joining friend Peter Poulsen (?), Beaver Crossing, Box 2, Nebraska. She is noted as born in Helsingør; he is born in Svensmark.

Their friend's name Peter Poulsen is a little hard to read, of that I'm not so sure.

Check Ellis Island - free site - does not require registration - and you can see the whole ship manifest.


Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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Valdemar and Johanne lived in Bawlf, Alberta for a period of time where they had at least three of their four children before moving to Cariboo, British Columbia.

Johanne died in 1936.

Valdemar died in 1962 in the Ganges, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Their children were Carl Nels Jensen (1916-1979)
Marget (1918-1931)
Otto Harry (1920-1983)
Anne/Anna Helena (1922-1996)

I know virtually nothing about when he was in Denmark. I know those are his siblings names. And I know the dates for sure about their approximations. I'm under the impression that they also emmigrated from Denmark.

Okay, so Svend S mark. Makes sense.

I heard a story that Valdemar had been taken from his family and went to a vocational school where he was going to learn to be a surveyor but he spent his time in Canada working as a farmer mostly.

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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There is a Valdemar Jensen born 4 october 1874 in Svendsmark, Stege sogn.

His parents are Niels Jensen and Margrethe.

do you have an exact birthdate ?

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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I looked again and don't see the marital status of Valdemar Jensen and Johanne Petersen as they travel aboard ship.

Ellis Island gives record of immigration, arriving New York USA.
Danishgenealogist found record of emigration, departing Copenhagen, Denmark.

Valdemar Jensen, farmer
Age 32
Destination: "Exeter" [ship manifest says Exeter, Nebraska]
Registered intent to emigrate on 5/16/1907
Birth place: Svendsmark <--------[same as ship manifest]
Birth parish: Stege Landsogn <---------[same as 1880 census posted]
Most recent residence: Hjelms [same as on ship manifest says]
Ship name: United States [same as the ship manifest says]

The above Valdemar Jensen is traveling with a Johanne who perfectly fits your description of Valdemar's wife - ten years younger.


This could be Lauritz immigrating in 1885 (more info needed)
vn: Jensen, Lauritz Stilling: Arbejdsmand
Alder: 18 Bestemmelsessted: New York
Kontrakt nr.: 58000 Forevisningsdato: 3/28/1885
Sidste oph.sogn: Stege Sidste oph. amt: Præstø
Sidste oph.sted: Stege Bestemmelses land: USA
Bestemmelses by: New York City Bestemmelses stat: New York State
Skibsnavn: Geiser
Bemærkninger: ANM: G. IDkode: D8385J4513

Re: Johanna Pedersen & Valdemar Jensen

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I have Valdemar's birthdate down as October 18, 1874.
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